Saturday, December 3, 2011

Herman Cain Says Goodbye

Herman Cain has suspended his presidential campaign. 

Oh well.

Note to future presidential candidates:

If you have had an extramarital affair, have sexually harassed someone, financially supported a woman not you wife, and/or paid out money to silence someone about your misdeeds, you are going to have to deal with the mistrust the American public will ultimately feel for you.  Newt, are you listening?

At any rate, we have one contender down in a field that is looking more and more like a Ringling Brothers Clown School roster than a presidential slate.  Good. 

I've been a little disappointed in President Obama --- I believe he's very intelligent and has excellent ideas, but he could have benefited from a little street tough charisma.  The republican party, the party fully engaged in trying to destroy democracy, has run roughshod over President Obama, and he has not defended himself or the values he holds dear.  He is, however, a diplomat and has tried, honestly, to work with republicans.  That is sort of like trying to work with the lion you have been fed to. 

In the overall scheme of things, though, Obama is still our best bet, still democracy's best bet, still America's best bet.  Maybe he will come out swinging once he is elected to his second term.  All Americans who have watched his first term and the tremendous number of difficulties handed him by George Dubya, feel very strongly that it's time for the kid gloves to come off.  I believe Obama has a great sucker punch in him, and I can't wait for the day he delivers it to the GOP, the uber-rich, and the 1%.  Never has a group of people most sincerely had it coming! 

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