Friday, December 30, 2011

Duplicate Signatures on Recall Walker Petitions

It is now up to a Waukesha County judge to determine whose responsibility it is to check recall petitions for invalid signatures.

Why does this need to happen?  The recall process is clearly spelled out in Wisconsin Statutes, it is the responsibility of the person being recalled.  Why go to court?

But, we're talking about Scott Walker, so anything he can do to delay, impede, or destroy the recall process will be done. 

Scott Walker is a totalitarian governor masquerading in a democracy.  He reminds me of Hitler.  He should grow a mustache.  

As for Waukesha County rendering an honest opinion on this matter.......not BLOODY likely.

And if I see the Walker's television ad one more time; pretending to serve up food to actors pretending to be homeless at a soup kitchen, I sincerely will start screaming. I think the food is even pretend, it doesn't look edible.  If the Walkers are really interested in moving Wisconsin forward, they will pack their bags and leave.  The Clampetts have taken over the governor's mansion.  Possum is on the Christmas menu.  Maybe that's what the Walker's are serving up.

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