Monday, December 12, 2011

What Does The U.S.A. Need in a Leader?

Watching the GOP presidential debate turned out to be less comical and more concerning than I thought it would be.  The slate of candidates who all covet the job as most powerful political person in the world leave so much to be desired, both as politicians and as a human beings.

There were a few good points made.  For example, Ron Paul actually addressed the fact that we need to stop going to war.  If we did that one simple thing, we would actually never be in a budget deficit again.  So he gets that.  But he doesn't get much else.  I found it refreshing to hear someone actually say - cut defense spending!!!!

Michele Bachman says that cutting out the EPA and Obama care is all we need to do for our economy.  Excuse me?  Clean air and clean water will always be fundamental in a list of needs Americans actually have.  Health care for everyone is not a dream - our neighbors in Canada do just fine with it.  It's the profiteering insurance and drug companies who don't want this, and the pandering to big business that makes Michele Bachman little more than a street walker.

Newt Gingrich is the Walmart of politicians.  Let's get rid of child labor laws so poor kids can go to work cleaning the schools where the education system is utterly failing them.  Walmart is the single largest consumer of child labor in the world.  Newt Gingrich is Walmart, personified.

Romney also said something that made sense - government doesn't create jobs.  No kidding.

Newt Gingrich had the audacity to wink during Ron Paul's diatribe on his hypocrisy.  I believe it is absolutely true, Mr. Gingrich is indeed the poster boy of crony capitalism. 

Here's a Romney gaff.  Let's leave health care up to the states.  Yeah.  Right.  Scott Walker has kicked so many people off health care benefits in the state of Wisconsin, and is still looking for reasons to kick more people off.  Obviously, if the state is run by a moron (and so many of them are), this is not a solution, unless you're thinking in terms of a final solution.

Frankly, the United States can't afford the hairspray for Michele Bachman.

None of these candidates impressed me as having the sense to run a 5th grades civics class, much less the largest free nation in the world.  But it all bodes well for Barack, who should remain in office and who should start planning to kick some old rich white man a$$ come 2013.

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