Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are the 1% all Sue Sachdeva's?

I read with sadness that the Koss Corporation's insurer will have to pay $1,000,000 to shareholders because of Sue Sachdeva's dishonesty, and the company's failure to have proper financial controls in place.  It's good the investors will get some of their money back, but I believe there is a bigger lesson here.

Does Sue Sachdeva represent the behavior of the 1% of wealthy Americans?  It certainly would seem to. 

Sue Sachdeva was the ultimate consumer, amassing material things to the extent she had to rent storage facilities to keep it all.  Buy Buy Buy.  Steal Steal Steal.  Have Have Have.  More More More.

Sue Sachdeva obviously had a compulsive shopping addiction and an unquenchable thirst for other people's money.  Sound familiar?

Does anyone miss Sue Sachdeva, now that she's serving an eleven year term in a federal prison?  I hardly think so.  She obviously was so enmeshed in her own mental illness and outrageous behaviors that she couldn't have been much of a wife, mother, or, as luck would have it, employee.

It begs the question.  Would anyone actually miss the 1% of our population who have done exactly what Sue Sachdeva did?  I know I wouldn't.  Can't we build an island for these people somewhere and ship them off.  The Isle of Stolen Dreams.  All Wall Street workers and bankers would love it.  It would be just one big high end shopping mall.  Cartier, Chanel, Hermes.  Every so often, we could ship in a boatload of Haitians who could pose as unsuspecting Americans who think their money is safe with this band of island crooks.  They could be fleeced and f*cked over, and sent back to Haiti, no worse for wear.  Wouldn't our country be better without this 1% element?  I know society in Wisconsin is better off without Sue Sachdeva.

Get rid of the 1%.  NOW!

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