Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Randy Hopper

Mr. Randy Hopper, the republican senator from Oshkosh who was recalled in the Wisconsin stinky pot of politics, was arrested yesterday for drunk driving.

What can we assume from this?

That Mr. Hopper has very poor judgment in that he chose to have almost twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system and get behind the wheel of a car?  Come on.  We knew he had bad judgment the minute he voted with Scott Walker to destroy collective bargaining. 

On the squad videotape of his arrest, Mr. Hopper tries to get out of trouble by telling the officer that he wrote the legislation that equipped police forces with tasers.  Republicans are always trying to bribe and finagle their way out of or into things.  They do this because they lack the intelligence to resolve issues fairly.  Or they're just stupid.  At any rate, if I had been the arresting officer, I'd have tasered his a$$ right then.

I know anyone can make a mistake.  But a mistake like driving drunk is just too big a mistake, and I don't care if he shows his sorrowful face on camera tomorrow and apologizes for his moronic behavior.  The fact is he was observed crossing the center line on a major highway numerous times and he is very lucky he didn't kill anyone.

It is too bad that there isn't any legislation against running a government body while completely clueless.  That's a law Wisconsin needs right now. 

Since Oil Can Scotty is off the radar now, I can only assume he's gearing up for some new crap that the wealthy and powerful are scheming.  He's such a pawn. 

But take heart, Randy Hopper was gotten rid of.  Let's just hope he stays at home and drinks.

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