Monday, October 31, 2011

Alien Intervention

I think that the only possible thing that can save this planet is alien intervention by a higher intelligence species able to time warp.  We really need to get the monkey out.

We have people who want to be our leaders who come right out and say they don't believe in global warming or that it is caused by CO2 emissions.  Leaders. 

Here is my 21st Century Prayer:

Help Me Alien, For I'm Enslaved by the Sincerely Stupid.

Today, Planet Earth reached  a population of 7 billion people, but we have our religious leaders forbidding contraception and our political leaders banning abortion. 

Help Me Alien, For I'm Enslaved by a Misogynist Group of Short-sighted men and even dumber women who want to save fetuses while trampling on the people they become, once born.  Why is a fetus more important than a birthed individual?  Why is it okay to torture human beings, but not okay to abort a fetus?  What is this preoccupation with a fetus?  Who are these uterine police?  Where is the justice for an individual born to a mother who can't support it outside the womb?  Help Me Alien!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amerika ---- Living in the Land of the Dumb, Dumber and Too Dumb to Rank

An interesting conversation with someone who is middle class, who defended the 1%, saying they worked hard for their money, and asking me "don't you take advantage of every tax loophole and law passed, too?".

I had to remind him that these laws were not passed, they were bought, at terrible expense to the working class.  He said elections were the people's voice.  I said, elections are bought as well.

This is the trouble with America.  Because the middle class is revolting against the policies of the uber-rich, we're thought of as jealous of that class of people, and we're reminded that we, too, can attain that level of life here in free America if we just work hard enough.  Never mind there aren't any jobs to be found.

Joke is on you if you believe that line of bull$hit.

What is happening in mainstream America today is an absolute breakdown of intellectualism.  Well, who can afford an education, I guess.  But self-taught has always been free.  Americans are lazy.  Americans won't believe anything they don't want to believe.  Americans think they are living a fine life in the greatest country on the planet.  That myth is self-perpetuating by the 1% who need you to believe it to keep you here, enslaved by them.

I see revolution on the horizon, and the winds of it cool my spirit.  No revolution is without sacrifice, blood sacrifice at that.  But we've been sacrificing our sons and daughters for generations to fight bloody, useless wars over silly things like politics and oil so the rich could get richer.  At least this revolution will have some meaning. 

It's time to take back America.  At any cost.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Proof Positive that Governor-Eject Scott Walker is a Hopeless Moron

Under a policy being developed by Governor-Eject Scott Walker, the public will be able to carry guns into most parts of the state Capitol. 


Oil Can Scotty is complete bamboozled by his power trip and the back-clapping 1% who tout his accomplishments, which really aren't accomplishments at all, but questionably legitimate actions that are rolling the state back to the days of the wild, wild west. 

Let's just say, for obvious reasons, Scott Walker should not promote gun-slinging people (who may carry a grudge) into the Capitol.  But, as his ego is as large as his bald spot, Scott Walker can't see the danger in this.  He likes the fantasy of the NRA, that we'll all be safe if we're allowed to carry guns. 

I've written before about gun violence in the United States.  Deaths by this violence have become white noise in our society, given little attention and accepted as part of who we are.

Is this who we are?  Is this who are leaders should be?

Frankly, if I was Scott Walker, I'd be shaking in my Florsheims.  For all the rich who support him, there is a large group that thinks of him as a menace to all that is decent.  I'm one of them.  I won't ever pack a gun or try to carry it into a public building, but I know, with certainty, there are plenty of people who will.  Some of them won't like Scott Walker.  Passing this kind of policy threatens everyone.  It promotes gun violence.  Is Scott Walker an idiot?  Methinks so.

I gave a contribution to the Scott Walker recall effort this week after Russ Feingold solicited me to do so.  My message to all Wisconsinites ---- support the recall of Scott Walker by giving $5.  It's a small donation, but it might just save you thousands.  And it just might save some lives.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are the 1% all Sue Sachdeva's?

I read with sadness that the Koss Corporation's insurer will have to pay $1,000,000 to shareholders because of Sue Sachdeva's dishonesty, and the company's failure to have proper financial controls in place.  It's good the investors will get some of their money back, but I believe there is a bigger lesson here.

Does Sue Sachdeva represent the behavior of the 1% of wealthy Americans?  It certainly would seem to. 

Sue Sachdeva was the ultimate consumer, amassing material things to the extent she had to rent storage facilities to keep it all.  Buy Buy Buy.  Steal Steal Steal.  Have Have Have.  More More More.

Sue Sachdeva obviously had a compulsive shopping addiction and an unquenchable thirst for other people's money.  Sound familiar?

Does anyone miss Sue Sachdeva, now that she's serving an eleven year term in a federal prison?  I hardly think so.  She obviously was so enmeshed in her own mental illness and outrageous behaviors that she couldn't have been much of a wife, mother, or, as luck would have it, employee.

It begs the question.  Would anyone actually miss the 1% of our population who have done exactly what Sue Sachdeva did?  I know I wouldn't.  Can't we build an island for these people somewhere and ship them off.  The Isle of Stolen Dreams.  All Wall Street workers and bankers would love it.  It would be just one big high end shopping mall.  Cartier, Chanel, Hermes.  Every so often, we could ship in a boatload of Haitians who could pose as unsuspecting Americans who think their money is safe with this band of island crooks.  They could be fleeced and f*cked over, and sent back to Haiti, no worse for wear.  Wouldn't our country be better without this 1% element?  I know society in Wisconsin is better off without Sue Sachdeva.

Get rid of the 1%.  NOW!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ron Johnson

I read with disgust the news that Ron Johnson's family trust had recently purchased a million dollar plus townhouse for him in Washington D.C. 

Ron Johnson.  Elected to a senate seat formerly held by Russ Feingold.  Ron Johnson.  A raging right wing millionaire who has absolutely no clue whatsoever about this country and the great people who suffer under its unfair politics.

Ron Johnson.

I can only hope that Ron Johnson's new digs is mostly made up of bathrooms (high end, of course).  This guy is so full of $hit, he'll need them.  I guess he plans to be in Washington for awhile.  I wonder how much money he'll pay (oops - his wife's daddy will pay) for his next term?

People of Wisconsin who voted this yokel into office - hang your heads in shame.  Once you pull them out of your stupid arses.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Republican Misogynists

In 48 hours during the week of October 17, 2011, Republicans have:

1.  Held a public hearing on SB273 to repeal the Health Youth Act.
2.  Passed SB92 to ban insurance coverage for abortion.
3.  Scheduled a vote on AJR 34 to honor crisis pregnancy centers.
4.  Introduced LRB 2284 to ban Wisconsin Well Woman Program funds.
5.  Introduced LRB 2859 to legally define "personhood" from the moment of fertilization, and outlaw all abortions in Wisconsin.
6.  Held public hearings on the proposed Badger Care cuts, the program which provides health coverage to Wisconsin's poor.

Come on.  We're in the middle of the worst economic crisis in the history of the world, and these misogynists are focusing on eliminating health care to women and the poor? How is that helping anything?

The way Republicans approach these issues is horrific, racist, sexist and mind boggling.  It speaks to their tyranny against the working class.  I have my own agenda.  Mandatory castration for all registered male republicans so they can't propagate their mindless policies to the detriment of women and children.  Tubal ligation for all women republicans.   Frontal lobotomies, free of charge, to this class of very dangerous and very sick people.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Randy Hopper

Mr. Randy Hopper, the republican senator from Oshkosh who was recalled in the Wisconsin stinky pot of politics, was arrested yesterday for drunk driving.

What can we assume from this?

That Mr. Hopper has very poor judgment in that he chose to have almost twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system and get behind the wheel of a car?  Come on.  We knew he had bad judgment the minute he voted with Scott Walker to destroy collective bargaining. 

On the squad videotape of his arrest, Mr. Hopper tries to get out of trouble by telling the officer that he wrote the legislation that equipped police forces with tasers.  Republicans are always trying to bribe and finagle their way out of or into things.  They do this because they lack the intelligence to resolve issues fairly.  Or they're just stupid.  At any rate, if I had been the arresting officer, I'd have tasered his a$$ right then.

I know anyone can make a mistake.  But a mistake like driving drunk is just too big a mistake, and I don't care if he shows his sorrowful face on camera tomorrow and apologizes for his moronic behavior.  The fact is he was observed crossing the center line on a major highway numerous times and he is very lucky he didn't kill anyone.

It is too bad that there isn't any legislation against running a government body while completely clueless.  That's a law Wisconsin needs right now. 

Since Oil Can Scotty is off the radar now, I can only assume he's gearing up for some new crap that the wealthy and powerful are scheming.  He's such a pawn. 

But take heart, Randy Hopper was gotten rid of.  Let's just hope he stays at home and drinks.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Is Sheriff Clarke?

There are articles in The Milwaukee Journal today regarding Sheriff Clarke's personal management style, and his actual role in public safety.  It is interesting to note that Sheriff Clarke's enormous ego seems to stand in his way at every step.

Sheriff Clarke recently lost a discrimination battle with a Milwaukee County deputy sheriff, who happens to be active in the union.  Sheriff Clarke was compared to Idi Amin of Uganda, a bully and completely combative.    The State ruling said the Sheriff "bore animus" and discriminated against the deputy during the dispute.

Sheriff Clarke seems to promote and enjoy a hostile work environment.  He fails to understand that his major role is that of providing detention services and patrolling highways, not law enforcement.  But Sheriff Clarke doesn't like being a fancy pants jailer, he wants to be, well, Idi Amin.

Let's examine another story that shows who Sheriff Clarke really is.  Driving home from work one snowy, wintry day, Sheriff Clarke sees a stranded motorist on an off ramp, and good samaritan like, pushes his car to the side of the road.  He radios for help.  Another deputy shows up to assist, and promptly arrests the stranded motorist for drunk driving.  There were open alcohol containers strewn about the motorists car and he failed a field sobriety test.

Guess who ended up in the disciplinary process?  Yup.  Sheriff Clarke went after the deputy because she "embarrassed" him by arresting a motorist he had assisted.  Like Scott Walker, Sheriff Clarke fails to see that he embarrassed himself.  So he bullies his way out of it.

Sheriff Clarke has an ego not unlike Scott Walker, and somewhat the same personal agenda......big fancy pants to cover up what little is going on upstairs. 

I hope the people of Milwaukee County will remember that Sheriff Clarke is little more than Fancy Pants next time an election rolls around.  He cannot do the job of leading a law enforcement team because he cannot earn the respect of any members on that team.  It is a sad day when our leaders are such dolts, but then, Welcome to Amerika.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Scott Walker seems to have slipped off the radar of the public eye.

That doesn't mean he isn't busy enacting ridiculous laws, like his concealed carry legislation.  I can't wait to step out of my door on November 1st and start dodging bullets from Americans (not necessarily known for their wisdom or discretion) who are now legally allowed to pack their pistols right next to their unpacked heads.

Here in Wisconsin, though, its interesting to note that Walker seems to have dropped out of sight.  Could this possibly signal some event on the horizon tied in with the John Doe investigation here in Milwaukee?  One can only hope that Scott Walker's unfamiliarity with all things legitimate will be his final undoing.  Well, when you lie down with dogs......

Ignorance may be no excuse, but stupid is a character trait we should not be revering in our elected officials.  As Mrs. Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does."

Jeff Fitzgerald of the infamous Fitzgerald brothers of the Wisconsin statehouse, will run for Senator Herb Kohl's seat.  One word of advice to Jeff your money.  There may still be many voting idiots living in Wisconsin, but not enough to elect you to anything.  Tammy Baldwin will certainly win that election.  The only thing Jeff Fitzgerald can win is contempt and disdain from thoughtful Wisconsinites.  If he had a clue, he'd know that.

Oh, if I only had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future of Wisconsin politics.  Would I like what I see?  Would you?  Here's a heads up.  You don't need a crystal ball.  Just stay active in the Wisconsin political arena, and rise up to recall Scott Walker, if the clueless wonder hasn't completely undone himself.  That possibility is entirely likely.  The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they turn.  We can only hope.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recalling Scott Walker

Recall efforts will begin for Scott Walker on November 15, 2011, setting Wisconsin up for a year of expensive political battles

SO, when someone contacts you about signing a recall petition to oust Scott Walker, SIGN IT!

If you need encouragement:

Scott Walker is believed to be able to raise $70,000,000 to defend himself in the recall election.

$70,000,000 that a bunch of greed driven anti-American f*ckheads will donate to a naturally lobotomized s.o.b. who managed to fool enough gullible, anti-American-value voters into electing him governor.  If Scott Walker is capable of raising this kind of money, why didn't he just ASK the greed pigs to send him money to close the deficit in Wisconsin's budget.  Oh, the drama.  It would have been lost.  Oh, the chance to kick a poor person in the mouth......gone!  Oh, the opportunity to shaft the working class heros who pay all the taxes.....missed. 

Does anyone remember the movie "Being There" starring Peter Sellers as an affable if somewhat dimly lit, feeble-minded gardener who manages to convince the American public into electing him president, through no real effort on his part, but rather by a giant political machine.  The machine translates everything the idiot gardener says about planting seeds and tending flowers into political genius.  The machine takes this simple man and with power and money, makes him an intellectual media hero.

Wisconsin is life imitating art. 

All I can say is we don't need a nit wit in the governor's office.   I'd rather have Chase, the gardener, running the show in Madison than that horse's ARSE who sits in the office now.  A developmentally disabled person would be a step up from Oil Can Scotty.  No.....not quite true......a whole flight of stairs up.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

True Religion

Today was a beautiful autumn day in Wisconsin, warm and balmy, with the golds, reds, and oranges of the trees perfectly illuminated by a cloudless sky.  There is a carpet of red, green and gold on the ground.  If nothing else, it is a perfect landscape painting, far more beautiful than anything ever painted in a gallery.  And I own it.  In this moment in time, I own this beauty.  True Religion!

I spent the entire weekend putzing around my kitchen preparing some nice dishes for a lunch I hosted with some very old (by that I mean I've known them for a long time) and wonderful girlfriends.  The lunch turned out perfectly; maybe it was because the day was so perfect, or maybe it was all the love that went into the preparation; whatever it was, the culinary treat was second only to the wonderful conversation that was effortless and meaningful, deep and respectful, open and honest.  To have friends like these in my house, that is true religion.  That is a true gift. 

Religion is not something one needs to seek in an "ism", religion is how we feel about life, love, how forgiving we are of people who have treated us poorly and how much love we recognize we have to give.  Most importantly, how do we feel about who we are.  If you feel great about it, you have a true religion.  Keep up the good work. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Good Defnition of Christianity

The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

Makes perfect sense.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sheriff Clarke's Panties in a Bundle Over Failed Complaint

Sheriff Clarke, the megalomaniac who runs the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, is upset that a judicial process for reviewing complaints against judges has been dismissed.  Sheriff Clarke had, for those of you who don't watch this guy closely (and you should), entered into a pi$$ing contest with a Circuit Court Judge, and ultimately found out just where he sits on the authoritarian hierarchy.  That is to say, he found out he is somewhat lower than a judge.

That must have been a huge blow to Sheriff Clarke's larger than life ego, and he's mad as hell. 

When a politician has massive ego needs that supersede the needs of the public he is supposed to serve, it is time for him to retire.  Please Sheriff Clarke, retire.  You can't defy the department budget and you can't defy the judiciary.  When you are denied anything, you seem to come down on the very people who serve you, and serve you well, despite their own opinions of what kind of leader you are.  Milwaukeeans are starting to share the opinion of deputies and staff --- who the HELL do you think you are?  You embarrass yourself, Sheriff Clarke, and then you discipline people who expose your incompetency.  It's time for you to go.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Let there be no mistake about it. This is Wisconsin's Championship Season.  Yes --- THAT Championship Season.  (That of which we shall not speak, and those who will not be spoken of.)

So be alert.  We ARE Wisconsin.  We are awesome.  AND we WILL kick Scott Walker's tight a$$ right out of Madison  come 2012.  Our Championship Season is here to stay!  This Season!  It is OURS.