Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - The Quagmire Year for Wisconsin Politics

This has been a very sad year for Wisconsinites who believe in democracy and justice for all.  In fact, this has been a year so enmeshed in controversy, underhandedness and downright illegal maneuverings by the GOP here in Wisconsin, that the GOP seems to have lost all credibility with thinking types. 

1.  A supreme court justice who failed to recuse himself from cases in which he personally benefited, and therefore compromised his impartiality.

2.  Milwaukee County staff who have stolen from Milwaukee County taxpayers while doing campaign work for Scott Walker on the county dime.

3.  A supreme court justice who put another (dissenting) justice in a choke-hold, and is under investigation for that crime.  (Personally, I believe Prosser is senile and should be put out to pasture rather than prosecuted.  This is one autocrat we really need to send packing.)

4.  An assault on basic rights for public workers that came out of nowhere and quickly snowballed Scott Walker into the national limelight as the Governor with the super secret, big business, corporate agenda.

5.  A state justice department too afraid of Scott Walker for its own good.  No one benefits from a state justice department made up of wimps and wussies.

6.  The most restrictive voter's rights laws in the country.

7.  A concealed carry law that now makes it relatively legal to be shot by anyone, anywhere, anytime, as long as they have a permit and feel endangered. 

8.  Alberta Darling remaining in office.  What an insult to the working class.

9.  James Sensenbrenner opening his fat mouth yet again when he really just talks out of his a$$.

Let's face it, 2011 was not a good year for democracy in Wisconsin.  It was a good year for crooks, thugs, and a$$holes, though.  We've got one of the a$$holes sitting in the governor's mansion.  A few more on the supreme court.  And let's not forget the most important a$$holes, those of you who voted republican.  May 2012 be a slap in the face to all of you!

On the bright side:

2012 is shaping up to be the year we stood up and slapped down the totalitarian, oligarchy and downright f*cking stupid sonsabitches who tried to take this great state down. 

It's sad, but my last words for 2011 is F*CK YOU, F*CK THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON AND F*CK ANYONE WHO  LOOKS LIKE (OR VOTES LIKE) YOU.  It's been a bad year, but a real eye opener.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Duplicate Signatures on Recall Walker Petitions

It is now up to a Waukesha County judge to determine whose responsibility it is to check recall petitions for invalid signatures.

Why does this need to happen?  The recall process is clearly spelled out in Wisconsin Statutes, it is the responsibility of the person being recalled.  Why go to court?

But, we're talking about Scott Walker, so anything he can do to delay, impede, or destroy the recall process will be done. 

Scott Walker is a totalitarian governor masquerading in a democracy.  He reminds me of Hitler.  He should grow a mustache.  

As for Waukesha County rendering an honest opinion on this matter.......not BLOODY likely.

And if I see the Walker's television ad one more time; pretending to serve up food to actors pretending to be homeless at a soup kitchen, I sincerely will start screaming. I think the food is even pretend, it doesn't look edible.  If the Walkers are really interested in moving Wisconsin forward, they will pack their bags and leave.  The Clampetts have taken over the governor's mansion.  Possum is on the Christmas menu.  Maybe that's what the Walker's are serving up.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


The Milwaukee Journal reported today that Scott Walker plans to lift a cap on long-term care.  Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Federal authorities told Scott Walker's administration that he HAD to take that step.

Walker "touted the $80 million plan with advocates for the elderly and disabled at a Capitol news conference, but he made no mention of a recent order from the federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, of CMS, directing his administration to lift the cap in the Family Care program."

Walker can't seem to find a single thing to brag about as far as his policies go, so he's bragging about actions that are forced on him by the federal government in response to his unfair policies and practices.

What a horse's a$$.  The amazing transparent cartoon.


Time to get my camera going, I guess.  The signage issue is relatively minor in my opinion.  What I don't like is anyone who stinks as bad as Walker coming onto my property.  That much stupid near my front door is just more than I can tolerate.

Second Update:  I took the Stand with Walker sign and laid it out in my backyard, where my springer spaniel promptly peed on it.  I think once she completes her morning eliminations atop the offending message, I'll take it over to to a Wauwatosa neighborhood and plant it in a front yard there.  Some of these people are as stupid as Waukeshates.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Walker Family Wishes us a Happy Holiday

More propaganda, this time the whole Walker family gathered around in Christmas bliss, begging us to put our political views aside, and enjoy the peace of the holiday season.

Hmmmm.  The most contentious governor in United States history asking us to forget his assault on working class people of the State of Wisconsin, in the spirit of Christmas.  Well, I don't think it's likely that parents who couldn't put presents under the tree for their little ones because of Walker's policies are feeling peace or bliss at this time of year. 

But Walker's P.R. folks have it all planned out.  What they didn't plan on was how utterly hypocritical Walker's t.v. spots would actually appear to the working class.  This is serving us (those who wish to see Walker in a new line of work) well.  The citizenry of Wisconsin is neither stupid nor particularly forgiving where Scott Walker is concerned.  And those who stand with him are viewed as just as stupid and disgustingly underhanded. 

But, the season of have is very much alive in the republican party here in Wisconsin.  Let's hope the have nots get out and vote in the recall election.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

To all, Merry Christmas. 

Here's hoping that 2012 ushers in a year of sanity to the United States, especially politically.  But politics aside, it is a season for hope and rebirth, and I wish all people a better tomorrow!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Some moron stole my brand new Recall Walker sign out of my front yard today.  Christmas Eve.  What a miserable, and probably republican, Scrooge.

I'll get another, and I'll let my dog out next time one of these idiots comes around here.  She can always tell a fascist by their rotten odor.


In his latest propaganda campaign on what a good governor he is, Scott Walker and his family are shown serving up meals at a soup kitchen.  Truly, this is one job the governor can probably handle.

How utterly appropriate.

If it weren't for Oil Can Scotty's ridiculous policies and totalitarian approach to governing, all those people receiving free meals would probably have jobs and benefits.  It's only fitting that the governor do his part to feed them.

At any rate, I'm hopeful that Scott Walker's propaganda campaign continues on its dead on approach to showing Wisconsinites what kind of many we're really dealing with here.  We don't need volunteers at soup kitchens, we need a person who can permanently remove the need for soup kitchens.  Obviously, Mr. Walker is not up to that task.

As Mayor Tom Barrett said, we all hope Mr. Walker will find a new line of work.  And soon!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Scott Walker - The Bernie Madoff of Politics

Scott Walker is a$$ deep in political trouble.  Like Bernie Madoff and Rumplestiltskin, he tries to spin gold out of straw dung with the millions of dollars that pour into his coffers from rich white men. These rich white men have a lot at stake in keeping a political hack in their back pocket.

Walker's pyramid scheme is exposed, and the citizenry of Wisconsin see themselves in the place he's put them, crushed under the giant stones at the very bottom.  Of course, this is where the rich white men want us.  Then they can revert to being robbers barons (the correct term for those the GOP refers to as job creators) and take the country back to slavery, where the masses toil and the rich reap all the rewards.

When I see a pro-Scott Walker television ad, what I see is red.  I hate liars.  Scott Walker is a liar.  He ought to be ashamed of himself, considering he was an eagle scout and the son of a preacher.  If I believed in hell, I would believe Scott Walker would burn there.  But I believe we're already in hell, and Scott Walker put us there.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


James Sensenbrenner, you all remember him from his drunken, wrong way of the freeway driving arrest of several years ago, had the audacity to comment on Michelle Obama's posterior.  One more large a$$ with nothing to say.  Mr. Sensenbrenner ought to be ashamed of himself.  A personal attack and insult on the president's wife is simply symbolic of the GOP and their disgusting views and underhanded tactics.  The party of totalitarianism, and totally inept public speakers.  The party without a brain. 

Scott Walker is being sued by a woman denied an appointment in Marquette County, Wisconsin; said appointment going to an inexperienced person who happened to be a crony of the Walker campaign.  Here's a large a$$ who hands out jobs like they were candy canes, to people unqualified to perform the duties. that would surprise anyone.  The unqualified always support the unqualified.  This is how they hide behind their incompetence.

I can only hope that enough of these public exposures of the GOP's inability to address any problem with logic, reason and diplomacy will insure Barack Obama's reelection.  Seriously, if handing out insults was a trait for future leaders of our country, then hell, I should be elected president.  Yeah.  I'd be great.  I'd go right to congress and tell everyone of those bickering bastards that their service to the United States is over and they're all going to be deported to Syria immediately.  Then, like Scott Walker, I'd rewrite and pass the law to make it all happen.  Obviously, I'd make a terrible president.  So would anyone from the GOP.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mike Gableman, The Personification of a Bottom Feeding Lawyer

I've never had a great deal of respect for lawyers.  From ambulance chasing to the United States Senate, they seem, as a group, devoid of all traits that would be coveted in a human being.

That being said, let's talk about the bottom of the bottom.  Mike Gableman.  Even his face looks as if he's sucking sludge off the bottom of a stagnant pond.  Not that that's a surprise for a lawyer.  But how this guy thought he could get it over on the Wisconsin citizenry by underhanded practices, accepting free legal services, and then making biased decisions as he sat on the Supreme Court is just beyond me. 

I truly believe that the GOP in Wisconsin, and possibly the United States, has sunk to new lows of moral depravity.  One thing is certain, a person like Mike Gableman sitting on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin is akin to Michele Bachman opening a family planning/abortion clinic.   A person like Mike Gableman sitting on the Supreme Court is an insult and a lie, and I'm sure his fellow justices hold their noses in his presence.  Mr. Gableman is morally reprehensible, and not fit to hold any public office, not in a democracy.  Maybe in the oligarchy we're heading to, but not in a democracy.

And let's not forget the sleaze bags at Michael Best & Friedrich.  This law firm is seriously entrenched in criminal behavior.  I hope someone loses their license to practice law over this debacle.  Hopefully, it will be Gableman.

Monday, December 19, 2011


I just can't help myself, when I see Scott Walker on television espousing on one thing or another, it just makes me laugh.

Today was no exception.

Here is Scott Walker, explaining why he filed a lawsuit in Waukesha (sucks so bad) County, demanding that the Government Accountability Board take responsibility for the integrity of the recall petition signatures.  He said he wants to preserve the integrity of the process.

Number One.  What the F*ck would Scott Walker know about integrity, and for that matter, what would Waukesha (sucks so bad) County know about adjudicating anything fairly.

Number Two.  Scott Walker is determined to continue with his underhanded, dirty politics and pull out every stop, legal or illegal, to dissuade the citizens of Wisconsin from kicking his sorry a$$ out of the governor's mansion.

Scott Walker is starting to sweat.  He looks like Paris Hilton in a scrabble tournament.  Woo Hoo, we're getting to this complete idiot, one signature at a time.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


One of my fellow bus riders sent me this very important expression, which I think we all should consider at this time of year.

Words to live by:


Thanks, Bus Rider!  You made my day!  Proof Positive that the best cure is sometimes right in front of us, and all we need to do is put it behind us.

Friday, December 16, 2011

GOP Out of Control

The GOP in the State of Wisconsin is completely out of control.

Mike Gableman received free legal services from Michael Best & Friedrich.  He is a state supreme court justice.  He is adjudicating several cases before the supreme court involving the law firm which gave him free services.

If the people in Wisconsin, or anywhere, think this behavior is acceptable, then we are truly in trouble. 

We are fast approaching the point where recalling these people is not acceptable nor practical.  We had better start thinking about what our options are where these gangsters are concerned.  One thing is  certain, these crooks belong behind bars, not behind the protection of the uber rich.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nuttin' to Worry 'Bout

Scott Walker says he has nothing to worry about regarding the secret John Doe investigation into campaign irregularities (supposedly - no one is sure yet what this investigation is looking at or where it will ultimately go).  Mr. Walker states that he has nothing to fear because he lives by the highest standards, given to him by his mom and pop.

Sheesh!  Ma & Pa Walker also gave Scotty Boy his intellect, and there's certainly plenty to worry about there.  Let's not forget that bald spot, also inherited.  Lazy eye?  Greasy palms?  No clue into how stupid he actually looks and sounds?

At any rate, an inherited moral code?  If Scott Walker is going to say his high standards are reflective of the manner in which his parents raised him, well, call me skeptical, but Scott Walker wouldn't know a high standard if it smacked him in the face.   Hard to imagine Scott Walker's parents being as dense and morally depraved as he is, especially in view of their religiosity.  Oh well.  Warren Jeffs is religious too, there in his prison cell serving time for sexually abusing underage females.  Religiosity.  Not necessarily a call to honor.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Russ Feingold Not Going To Be The Next Governor

Russ Feingold does not intend to run against Scott Walker in the recall election.  Sad news.  The day Russ Feingold was replaced in Washington D.C. by that utter horse's a$$, Ron Johnson, was a dark day for Wisconsin and for America. 

In the interview that aired today, however, Russ Feingold made the comment that to leave Scott Walker in office is dangerous.  How true, and this from someone who really knows what he's talking about.  Walker is a menace.  So are the people who voted him in.  Well, maybe they're less menacing and just truly ignorant, but whatever they are, they pose a threat to common, decent people.  And these mental giants all seem to live in Waukesha or Ozaukee County.  Well, at least we know where to round them up if the threat they pose becomes so serious, common, decent people decide to take the law into their own hands.  Much the way these oligarchy types have done. 

We no longer have elections in the United States.  We sell our legislative seats to the ass with the most money.  As if making money equated with intelligence.  Money as a benchmark for success I can understand, even if I don't agree with it.  But as a benchmark for intelligence, no F*CKING way in hell.  I have known a slew of very rich and entirely stupid men.  It's been my unfortunate fate. 

At any rate, we are moving toward the recall of the dangerous criminal known as Scott Walker here in Wisconsin.  After a year of watching a governor demoralize and destroy this state, we are all tired of the fight, tired of the lie, and tired of the constant assault on our people, our environment, our educational institutions and our basic rights that we are all guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.  I'm tired.  I'm sick and tired of toilet politics.  Mostly, I'm sick and tired of the people who take this country down to black, cold depths through their ignorance, their incompetence and their lack of insight.

Monday, December 12, 2011

What Does The U.S.A. Need in a Leader?

Watching the GOP presidential debate turned out to be less comical and more concerning than I thought it would be.  The slate of candidates who all covet the job as most powerful political person in the world leave so much to be desired, both as politicians and as a human beings.

There were a few good points made.  For example, Ron Paul actually addressed the fact that we need to stop going to war.  If we did that one simple thing, we would actually never be in a budget deficit again.  So he gets that.  But he doesn't get much else.  I found it refreshing to hear someone actually say - cut defense spending!!!!

Michele Bachman says that cutting out the EPA and Obama care is all we need to do for our economy.  Excuse me?  Clean air and clean water will always be fundamental in a list of needs Americans actually have.  Health care for everyone is not a dream - our neighbors in Canada do just fine with it.  It's the profiteering insurance and drug companies who don't want this, and the pandering to big business that makes Michele Bachman little more than a street walker.

Newt Gingrich is the Walmart of politicians.  Let's get rid of child labor laws so poor kids can go to work cleaning the schools where the education system is utterly failing them.  Walmart is the single largest consumer of child labor in the world.  Newt Gingrich is Walmart, personified.

Romney also said something that made sense - government doesn't create jobs.  No kidding.

Newt Gingrich had the audacity to wink during Ron Paul's diatribe on his hypocrisy.  I believe it is absolutely true, Mr. Gingrich is indeed the poster boy of crony capitalism. 

Here's a Romney gaff.  Let's leave health care up to the states.  Yeah.  Right.  Scott Walker has kicked so many people off health care benefits in the state of Wisconsin, and is still looking for reasons to kick more people off.  Obviously, if the state is run by a moron (and so many of them are), this is not a solution, unless you're thinking in terms of a final solution.

Frankly, the United States can't afford the hairspray for Michele Bachman.

None of these candidates impressed me as having the sense to run a 5th grades civics class, much less the largest free nation in the world.  But it all bodes well for Barack, who should remain in office and who should start planning to kick some old rich white man a$$ come 2013.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Republican Presidential Debate.....OR......How to Find Comic Material for a Blog

I intend to watch the GOP slate of presidential candidates debate tonight on television; not because I'm interested in anything these, uh, less than stellar thinkers have to say about the state of our nation, but because, from a comic standpoint (think of me as Banya) THIS IS GOLD, JERRY, THIS IS GOLD.  If you don't understand that last comment, please get into watching reruns of Seinfeld.  Anyone of the characters on that sitcom would be a better presidential candidate than Newt, Rick, Michele, Mitt, etc.

I'll have to post tomorrow all my comments after viewing the debate, and trust me, I'll be taking notes.  This is better than comedy central.

But since its today, let's talk about my least favorite place in Wisconsin, Waukesha County, home of the seriously uninspired and insipid.

Apparently the Waukeshates don't like Scott Walker recall petitioners in their neighborhood, and have been getting in the faces of election workers out gathering signatures.  Brute force is always the political fallback method of the seriously intellectually challenged.  Look at the Nazis.  Scott Walker has proven himself to have behaved little better than Hitler and boy, have the Nazi followers gathered in Waukesha County.  I promise to sing Deutschland, Deutschland, Deutschland next time I ride through Waukesha on my way to somewhere else.  That is, afterall, the only reason to venture into Waukesha.  Waukesha, the new Aryan Nation.

Anyhow, all this thuggery from the GOP and their backers makes me sort of wish anarchy would hurry up and get here.  I'd like nothing better than to kick some Waukesha a$$ around a subdivision.  How fun would THAT be?  Bullies are always wimps, and I'm pretty sure, even with my injured right hand, I could slap the crap out of any Waukeshate, anytime. 


Friday, December 9, 2011

New Assaults on Planet Earth, Courtesy the Republican Party of Wisconsin

Assembly Republicans in the State of Wisconsin have unveiled legislation to ease water protections, lighten restrictions on waste rock disposal, and demand the state Department of Natural Resources speed up its review processes.  Also included on this environmentally devastating bill, the elimination of the ability of citizens to challenge a DNR decision through a hearing process as a first step before a possible lawsuit in state court.

All of this is brought to you by the Republicans who are trying to push through Gogebic Taconite of Hurley, Wisconsin's plans to construct a $1.5 billion mine in portions of Iron and Ashland counties that would employ 700 workers.

The bill quickly came under attack from environmental groups.  Amber Meyer Smith, Director of Government Relations for Clean Wisconsin said, "I don't know how anyone could say with a straight face that this bill doesn't contain huge rollbacks to environmental laws and gut the public input process". 

Amber didn't realize she was dealing with Scott Walker, Jeff Fitzgerald, etc. (the usual yokels) who aren't capable of straight faces because they are as crooked as seven dollar bills.  They further aren't able to consider the negative effects of anything that smells like money.  Again, Republicans revere the almighty dollar at the expense of anything, and anyone else.  I wish I had a big pile of $100 bills I could burn on the capitol steps in Madison.  I would do it willingly, happily, and, I'm happy to admit, not quite virginally, because I've burned $100 bills before, to prove a point.  I think I have to be caught in the act to get arrested for that.  It is a crime; one I'd gladly commit over and over again, just to PI$$ off the rich.

These guys talk about the big boost for the economy of northern Wisconsin.  What they fail to mention is that this is some of the most pristine real estate in the State of Wisconsin.  The waters here are clean.  The air is pine scented and perfect.  The national forests are here, home to so many species you can't swing a cat up there without hitting, well, a cougar. 

I hope my sisters and brothers on the reservations and in the casinos up there will stand with me against this huge mining debacle that will only hurt the State of Wisconsin and its northwoods residents.  Thank the spirit in the sky that the native Americans will have plenty of voice and plenty of clout in this fight.  It doesn't make a bit of sense to sacrifice clean water, clean air, the destruction of wetlands and any natural resource for a few hundred jobs.  It's this kind of backward thinking that has us at the edge of destruction with global warning.  Do we have to jump on every bandwagon of misguided thought that rolls through the party of the rich without remorse?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Corporate Greed

I work in retail.  Not for much longer, but right now, I work in retail.  It is a very annoying job.  I'm supposed to promote the opening of credit cards, which carry a ridiculously high interest rate, to people who can ill afford that kind of credit card debt.  Even if you can afford it, why would you?  The corporation I work for could care less about that.  There job is to sell things on credit so that the items, no matter how deeply discounted, will end up costing the average purchaser twice the sticker price.  This is good corporate business.  This is a good example of corporate greed.  This is also called the Great American Game of Shafting the Consumer!

I have many friends at the large retailer where I work.  They make diddly squat for wages and have, for the most part, few benefits.  In order to get a raise at this retailer, one must attain certain sales goals, which are manipulated by the retailer so that they are almost impossible to attain.  Therefore, you will make the same money when you leave employment as when you started.  This saves the retailer a lot of money.  Minimum wage is corporate greed.  Never mind that you came to work on time, every scheduled day, and sold plenty of shoddy pieces of merchandise at inflated prices to an unsuspecting public.  You didn't make your sales goal and you will not get a raise.  Corporate greed at work.

In the worst economy since the great depression, sales associates are forced to listen to "rallying" speeches wherein we are told how to sell more, how to make sales goals and how we're all falling down on our duties because the major retailer did not make the store sales goal the day before.  We are chastised and threatened to do better, whined at by the store manager, despite the fact that if we do sell more, it won't make a damn bit of difference to our personal bottom line or sense of job satisfaction.  The retailer will reap all the benefits.  You might get a free cookie out of the deal at an employee appreciation event.  I'm so honored.  Flour and fat.  The new corporate benefit.

At any rate, this seems to be the way of America today.  This major retailer is probably reflective of every American business operating today.  And people wonder why there are so many Toyota's (mine included) on the road.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teachers for Scott Walker

Trust me when I say it, there are no teachers living in the State of Wisconsin who would stand with Scott Walker.

Scott Walker's current television ad campaign keeps presenting (actors acting as) teachers, standing with him.  It is this artful manipulation of reality that speaks to the mentality of Scott Walker backers.  People who stand with Scott Walker apparently love to be lied to and enjoy their delusions.    They won't check a fact, and believe everything Scott Walker says on television is the gospel truth.  They don't get that their acid trip has started to go bad. 

I'd really like to know the moment when saving a tax dollar began to equate with idolatry?  More importantly, when did saving a tax dollar while dismissing the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society equate with good politics?  And when did the republicans lose all characteristics of being human beings and become the hideous monsters they truly are today?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Will Scott Walker Do Next?

Pending his recall and being run out of Madison on a spiked rail, what do you think Scott Walker should do next? 

Send me your suggestions!

I think he could:

Do a commercial for Popeil Spray On Head Fuzz.

Operate a steam roller for all the road projects he green-lighted.

Run for Mayor of Wauwatosa. 

Sell inner-city real estate.

Give away bibles, like the Mormons give away their books.

Let me know what you think!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sports Weekend

Let's just take a moment's break from Wisconsin's dirty toilet of bad politics and sing some praises about our sports teams!

In two real nail biters, Wisconsin's football teams took over the limelight this weekend.  The Badgers won the inaugural Big Ten Championship, defeating Michigan State to advance to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on New Year's Day.  It wasn't exactly a drumming, but it certainly was a good ending to a championship season.  My husband is a UW alumni, so the fever pitch coming from our den during the game was enough to send me upstairs to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" for the thousandth time.  I get a little nervous when games are that hard fought and difficult to call.

The Packers advance to 12 and 0.  The game against the Giants was enormously stressful, a real on the edge of your seat nail biter.  The Giants played hard and fast, but it just wasn't enough, in the end. 

So our sports teams take a little of the negative light off our state, and make us look enthusiastic, determined and focused on winning.

Let's hope the recall elections do the same for all of us.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To Win The Recall of Scott Walker

All of the people engaged in the Wisconsin movement for recalling Scott Walker need to do is expose the lies in every one of his "moving Wisconsin forward" b.s. television ads, and tell the viewing public who these groups are paying for the ads,, i.e., The Koch Brothers, and other right wing agenda "foundations"(?).

The Koch brothers are heavily involved, providing great sums of money to fight the recall so they can have Walker's administration ignore or change Environmental Protection Laws, thereby insuring more profit in their pockets. These groups, operating under various names, are little more than common criminals.  Scott Walker sold his soul to these people.  Let's show them what we already know; Scott Walker's soul is worthless.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Could Scott Walker Have a More Repugnant T.V. Ad?

I just watched, for the umpteenth time, Scott Walker's t.v. commercial wherein a "teacher" by the name of Kristi, says that she stands behind Walker 100% for doing exactly what he said he'd do.

I have a few problems with this.  First of all, Scott Walker did exactly what he DIDN'T say he was going to do, i.e., destroy the unions and about 500,000 lives.

Second, and by far more importantly, this "teacher" says she stands behind Scott Walker 100% and that a recall election is just "sour grapes".  Listen, Sweetie Darling,  You just ate those sour grapes.  You're not a teacher, you're a paid actor.  And, after all, since you'll do anything for money, you're just a whore, bought and paid for by the Koch brothers.

Third, and of this I am certain, if you were actually a Wisconsin teacher, you'd get your a$$ kicked royally by real teachers.  For that, I'd gladly pay the price of admission.  In fact, I'd stand in line to kick your a$$ through blinding snow, sleet, tornados, and the Santa Ana winds, which is probably exactly what you're enduring there in Southern Cal, where you can't get a real acting job.  Note:  To act, one must be authentic.

Scott Walker is a little mouse caught in a big trap --- his lying mouth.  Scott Walker's days as governor are numbered.  No matter how much money the Koch whores ante up.

Herman Cain Says Goodbye

Herman Cain has suspended his presidential campaign. 

Oh well.

Note to future presidential candidates:

If you have had an extramarital affair, have sexually harassed someone, financially supported a woman not you wife, and/or paid out money to silence someone about your misdeeds, you are going to have to deal with the mistrust the American public will ultimately feel for you.  Newt, are you listening?

At any rate, we have one contender down in a field that is looking more and more like a Ringling Brothers Clown School roster than a presidential slate.  Good. 

I've been a little disappointed in President Obama --- I believe he's very intelligent and has excellent ideas, but he could have benefited from a little street tough charisma.  The republican party, the party fully engaged in trying to destroy democracy, has run roughshod over President Obama, and he has not defended himself or the values he holds dear.  He is, however, a diplomat and has tried, honestly, to work with republicans.  That is sort of like trying to work with the lion you have been fed to. 

In the overall scheme of things, though, Obama is still our best bet, still democracy's best bet, still America's best bet.  Maybe he will come out swinging once he is elected to his second term.  All Americans who have watched his first term and the tremendous number of difficulties handed him by George Dubya, feel very strongly that it's time for the kid gloves to come off.  I believe Obama has a great sucker punch in him, and I can't wait for the day he delivers it to the GOP, the uber-rich, and the 1%.  Never has a group of people most sincerely had it coming! 

Ssshhhhhh! John Doe in Progress

Today, The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel reports that another person has been called in to testify before a grand jury investigating, well, no one is exactly sure what, but I'm guessing campaign irregularities in Scott Walker's gubernatorial race.

This person wants his identity kept secret, in these secret proceedings, but that is not going to be allowed.  We're all anxious to find out who this latest witness is.

I am really hoping that indictments are handed down exactly one month before the recall election of Scott Walker.  This will give the democrats plenty of time to mount an ad campaign to insure a victory.  I don't think all the money in the Koch brothers coffers could help Scott Walker, if that scenario were to play out.  A true example of "cash ain't nothin' but trash". 

Has there ever been a political arena as fraught with dangerous and despicable behaviors as republican politics in Wisconsin is right now?  Scott Walker appears to be the state version of Richard M. Nixon.  I'm doubtful that any politician has caused as much dissent or disillusion as Scott Walker has caused.  But I'm also hopeful that this state where I live will indeed show itself to be honorable and fully enmeshed in democracy.  We are Wisconsin and we are determined to fix this mess brought to us by the GOP, the uber-rich and the ultra-ignorant.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't Protest Me

Here is backward thinking.  Instead of governing in a way which would garner respect from the masses, Scott Walker has decided to change the way Americans are allowed to protest in Wisconsin.  He is a reactive governor, he reacts to negative press and really hates the fact that people can gather to tarnish his image.  Doesn't even begin to understand his image is his own creation, and it is downright decayed.   One would think Scott Walker would be quite accustomed to negative press by now.  Protesters must now apply for a permit to gather on the capitol grounds in protest of anything.  Scott Walker, obviously, has never read the United States Constitution.  Mores the pity; we have so many uneducated talking heads in the political arena.

I think the democrats in Wisconsin are doing an excellent job of countering the billionaire funded ads touting Scott Walker.  Just real people, with real problems and no real jobs or benefits.  This is a powerful statement, much more realistic than the professionally made up actors and actresses hired to pay lip service to Scott Walker.  You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still recognizable as a pig. 

The latest buzz is Scott Walker's imposition of a ban on collecting signatures for his recall in state buildings.  Again, Mr. Walker does not understand the constitution.   Mr. Walker, in his defense, does not understand how to change a toilet paper roll, so this should come as no surprise.  However, Mr. Walker just looks worse and worse everyday, and this is absolutely playing into the hands of true democracy supporters who want Mr. Walker to walk east until his hat floats.

Power to the people and a great big UP YOURS to Scott Walker and all of his lamely misbegotten followers!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scott Walker - No Pardon Me

It's interesting that Scott Walker has not pardoned anyone, nor does he plan to.

This seems to be a republican thing.  If you make a mistake, you must pay forever.  Punitive behavior is the mark of the GOP. 

I come from a Norwegian family; punitive behavior is a hallmark of Norwegians.  Never forgive.  Never (let them) forget.  Never give anyone a break.  Always make them pay the price.  Always find someone to blame.  Never believe bad things happen to good people.  Gees.  I can't believe how punitive my family is.  I guess this predisposition for unforgiving is all tied up in their own sense of self-worth.  Or its deflective behavior typical of passive/aggressive personalities.  Whatever, I'm glad I understand my family and glad that I can take steps to protect myself from their judgments.  It is rather easy.  These people are in no position to judge anyone, so they, basically, are stone casters and I've removed myself from their strike zone.

It's harder for one of two major political parties to hold this "holier than thou" view, and to expect the citizenry to admire them for it. 

But then, there's Herman Cain, he of the wondering phallus.  Now how this presidential candidate thinks he still has any chance at the oval office, with all the women coming forward with information about his extra marital activities, is beyond me.  But he perseveres.  It's interesting how the GOP crucified Bill Clinton with the Monica Lewinsky debacle.  Yet, Herman Cain flat out denies any wrongdoing.  And Newt Gingrich?  Am I the only one who remembers this guy with the same roving appendage that seems to plague Herman Cain, was so audacious that while his wife was dying, he was dallying with another woman?  

The GOP is the party of hypocrites.  Just what America needs, more judgmental liars who have conveniently forgotten their own misdeeds.  Funny, I thought elephants have long memories. Apparently, not where sex is concerned.  GOP.  The Party of Little Heads.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

300,000 and Counting

Just a little over two weeks and already 300,000 signatures have been collected in support of the recall of our Idiot Governor-Eject, Scott Walker.  Since we only need 500,000 and change in signatures by January, I don't think we have a problem, here.  The momentum to recall Scott Walker and get him out of a job he is unqualified to perform is monumentally successful.  All this in just two weeks.

People of Wisconsin have a voice, and it will drown out the voices of the uber-rich, the stony of democratic heart, and the plain ignoramus' who voted this yokel into office in the first place.  Power to the people.

Despite the fact that this movement is definitely on track and picking up speed like an out of control freight train, I urge Wisconsinites not to lose sight of the importance of grass roots movements.  Continue to collect signatures, continue to educate the people who have become so numb from negative politics, they aren't able to make informed choices, and continue to do your part to remove Scott Walker from office.

We are the people.  We are Wisconsin.  We are not going to take any abuses, anymore.  And I don't care how much money you pour into Wisconsin to defeat us.  Your cash ain't nothin' but trash.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Familiar Rant

Okay, so this is one of my biggest rants, but I'm going to say it again.  Nowhere, in the budget deficit debacle that our elected representatives are trying to tackle, is there any mention of cutting the military budget.

Know why?

Because our entire country's economy is based on going to war somewhere to keep the military/industrial complex up and running.

So now that we're pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, how are we going to support the military/industrial complex?

Well, obviously, we will have to invade someone.  My guess, Iran. 

Do Americans realize that billions of dollars worth of equipment will be left behind in both Iraq and Afghanistan?  Gotta keep that military/industrial complex running.  If we leave behind 16,000 trucks, well, tax dollars will be used to have them built and shipped off again. 

Do Americans realize that the military budget is the biggest drain on tax dollars? 

Do Americans realize that our entire country's economy is based on being at war somewhere?

Just for a moment, forget about the dollars, what about the personal cost to families who lose people in these conflicts.  We lost 55,000 soldiers during Vietnam.  For what?  What gain was made in Vietnam?   Looking back now, it was a war about nothing, except keeping that military/industrial complex soaked in taxpayer dollars.

It is a complete and total embarrassment to be an American these days.  Add to that, being an American in Wisconsin is humiliating beyond description. 

America needs to change it's military presence from warmonger to peacekeeper.  That, alone, could be accomplished with far less taxpayer dollars, and promote a global image that isn't, well, downright disgusting.  It's hard to imagine a peacekeeping force.  The bombs bursting in air, well, it is part of our national anthem, isn't it.

I propose we change our national anthem to Woody Guthrie's great folk song, "This Land is Your Land".  I wish I could divorce my alliance to this country, because it stands for nothing I believe in anymore.  Please send me money so I can move to a country I can be proud of.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Recall Petitions

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is so upset that Recall Walker petitions were available for signature outside shopping malls.


The Republicans should not worry.  Most Wisconsinites don't venture to malls because they're unemployed, or their income/benefits were slashed so drastically, there is no disposable income to spend at malls.  All of this financial heartache being brought to you courtesy of Republican politics.

I happily signed a petition this weekend.  Scott Walker is a menace to mankind.  Sending him packing will be one of the greatest achievements of my life.

Is Scott Walker worried?  If he's not, then I guess that's the final proof positive that the man is a complete and utter moron.  Will the Republicans use every dirty trick in their political pornographic bag of tricks to fight the recall?  Of course they will.  This is, after all, the party of unscrupulous and underhanded tactics.  It must be tough to be a republican in Wisconsin in this day and age.  The sporting of dunce caps has never been an esteemed fashion statement. 

So, here's my thought.  All television ads touting Scott Walker as a "good" governor should be deemed pornography.  Dirty.  Lying.  Contact with strangers for money.  I wonder if I can make a complaint to the FCC for exposing me to this repulsive commercial activity.  Probably not.  What I can do is circulate petitions for the recall, and in this, I am actively engaged. 

Sign a petition today and let's get Wisconsin back on track.  Recall Walker.  It is Wisconsin's mantra du jour.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's that time of the year when everyone becomes a raging maniac.  There is no peace, no joy, no thanks, no adoration.  Just bargain hunters.

Can you tell I work in retail?  Not for much longer, thankfully, but my new job won't start until after the 1st of the year, so I guess I'm stuck working through another holiday season.  Holidays.  They really should be called retail Easter; the store employees seasonal Crucifixion jamboree.

A few suggestions for mall shoppers.  Please remove the bear trap from your foot before venturing out to Christmas shop.  We really don't want your pain to become our pain. 

Smoke some marijuana before Xmas shopping.  Your gift choices may be questionable, but the store clerks will enjoy your winning personality.

If you shop the day after Thanksgiving, well, you're certifiably nuts, but still, don't moan and groan about crowds, rude patrons or how hot you are.  Clue, all clerks think you are insane for venturing into a retail environment on this day, so please, don't be shocked when we treat you, well, like the insane person we think you are.

Please leave your screaming, whining, obnoxious little progeny at home.  Christmas shopping is not for anyone under the age of ten.   And keep the little bastards off the escalators, where they can get seriously hurt while you're hunting down some coupon item or trying on hats.

I, for one, don't give a $hit if you take your business to another store, so when you angrily tell me you'll go to _______ store for your item, try to remember I don't really give a rat's a$$, I'm thinking in my head, "Good, get the f*ck out of this store and away from me you whining, mega-shining a-hole".  Isn't my smile and apology perfect, though.  You'd never guess that I was thinking such vulgarities.  So now you know.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Gift Suggestions for Scott Walker

Several thousand well-placed kicks in the a$$.

A copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People Dumber than Me".

A Cayman Islands bank account.

Wellies.  He must have ruined hundreds of shoes by standing in his own bull$hit.

Medicinal marijuana.

An anatomically correct life-size doll.  Hard to tell what his gender preference would be.  Maybe Rosie the Riveter, who was protected under a union.  He has an obvious fondness for sticking it to the working class.

An invitation to the Koch Brothers mansion for a New Year's Eve party, where he'll stick out like a sore bum.

Satin boxers to soothe his rigid sphincter muscle.

Paint by number sets so he can replace all the art at the Governor's mansion.  I hear he's fond of birds, deer, and the ku klux klan.

Visine with adderal for his lazy eye.

An expense paid trip to Appalachia where he'll meet people who at least look like him.

A unicycle.  What surer way to have him fall on his head?

Bailey's Irish Arsenic.

And, of course, everyone's all time favorite, a Grand Jury Indictment.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Herman Cain Now Under Secret Service Protection

Can you believe it.  Herman Cain has requested, and received, secret service protection.

Damn It.  Where's my Secret Service Protection?  Who is going to protect me from the roster of first class idiots the republican party has slated for the next presidential run?

I demand equal treatment under the law. 

I shouldn't have to watch Rick Perry try to remember why he's standing at a podium.

I shouldn't have to watch Herman Cain try to figure out what Libya is.

These people are damaging my intelligence.  I demand Secret Service protection from these assaults on my brain. 

I thought Sarah Palin was a menace to higher thought processes, but she's nothing in light of this first class run of  special needs politicians.  Seriously, I can't even begin to think of America as anything less than a really distasteful joke.  On me.

Someone please commit the United States to mandatory psychological treatment.  It is a country totally consumed by psychotic leaders.

If we, indeed, continue to build the wall around this joint that everyone seems to want, let's make sure it's fully padded.  And please, throw away the key.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Does Scott Walker Know About Crossing A Line?

Our Governor-Eject said on a radio program this morning that a recall Walker protest targeting his home in Wauwatosa was "crossing the line".

What does Scott Walker know about crossing any lines?  This hopeless meanie thinks trampling the rights of hundreds of thousands of workers in Wisconsin isn't crossing the line?  Scott Walker's Playbook is for the Mentally Challenged, obviously.  It would have to be.

Here's a clue, Walker.  Get used to it.  The citizens of this state will cross all kinds of lines to rid themselves of the likes of you. 

And when you're busy touting your record (what record?), remember to tell the citizens of Wisconsin that the cost of providing security to you is more than double what it was for the last governor.  You haven't saved Wisconsin citizens anything; you have cost us all dearly, with your radical and hidden agendas.  People despise you.  Why would you expect anything less?

Don't pout, Walker, when the citizens are exercising their right to protest your policies in front of your house.  That comes with the territory you've personally landscaped.  And if some of those citizens are carrying guns, well, after all, you gave them that right. 

But here's a thought.......why not resign now, and save us all a lot of trouble.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Herman Cain Slips In the Back Door

No pun intended for other sexual harassment victims waiting to come forward.

Herman Cain rolled into Milwaukee today on his campaign bus, but dodged reporters and slipped into a back entrance of the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

Ho Ho Ho......Merry Christmas.  If this is behavior we would tolerate in our leader, I hereby declare the United States of America mentally retarded.  If anyone believes in Herman Cain, then surely you also believe in Santa Claus.

Anyone not willing to meet the press is not fit for civic duty.....and certainly not fit for jury duty. 

Herman Cain is a not-so-funny joke.  And all you rubes who paid good money to have lunch with this guy, go choke on a chicken bone.

The Mask of Sanity and the Art of Self Deception

Are you wearing the mask of sanity? 

Here's what it looks like.  You portray yourself as a fine, upstanding, morally correct, compassionate and benevolent person.  But when the mask comes off, you're exposed as a fraud, a liar, a cheat, ambitious to a fault, i.e., you'll say and do anything to promote yourself, and you will ALWAYS find a way to blame an innocent person for your own personal crimes against them.

Gees.  Sounds like I just described certain members of my family. 

The Art of Self Deception is that you will wear the mask of sanity, and you will never develop any insight into your less than honorable motives or your fraudulent behavior.  You will never acknowledge that a fairly large part of you stinks to lowest hell.  Those of us who hold our noses in your presence know otherwise, but we also know its best not to point out the shortcomings in your personality.  Your delusion is all you have, and we're happy to let you have it.

We're also smart enough not to let you anywhere near us.

Friday, November 11, 2011

No Wonder - It's Wisconsin

Gees, if things could get any creepier around this state, I'd be surprised.  What is it about this region?  The climate?  The water?  The beer?

Anyhow, we have another story about bizarre crimes committed by Wisconsinites.  Around here, they're a dime a dozen, but frankly, it's just weird how strange the outliers actually are in this state. 

For example:

Ed Gein.  In the 1950's, he dug up graves, murdered women, dressed them out like deer in his garage, made lamp shades out of human skin, and was the model for Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lector, and Anthony Perkins' Norman Bates in Psycho. 

Jeffrey Dahmer.  Oy vey, need I say more?  He tried to zombify his victims by drilling holes in their skulls and pouring in acid.  Also a cannibal.  For those of you who like chocolate, he used to work at Ambrosia Chocolate here in Milwaukee.  Goodness knows what a little something extra went out with industrial vats of chocolate during Dahmer's tenure. 

The Jack the Ripper Girls.  These girls, back in the seventies, were trying to revive the spirit of Jack the Ripper by axing a guy they lured to their flat and then tied up and hacked up.  He survived after a few ax whacks to the head and torso.  But really......Jack the Ripper? 

The Werewolf spirits.  A poor man, lured to Milwaukee from Arizona by the promise of sex from a young girl finds himself standing naked on the street with 300 stab wounds (most superficial).  Apparently, the young woman and her roommate were of the belief that they were werewolves and needed to perform bloody sex to satisfy their wolf spirits.  Apparently, their dog also was a victim of their bizarre rituals.  Poor dog.  Poor guy too, but it should be a lesson out there.....don't travel for sex.  There's bound to be strings attached.

Anyhow, these strange criminals come out of Wisconsin.  So does Scott Walker.  Kind of a scary thought, since Walker's crimes against citizens seem to be adding up.  He must be Half Man/Half Nuts.  Whatever, just another scary criminal Wisconsin has produced.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Look at It

I am back from a hand injury and can type again, which I'm sure makes some people especially unhappy.  Nevertheless, here I am.

It was interesting to read about the high cost of providing security to Scott Walker, his family, and his loyal, if misguided, devotees.  Apparently, Mr. Walker is receiving death threats and needs extra manpower to keep him safe.  These costs are paid for by the average, non-represented Wisconsin citizen.

Here is the rub.  If a leader acts in such a way that his very life is jeopardized, is he the leader we want?  Is he a leader at all?  After Scott Walker trampled the rights of most of the people in the State of Wisconsin, should we be surprised that people are fighting mad and want him gone? 

I don't advocate violence, never have.  My belief is that all problems can be solved intellectually.  Of course, that assumes that the people who have to resolve the problems have an intellect to begin with.

Now that the Ohio collective bargaining disgrace has been overturned by the voice of the people, Walker's recall election will gear up here in Wisconsin.  Here is the thing to remember.  Scott Walker will have a major influx of radical right millionaire money pouring into his coffers to fight the recall. 

Scott Walker will not appear in public much, because even with his extremely thick skull, the information is starting to penetrate that he is reviled.  He will, however, mount a television commercial campaign of outright lies and tampered statistics. 

Please remember these facts:

There has been no increase in jobs for Wisconsin citizens.
Corporate welfare has kicked up so many notches here in Wisconsin that the average Wisconsin worker has virtually no employment rights.
A war on teachers and educators is still being waged by the Walker Administration.
Everyone in Wisconsin, except the top 1% wage earners, or millionaires, has been harmed by Scott Walker and his ridiculous and radical politics.  (Note to people who thinks they are rich......wake up and smell the feces in your garden of rigidly conservative thought processes.  Unless you're a millionaire, there is nothing in Walker's administration that will be good for you.  If you think otherwise, you really need to go back to school).
Not only are people under assault from the Walker administration, the environment is, too.

At any rate, I urge all Citizens of Wisconsin to pay attention NOT to Scott Walkers commercials, but to the groups who pay for them, i.e., the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Progress, Wisconsin Manufacturing & Commerce, etc.  These are nice labels for not so nice people, and these groups are made up of millionaires.  They have nothing in common with the common people.  Reject the lies they will try to disseminate in order to keep their puppet dog in office. 

Wake up Wisconsin.  Let's rid ourselves of the vermin that is Scott Walker and the radical right. 

Let's find an intelligent leader.  Russ Feingold, where are you?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I am positive that what this planet needs right now is a strong blast of positive energy. 

Don't think we can manufacture it here.  Earthlings seems inept at positive.  They are very good at negative, though.  What we need is an alter-ego.

At any rate, I am putting my faith in the cosmic forces that something will irradiate us soon and make this a better place than the toxic garden it has become.

I know there's no political solution.

I know there's no religious solution.

I know there's no winners in the survival war we fight everyday.

But I do know there is SOMETHING out there, and its headed this way, because face it, we can't go on the way we're going.  And that, my friends, is a good thing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

7 Billion and Counting

A marriage, abstinence sex ed bill is advancing through Wisconsin's state legislature.  This bill basically states that schools that teach sexual education would have to promote marriage and tell students abstinence is the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy.  This bill was passed by the state senate on Wednesday, November 2, 2011.  It now goes to the republican-run assembly. 

Currently, Wisconsin law requires sex education courses in public schools to be age-appropriate and comprehensive, covering issues such as sexually transmitted diseases and how to use birth control.  Under that law, schools can choose not to offer sex education, but they cannot offer abstinence-only courses. 

The bill approved Wednesday by the Senate would repeal most of that law.

Republicans, obviously, do not like sex.  They do not like hot sex.  They do not like good sex.  They do not like sex outside of marital bonds.  And they think that they can get us ALL not to like good, hot sex that might help us decide who a good marital partner might indeed be.

I don't understand the sexually repressed.  I don't understand their fear.  I don't understand their flirtation with keeping people ignorant.  I don't understand  their agenda, at all. 

People who reach a certain age (which gets lower and lower here in Amerika based on the Madison-avenue gospel, sex sells) become curious about sex.  Curious leads to experimentation (if they're lucky).  Experimentation, without adequate education, leads to unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted disease (if they're uneducated and unlucky).

At any rate there, obviously, is very little sex happening in republican households.  Could this be what is wrong with our current government? 

Why are republicans afraid of sex?  Good sex?  Hot sex?  Sex with people NOT our spouses?

This country needs a water cooler supplier for these republicans, delivering a fairly large dose of Viagra with every bottleful placed in their public offices.  Republicans seem to have sublimated their sexual urges into some kind of greed syndrome.  They seem to only get climactic when getting a few bucks from rednecks, rather than by physical and mutual stimulation with a hot partner.

Maybe if these people got properly laid once in awhile, the world would be a nicer place.  Or perhaps these republicans have become the pseudo servant robot in Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper", who kept the orgasamatron in his hands because the pleasure of artificial sex was just too good to let go of.  Have republican donations become the new artificial sex?  Are the Koch brothers the new whoremasters of the universe?  Here is the big question.  Do Republicans have normal sexual responses, or do they only get turned on when f*cking over lots of people in legislative orgies?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why This Country Sucks More Every Day

Okay, so Herman Cain sexually harassed women, they got paid off, and he stands in front of people and flat out lies about it.  A potential leader of the free world.  Sounds about right.

Mary Lazich, here in Wisconsin, tries to redraw senate districts to prevent Scott Walker from being recalled.  Somehow, the GOP managed to get a thinking person to join them who said this might be a very bad idea and subject to lawsuits.  (Scott Walker already has created numerous situations subject to lawsuits.)  At any rate, this vote was cancelled, but is reflective of just how far the GOP will go to break the law of the land.  No big surprise here, politics are corrupt.  Especially in Wisconsin.  Especially in the GOP.  We should really trade the GOP for the Cosa Nostra.  They, at least, seem better organized and more rational.

But the biggest joke, and the biggest pile of bull$hit is the fact that Kim Kardashian's 72 day marriage is on the rocks, and it is the biggest news story on all the networks, with her overly plastic-surgeried mother appearing to defend the big a$$ed bimbo media whore.

Enough is enough.  No one of any sound mind gives a f*ck about Kim Kardashian, her extremely large a$$, her extraordinarily short marriage and the fact her ten million dollar wedding was paid for by the media, because the only claim to fame the Kardashian's have is being the biggest media whores in U.S. history.

May painful, oozing eczema boils cover Kim Kardashian's huge booty.  She will then have an idea of just how sick most people with any measurable intelligence find her, her sisters, her mother and their television shows.  At the very least, a$$ rash would keep her out of the limelight ---- and that just might kill her. 

But I see it already.  An intellectually starved America watching Kim expose her fat a$$ to sunlight on a Malibu beach to effect some cure.  The cure to Kim Kardashian, and all the Kardashian's?  Pick up a freaking book, take a walk in the park, stop being interested in these money grubbing cancers who attack intellectualism.  In short.  Get a LIFE!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Alien Intervention

I think that the only possible thing that can save this planet is alien intervention by a higher intelligence species able to time warp.  We really need to get the monkey out.

We have people who want to be our leaders who come right out and say they don't believe in global warming or that it is caused by CO2 emissions.  Leaders. 

Here is my 21st Century Prayer:

Help Me Alien, For I'm Enslaved by the Sincerely Stupid.

Today, Planet Earth reached  a population of 7 billion people, but we have our religious leaders forbidding contraception and our political leaders banning abortion. 

Help Me Alien, For I'm Enslaved by a Misogynist Group of Short-sighted men and even dumber women who want to save fetuses while trampling on the people they become, once born.  Why is a fetus more important than a birthed individual?  Why is it okay to torture human beings, but not okay to abort a fetus?  What is this preoccupation with a fetus?  Who are these uterine police?  Where is the justice for an individual born to a mother who can't support it outside the womb?  Help Me Alien!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amerika ---- Living in the Land of the Dumb, Dumber and Too Dumb to Rank

An interesting conversation with someone who is middle class, who defended the 1%, saying they worked hard for their money, and asking me "don't you take advantage of every tax loophole and law passed, too?".

I had to remind him that these laws were not passed, they were bought, at terrible expense to the working class.  He said elections were the people's voice.  I said, elections are bought as well.

This is the trouble with America.  Because the middle class is revolting against the policies of the uber-rich, we're thought of as jealous of that class of people, and we're reminded that we, too, can attain that level of life here in free America if we just work hard enough.  Never mind there aren't any jobs to be found.

Joke is on you if you believe that line of bull$hit.

What is happening in mainstream America today is an absolute breakdown of intellectualism.  Well, who can afford an education, I guess.  But self-taught has always been free.  Americans are lazy.  Americans won't believe anything they don't want to believe.  Americans think they are living a fine life in the greatest country on the planet.  That myth is self-perpetuating by the 1% who need you to believe it to keep you here, enslaved by them.

I see revolution on the horizon, and the winds of it cool my spirit.  No revolution is without sacrifice, blood sacrifice at that.  But we've been sacrificing our sons and daughters for generations to fight bloody, useless wars over silly things like politics and oil so the rich could get richer.  At least this revolution will have some meaning. 

It's time to take back America.  At any cost.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Proof Positive that Governor-Eject Scott Walker is a Hopeless Moron

Under a policy being developed by Governor-Eject Scott Walker, the public will be able to carry guns into most parts of the state Capitol. 


Oil Can Scotty is complete bamboozled by his power trip and the back-clapping 1% who tout his accomplishments, which really aren't accomplishments at all, but questionably legitimate actions that are rolling the state back to the days of the wild, wild west. 

Let's just say, for obvious reasons, Scott Walker should not promote gun-slinging people (who may carry a grudge) into the Capitol.  But, as his ego is as large as his bald spot, Scott Walker can't see the danger in this.  He likes the fantasy of the NRA, that we'll all be safe if we're allowed to carry guns. 

I've written before about gun violence in the United States.  Deaths by this violence have become white noise in our society, given little attention and accepted as part of who we are.

Is this who we are?  Is this who are leaders should be?

Frankly, if I was Scott Walker, I'd be shaking in my Florsheims.  For all the rich who support him, there is a large group that thinks of him as a menace to all that is decent.  I'm one of them.  I won't ever pack a gun or try to carry it into a public building, but I know, with certainty, there are plenty of people who will.  Some of them won't like Scott Walker.  Passing this kind of policy threatens everyone.  It promotes gun violence.  Is Scott Walker an idiot?  Methinks so.

I gave a contribution to the Scott Walker recall effort this week after Russ Feingold solicited me to do so.  My message to all Wisconsinites ---- support the recall of Scott Walker by giving $5.  It's a small donation, but it might just save you thousands.  And it just might save some lives.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are the 1% all Sue Sachdeva's?

I read with sadness that the Koss Corporation's insurer will have to pay $1,000,000 to shareholders because of Sue Sachdeva's dishonesty, and the company's failure to have proper financial controls in place.  It's good the investors will get some of their money back, but I believe there is a bigger lesson here.

Does Sue Sachdeva represent the behavior of the 1% of wealthy Americans?  It certainly would seem to. 

Sue Sachdeva was the ultimate consumer, amassing material things to the extent she had to rent storage facilities to keep it all.  Buy Buy Buy.  Steal Steal Steal.  Have Have Have.  More More More.

Sue Sachdeva obviously had a compulsive shopping addiction and an unquenchable thirst for other people's money.  Sound familiar?

Does anyone miss Sue Sachdeva, now that she's serving an eleven year term in a federal prison?  I hardly think so.  She obviously was so enmeshed in her own mental illness and outrageous behaviors that she couldn't have been much of a wife, mother, or, as luck would have it, employee.

It begs the question.  Would anyone actually miss the 1% of our population who have done exactly what Sue Sachdeva did?  I know I wouldn't.  Can't we build an island for these people somewhere and ship them off.  The Isle of Stolen Dreams.  All Wall Street workers and bankers would love it.  It would be just one big high end shopping mall.  Cartier, Chanel, Hermes.  Every so often, we could ship in a boatload of Haitians who could pose as unsuspecting Americans who think their money is safe with this band of island crooks.  They could be fleeced and f*cked over, and sent back to Haiti, no worse for wear.  Wouldn't our country be better without this 1% element?  I know society in Wisconsin is better off without Sue Sachdeva.

Get rid of the 1%.  NOW!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ron Johnson

I read with disgust the news that Ron Johnson's family trust had recently purchased a million dollar plus townhouse for him in Washington D.C. 

Ron Johnson.  Elected to a senate seat formerly held by Russ Feingold.  Ron Johnson.  A raging right wing millionaire who has absolutely no clue whatsoever about this country and the great people who suffer under its unfair politics.

Ron Johnson.

I can only hope that Ron Johnson's new digs is mostly made up of bathrooms (high end, of course).  This guy is so full of $hit, he'll need them.  I guess he plans to be in Washington for awhile.  I wonder how much money he'll pay (oops - his wife's daddy will pay) for his next term?

People of Wisconsin who voted this yokel into office - hang your heads in shame.  Once you pull them out of your stupid arses.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Republican Misogynists

In 48 hours during the week of October 17, 2011, Republicans have:

1.  Held a public hearing on SB273 to repeal the Health Youth Act.
2.  Passed SB92 to ban insurance coverage for abortion.
3.  Scheduled a vote on AJR 34 to honor crisis pregnancy centers.
4.  Introduced LRB 2284 to ban Wisconsin Well Woman Program funds.
5.  Introduced LRB 2859 to legally define "personhood" from the moment of fertilization, and outlaw all abortions in Wisconsin.
6.  Held public hearings on the proposed Badger Care cuts, the program which provides health coverage to Wisconsin's poor.

Come on.  We're in the middle of the worst economic crisis in the history of the world, and these misogynists are focusing on eliminating health care to women and the poor? How is that helping anything?

The way Republicans approach these issues is horrific, racist, sexist and mind boggling.  It speaks to their tyranny against the working class.  I have my own agenda.  Mandatory castration for all registered male republicans so they can't propagate their mindless policies to the detriment of women and children.  Tubal ligation for all women republicans.   Frontal lobotomies, free of charge, to this class of very dangerous and very sick people.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Randy Hopper

Mr. Randy Hopper, the republican senator from Oshkosh who was recalled in the Wisconsin stinky pot of politics, was arrested yesterday for drunk driving.

What can we assume from this?

That Mr. Hopper has very poor judgment in that he chose to have almost twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system and get behind the wheel of a car?  Come on.  We knew he had bad judgment the minute he voted with Scott Walker to destroy collective bargaining. 

On the squad videotape of his arrest, Mr. Hopper tries to get out of trouble by telling the officer that he wrote the legislation that equipped police forces with tasers.  Republicans are always trying to bribe and finagle their way out of or into things.  They do this because they lack the intelligence to resolve issues fairly.  Or they're just stupid.  At any rate, if I had been the arresting officer, I'd have tasered his a$$ right then.

I know anyone can make a mistake.  But a mistake like driving drunk is just too big a mistake, and I don't care if he shows his sorrowful face on camera tomorrow and apologizes for his moronic behavior.  The fact is he was observed crossing the center line on a major highway numerous times and he is very lucky he didn't kill anyone.

It is too bad that there isn't any legislation against running a government body while completely clueless.  That's a law Wisconsin needs right now. 

Since Oil Can Scotty is off the radar now, I can only assume he's gearing up for some new crap that the wealthy and powerful are scheming.  He's such a pawn. 

But take heart, Randy Hopper was gotten rid of.  Let's just hope he stays at home and drinks.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Is Sheriff Clarke?

There are articles in The Milwaukee Journal today regarding Sheriff Clarke's personal management style, and his actual role in public safety.  It is interesting to note that Sheriff Clarke's enormous ego seems to stand in his way at every step.

Sheriff Clarke recently lost a discrimination battle with a Milwaukee County deputy sheriff, who happens to be active in the union.  Sheriff Clarke was compared to Idi Amin of Uganda, a bully and completely combative.    The State ruling said the Sheriff "bore animus" and discriminated against the deputy during the dispute.

Sheriff Clarke seems to promote and enjoy a hostile work environment.  He fails to understand that his major role is that of providing detention services and patrolling highways, not law enforcement.  But Sheriff Clarke doesn't like being a fancy pants jailer, he wants to be, well, Idi Amin.

Let's examine another story that shows who Sheriff Clarke really is.  Driving home from work one snowy, wintry day, Sheriff Clarke sees a stranded motorist on an off ramp, and good samaritan like, pushes his car to the side of the road.  He radios for help.  Another deputy shows up to assist, and promptly arrests the stranded motorist for drunk driving.  There were open alcohol containers strewn about the motorists car and he failed a field sobriety test.

Guess who ended up in the disciplinary process?  Yup.  Sheriff Clarke went after the deputy because she "embarrassed" him by arresting a motorist he had assisted.  Like Scott Walker, Sheriff Clarke fails to see that he embarrassed himself.  So he bullies his way out of it.

Sheriff Clarke has an ego not unlike Scott Walker, and somewhat the same personal agenda......big fancy pants to cover up what little is going on upstairs. 

I hope the people of Milwaukee County will remember that Sheriff Clarke is little more than Fancy Pants next time an election rolls around.  He cannot do the job of leading a law enforcement team because he cannot earn the respect of any members on that team.  It is a sad day when our leaders are such dolts, but then, Welcome to Amerika.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Scott Walker seems to have slipped off the radar of the public eye.

That doesn't mean he isn't busy enacting ridiculous laws, like his concealed carry legislation.  I can't wait to step out of my door on November 1st and start dodging bullets from Americans (not necessarily known for their wisdom or discretion) who are now legally allowed to pack their pistols right next to their unpacked heads.

Here in Wisconsin, though, its interesting to note that Walker seems to have dropped out of sight.  Could this possibly signal some event on the horizon tied in with the John Doe investigation here in Milwaukee?  One can only hope that Scott Walker's unfamiliarity with all things legitimate will be his final undoing.  Well, when you lie down with dogs......

Ignorance may be no excuse, but stupid is a character trait we should not be revering in our elected officials.  As Mrs. Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does."

Jeff Fitzgerald of the infamous Fitzgerald brothers of the Wisconsin statehouse, will run for Senator Herb Kohl's seat.  One word of advice to Jeff your money.  There may still be many voting idiots living in Wisconsin, but not enough to elect you to anything.  Tammy Baldwin will certainly win that election.  The only thing Jeff Fitzgerald can win is contempt and disdain from thoughtful Wisconsinites.  If he had a clue, he'd know that.

Oh, if I only had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future of Wisconsin politics.  Would I like what I see?  Would you?  Here's a heads up.  You don't need a crystal ball.  Just stay active in the Wisconsin political arena, and rise up to recall Scott Walker, if the clueless wonder hasn't completely undone himself.  That possibility is entirely likely.  The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they turn.  We can only hope.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recalling Scott Walker

Recall efforts will begin for Scott Walker on November 15, 2011, setting Wisconsin up for a year of expensive political battles

SO, when someone contacts you about signing a recall petition to oust Scott Walker, SIGN IT!

If you need encouragement:

Scott Walker is believed to be able to raise $70,000,000 to defend himself in the recall election.

$70,000,000 that a bunch of greed driven anti-American f*ckheads will donate to a naturally lobotomized s.o.b. who managed to fool enough gullible, anti-American-value voters into electing him governor.  If Scott Walker is capable of raising this kind of money, why didn't he just ASK the greed pigs to send him money to close the deficit in Wisconsin's budget.  Oh, the drama.  It would have been lost.  Oh, the chance to kick a poor person in the mouth......gone!  Oh, the opportunity to shaft the working class heros who pay all the taxes.....missed. 

Does anyone remember the movie "Being There" starring Peter Sellers as an affable if somewhat dimly lit, feeble-minded gardener who manages to convince the American public into electing him president, through no real effort on his part, but rather by a giant political machine.  The machine translates everything the idiot gardener says about planting seeds and tending flowers into political genius.  The machine takes this simple man and with power and money, makes him an intellectual media hero.

Wisconsin is life imitating art. 

All I can say is we don't need a nit wit in the governor's office.   I'd rather have Chase, the gardener, running the show in Madison than that horse's ARSE who sits in the office now.  A developmentally disabled person would be a step up from Oil Can Scotty.  No.....not quite true......a whole flight of stairs up.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

True Religion

Today was a beautiful autumn day in Wisconsin, warm and balmy, with the golds, reds, and oranges of the trees perfectly illuminated by a cloudless sky.  There is a carpet of red, green and gold on the ground.  If nothing else, it is a perfect landscape painting, far more beautiful than anything ever painted in a gallery.  And I own it.  In this moment in time, I own this beauty.  True Religion!

I spent the entire weekend putzing around my kitchen preparing some nice dishes for a lunch I hosted with some very old (by that I mean I've known them for a long time) and wonderful girlfriends.  The lunch turned out perfectly; maybe it was because the day was so perfect, or maybe it was all the love that went into the preparation; whatever it was, the culinary treat was second only to the wonderful conversation that was effortless and meaningful, deep and respectful, open and honest.  To have friends like these in my house, that is true religion.  That is a true gift. 

Religion is not something one needs to seek in an "ism", religion is how we feel about life, love, how forgiving we are of people who have treated us poorly and how much love we recognize we have to give.  Most importantly, how do we feel about who we are.  If you feel great about it, you have a true religion.  Keep up the good work. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Good Defnition of Christianity

The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

Makes perfect sense.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sheriff Clarke's Panties in a Bundle Over Failed Complaint

Sheriff Clarke, the megalomaniac who runs the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, is upset that a judicial process for reviewing complaints against judges has been dismissed.  Sheriff Clarke had, for those of you who don't watch this guy closely (and you should), entered into a pi$$ing contest with a Circuit Court Judge, and ultimately found out just where he sits on the authoritarian hierarchy.  That is to say, he found out he is somewhat lower than a judge.

That must have been a huge blow to Sheriff Clarke's larger than life ego, and he's mad as hell. 

When a politician has massive ego needs that supersede the needs of the public he is supposed to serve, it is time for him to retire.  Please Sheriff Clarke, retire.  You can't defy the department budget and you can't defy the judiciary.  When you are denied anything, you seem to come down on the very people who serve you, and serve you well, despite their own opinions of what kind of leader you are.  Milwaukeeans are starting to share the opinion of deputies and staff --- who the HELL do you think you are?  You embarrass yourself, Sheriff Clarke, and then you discipline people who expose your incompetency.  It's time for you to go.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Let there be no mistake about it. This is Wisconsin's Championship Season.  Yes --- THAT Championship Season.  (That of which we shall not speak, and those who will not be spoken of.)

So be alert.  We ARE Wisconsin.  We are awesome.  AND we WILL kick Scott Walker's tight a$$ right out of Madison  come 2012.  Our Championship Season is here to stay!  This Season!  It is OURS.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Appeal from the Unappealing Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Nothing annoys me more severely than the catholic church.

My dead father-in-law received another letter, delivered to my address, explaining the archdiocese's position on clergy abuse, and how the Chapter 11 filing by the archdiocese will not affect parishes.

This letter went on to say:

"the archdiocese of Milwaukee has been and continues to be forthcoming with information about clergy sexual abuse and about perpetrators."  An outright lie.

"archdiocesan resources are quite limited...."  Outright bull$hit.

At any rate, the letter was meant to tell parishioners that money collected to do the good work of the church will not be used to settle lawsuits from victims of clergy abuse.  It was meant to reassure catholics that they should continue to give generously.

My deceased father-in-law was a true believer and a good catholic.  That was his prerogative. 

Mine is to dispute anything the catholic church has to say about their righteousness, their holiness, and their fiscal state.  There is too much blood on their hands, which is why they need all those fancy robes to hide them in.

I say the catholic church should give away their priceless art collection to the victims of clergy abuse.  Let these sinful masqueraders get down on their knees and pray for redemption of their heinous crimes.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Integrity-Laden Scott Walker

Anytime anyone (especially a politician) talks about being a person with integrity, I am immediately suspicious.  Integrity speaks for itself via action.  If a person needs to talk about their immense level of integrity, generally, there are no actions backing it up.

Scott Walker says he has nothing to worry about regarding a current John Doe investigation because he lives by high standards.  I beg to differ.  He might have obtained an Eagle Scout certification, but his thirst for power has clouded his judgment everyday he's been in office, anywhere.

Walker is attempting to cast doubt on news reports regarding the investigation being conducted by the Milwaukee county district attorney's office.  Well, that's a political move we would expect from someone who indeed might have something to hide. 

Personally, I am enjoying Scott Walker's descent into the spotlight of stinking politics.  It couldn't happen to a more deserving idiot.  After all, he seems to have paid off one of his top administrators with a high-paying state job, er, state job that he turned into a high paying political appointment.  Such integrity! 

All of this aside, Scott Walker is looking more like the persona he actually is (non grata) and less like a leader every hour he spends as Governor.  To all of you absolute morons who voted this yokel into office, how does it feel to be thought of as the most ignorant group of people in the United States?  Those of us who actually have integrity are appalled, but enjoying the show, nonetheless.  Walker will go down and the rest of us are all happy to see it happen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Am I Worried?

Well, here I am in Milwaukee, where our neighbors just got burglarized for the second time this month.  Fortunately, the cops got the thieves riding our neighbor's stolen scooter while carrying a flat screen television.  Gees.  All the real estate ads call our neighborhood "desirable".  Of course, they don't specify for whom.

And here I am in Wisconsin, where crooked politicians run roughshod over ordinary people trying to live decent lives.  John Doe investigation or not, I'm stuck in the land of secret proceedings and under educated scoundrels brought to me by local elections.

As if that weren't enough, a bunch of missile launchers has gone missing in Libya, probably now in the hands of terrorists.  Funny, if the United States hadn't manufactured and shipped this stuff to Libya, maybe I wouldn't have to worry whether or not the airlines will put million dollar missile deflectors on each wide-body aircraft. 

I feel like I'm living in an insane asylum.  And I am worried.  I have grandchildren who will inherit this giant pile of dog $hit we call a country.   What can we do?  We had better start thinking about it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Cullen Worried?

Not anymore.  He's been granted immunity for his testimony in the John Doe investigation into campaign, uh, dishonesty? irregularities? fraud?.... by his boss, Scott Walker.  No one knows, really, what it's all about.  Since a John Doe investigation is secret, I guess we'll all have to wait for indictments to come down before we know with any certainty just how rancid the Walker administration is.

I believe the target of the John Doe is none other than that slick talking, oil can Harry of an s.o.b. known as Scott Walker. 

Here I thought I was going to have to wait until 2012 for the recall of one of the worst politicians in United States history.  Perhaps not.

Oh sweet day! 

One thing is certain, Scott Walker appears to be breaking a bit of a sweat lately on camera.  And of course, there is no comment from either him or his political allies.  Lying and much more difficult these days for the Walker administration locally, and the GOP nationally.  Is the tide of political insanity finally turning? 

Can we take back all that has been taken from us by a bunch of stinking crooks?  Here's hoping.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Failure to Gauge How Outraged We Are!

I smiled and laughed to myself when I saw a blurb on the news this morning about republican law makers being angry and upset that some protesters follow them with cameras.  Poor Robin Voss got a beer poured over his head, and now he wants blood, er, justice.  Yes, Robin Voss!  That was a terrible waste of beer and an injustice to alcoholics everywhere.  I am in complete agreement.

What amazes me is that these people, who decimate the working class and the common rights of everyday folk, have failed to recognize just how pissed off the working class actually is.

My guess, (and of course, it all depends on the future politics of Wisconsin and the recall of Governor-Eject Scott Walker), is that these lawmakers who have toyed with the rights of all of us haven't got a clue just how bad things can get when people get trampled.  Especially American people.  After all, we are the most violent nation on the planet. 

So, the unfortunate beer spilling incident, as nasty as it looks right now, will appear quite benign at some point in the not so distant future.

Saddle, up pardners.......the wild west is coming back BIG TIME.  What else can we expect if these lawmakers want to take our nation 100 years into the past?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is Eric Cantor a Rat-Swallowing Alien?

I received an e-mail from the League of Conservation Voters, informing me that they are fighting against an unprecedented assault on our nation's bedrock environmental laws.  Congressional lawmakers aligned with corporate special interest groups like the oil and coal industry are fighting tooth-and-nail to gut vital environmental safeguards.  Can you say WE Energy Whores?

Even though the U.S. House has already taken over 100 anti-environment votes this year, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor recently outlined a "jobs agenda" that takes aim at a dozen clean air protections, including stripping the Clean Air Act's ability to protect public health from toxic air pollution.  What's even more astounding is that Representative Cantor seems to think eliminating protections for public health and the environment is a silver bullet for job creation as seven of his top 10 legislative targets for repeal are clean air safeguards.

This leads me to believe that Erick Cantor is inhuman.  Perhaps all tea bags are inhuman, intent on destroying planet earth in some strange alien warfare that involves political override.  We need to rip their human suits off them.  So let's get a cam crew on Eric Cantor and follow him around.  I bet he swallows rats whole with a hinged like jaw, and scurries through D.C. alleyways looking for bugs and anything slimy to eat.  These predators seem to thrive on disgusting water, brown air and toxins.  If we clean up the planet, we'll rid ourselves of this extraterrestrial vermin. 

I've got a jobs agenda too.  All tea bags will be digging graves for the rest of us, whom they've killed, with their blind and utterly insane anti-planet policies.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Class Warfare?

OMG!!!!!   Paul Ryan (and we all know what a font of disintelligence spouts there)  has claimed that raising taxes and fairly taxing millionaires and billionaires is a form of class warfare. 

Education cuts, most notably on inner city schools and the poor children who attend.  Not class warfare?

Health Care only for those who can afford the premiums.  Not class warfare?

Dissolution of labor union contracts for public employees.  Not class warfare?

The list is endless.

I've basically had it with Republicans and their propagandized version of a working democracy, i.e., complete totalitarianism by the corporate giants who run this country.  The Nazi's also engaged in this type of propaganda behavior ...... calling the other side exactly what the Nazi's themselves were.  Gluttonous, hateful pigs who were going to destroy the country. 

Take back the country.  Take back the money the rich have stolen from you.  In fact, let's make it so f*cking difficult for the rich to live here that they'll all have to move.  Maybe then the United States of America can regain credibility as a nation.  Class warfare?  I think the Republicans had better take a long hard look at what that actually entails.  No one seems to learn anything from history, which is why it continually repeats itself. 


Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Cullen Weary?

FBI raids Cynthia Archer's Madison home.  Archer denies any wrongdoing.

Scott Walker's spokesman, Cullen Werwie said he has "no comment".  Second day in a row Cullen Werwie says he has "no comment".

The Governor has not made a comment.

Journalism 101.  When you are Scott Walker's spokesman, you ought to be able to come up with something better than "no comment".  Then again, this is Scott Walker we're talking about, so "no comment" is to err on the side of plausible communication.

Politics 101.  Stand by your political allies.

Being spokesman for Governor-Eject Scott Walker has to be an enormously difficult job......sort of like being the calorie counter/nutritionist for the fat lady at the circus.  You want to maintain the freakdom of your sideshow, but you don't want to put her into carbohydrate cardiac arrest.

By the by, Cynthia Archer is burning her banked sick leave, but she didn't look too sick on her impromptu television spots.  I guess she's sick at heart at being the scapegoat of Scott Walker's less than legitimate administration.  Can't say I blame her.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scott Walker's Hypocrisy

The FBI has raided the home of a former top Scott Walker administrator, who followed him to Madison into yet another high-paying state position (better still than the county position she held), removing computers and other materials.  The FBI is not commenting on what they're looking for.

Speculation is that Scott Walker and his top administrators spent an awful lot of Milwaukee County taxpayer dollars campaigning for his gubernatorial election when they should have been accomplishing Milwaukee County business.

Scott Walker has paid the law firm of Michael, Best & Friedrich around $60,000 thus far, defending himself against.....something? 

There is an ongoing John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County probing the possible misuse of time and money by Scott Walker and his right wing crusading hacks.  Since John Doe investigations are secret, again, I am speculating.

For a raging tea bag like Scott Walker, who blazed into the Milwaukee County Courthouse screaming about inefficiency and taxpayer waste, we are all in wonderment at his "above it all" attitude.  Scott Walker destroyed union bargaining in Milwaukee County during his tenure, giving nothing to workers who had not had a raise, some for upwards of eight years.  Mr. Walker than destroyed the security team at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, replacing them with private workers.  This action cost Milwaukee County hundreds of thousands of dollars when the courts decided Mr. Walker overstepped and the workers had to be reinstated, with back pay.  These are just a few examples of Mr. Walker's inability to lead.

In short, Mr. Walker now seems to have been caught in illegal campaign activities that will ultimately cost Milwaukee County taxpayers another outrageous fortune.  Mr. Walker, and all tea bags, seem to believe that they are above the law, and any means justify their personal ends.

This is proof positive that a person with a rabid and radical agenda just does not have the intelligence to govern.  I hope you're listening Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and Sarah Palin.  I guess I've always known that the tea bag movement would ultimately destroy itself by their sheer ignorance and audacity. 

Fellow Wisconsinites, our time will come to kick the giant a$$ of the hopeless moron who sits in the Capitol as our governor, right out of politics.  Get angry.  Get moving.  Get Walker.  Get Happy.