Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Russ Feingold Not Going To Be The Next Governor

Russ Feingold does not intend to run against Scott Walker in the recall election.  Sad news.  The day Russ Feingold was replaced in Washington D.C. by that utter horse's a$$, Ron Johnson, was a dark day for Wisconsin and for America. 

In the interview that aired today, however, Russ Feingold made the comment that to leave Scott Walker in office is dangerous.  How true, and this from someone who really knows what he's talking about.  Walker is a menace.  So are the people who voted him in.  Well, maybe they're less menacing and just truly ignorant, but whatever they are, they pose a threat to common, decent people.  And these mental giants all seem to live in Waukesha or Ozaukee County.  Well, at least we know where to round them up if the threat they pose becomes so serious, common, decent people decide to take the law into their own hands.  Much the way these oligarchy types have done. 

We no longer have elections in the United States.  We sell our legislative seats to the ass with the most money.  As if making money equated with intelligence.  Money as a benchmark for success I can understand, even if I don't agree with it.  But as a benchmark for intelligence, no F*CKING way in hell.  I have known a slew of very rich and entirely stupid men.  It's been my unfortunate fate. 

At any rate, we are moving toward the recall of the dangerous criminal known as Scott Walker here in Wisconsin.  After a year of watching a governor demoralize and destroy this state, we are all tired of the fight, tired of the lie, and tired of the constant assault on our people, our environment, our educational institutions and our basic rights that we are all guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.  I'm tired.  I'm sick and tired of toilet politics.  Mostly, I'm sick and tired of the people who take this country down to black, cold depths through their ignorance, their incompetence and their lack of insight.

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