Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ssshhhhhh! John Doe in Progress

Today, The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel reports that another person has been called in to testify before a grand jury investigating, well, no one is exactly sure what, but I'm guessing campaign irregularities in Scott Walker's gubernatorial race.

This person wants his identity kept secret, in these secret proceedings, but that is not going to be allowed.  We're all anxious to find out who this latest witness is.

I am really hoping that indictments are handed down exactly one month before the recall election of Scott Walker.  This will give the democrats plenty of time to mount an ad campaign to insure a victory.  I don't think all the money in the Koch brothers coffers could help Scott Walker, if that scenario were to play out.  A true example of "cash ain't nothin' but trash". 

Has there ever been a political arena as fraught with dangerous and despicable behaviors as republican politics in Wisconsin is right now?  Scott Walker appears to be the state version of Richard M. Nixon.  I'm doubtful that any politician has caused as much dissent or disillusion as Scott Walker has caused.  But I'm also hopeful that this state where I live will indeed show itself to be honorable and fully enmeshed in democracy.  We are Wisconsin and we are determined to fix this mess brought to us by the GOP, the uber-rich and the ultra-ignorant.

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