Monday, December 19, 2011


I just can't help myself, when I see Scott Walker on television espousing on one thing or another, it just makes me laugh.

Today was no exception.

Here is Scott Walker, explaining why he filed a lawsuit in Waukesha (sucks so bad) County, demanding that the Government Accountability Board take responsibility for the integrity of the recall petition signatures.  He said he wants to preserve the integrity of the process.

Number One.  What the F*ck would Scott Walker know about integrity, and for that matter, what would Waukesha (sucks so bad) County know about adjudicating anything fairly.

Number Two.  Scott Walker is determined to continue with his underhanded, dirty politics and pull out every stop, legal or illegal, to dissuade the citizens of Wisconsin from kicking his sorry a$$ out of the governor's mansion.

Scott Walker is starting to sweat.  He looks like Paris Hilton in a scrabble tournament.  Woo Hoo, we're getting to this complete idiot, one signature at a time.

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