Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nuttin' to Worry 'Bout

Scott Walker says he has nothing to worry about regarding the secret John Doe investigation into campaign irregularities (supposedly - no one is sure yet what this investigation is looking at or where it will ultimately go).  Mr. Walker states that he has nothing to fear because he lives by the highest standards, given to him by his mom and pop.

Sheesh!  Ma & Pa Walker also gave Scotty Boy his intellect, and there's certainly plenty to worry about there.  Let's not forget that bald spot, also inherited.  Lazy eye?  Greasy palms?  No clue into how stupid he actually looks and sounds?

At any rate, an inherited moral code?  If Scott Walker is going to say his high standards are reflective of the manner in which his parents raised him, well, call me skeptical, but Scott Walker wouldn't know a high standard if it smacked him in the face.   Hard to imagine Scott Walker's parents being as dense and morally depraved as he is, especially in view of their religiosity.  Oh well.  Warren Jeffs is religious too, there in his prison cell serving time for sexually abusing underage females.  Religiosity.  Not necessarily a call to honor.

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