Thursday, October 27, 2011

Proof Positive that Governor-Eject Scott Walker is a Hopeless Moron

Under a policy being developed by Governor-Eject Scott Walker, the public will be able to carry guns into most parts of the state Capitol. 


Oil Can Scotty is complete bamboozled by his power trip and the back-clapping 1% who tout his accomplishments, which really aren't accomplishments at all, but questionably legitimate actions that are rolling the state back to the days of the wild, wild west. 

Let's just say, for obvious reasons, Scott Walker should not promote gun-slinging people (who may carry a grudge) into the Capitol.  But, as his ego is as large as his bald spot, Scott Walker can't see the danger in this.  He likes the fantasy of the NRA, that we'll all be safe if we're allowed to carry guns. 

I've written before about gun violence in the United States.  Deaths by this violence have become white noise in our society, given little attention and accepted as part of who we are.

Is this who we are?  Is this who are leaders should be?

Frankly, if I was Scott Walker, I'd be shaking in my Florsheims.  For all the rich who support him, there is a large group that thinks of him as a menace to all that is decent.  I'm one of them.  I won't ever pack a gun or try to carry it into a public building, but I know, with certainty, there are plenty of people who will.  Some of them won't like Scott Walker.  Passing this kind of policy threatens everyone.  It promotes gun violence.  Is Scott Walker an idiot?  Methinks so.

I gave a contribution to the Scott Walker recall effort this week after Russ Feingold solicited me to do so.  My message to all Wisconsinites ---- support the recall of Scott Walker by giving $5.  It's a small donation, but it might just save you thousands.  And it just might save some lives.

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