Monday, October 3, 2011

Sheriff Clarke's Panties in a Bundle Over Failed Complaint

Sheriff Clarke, the megalomaniac who runs the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department, is upset that a judicial process for reviewing complaints against judges has been dismissed.  Sheriff Clarke had, for those of you who don't watch this guy closely (and you should), entered into a pi$$ing contest with a Circuit Court Judge, and ultimately found out just where he sits on the authoritarian hierarchy.  That is to say, he found out he is somewhat lower than a judge.

That must have been a huge blow to Sheriff Clarke's larger than life ego, and he's mad as hell. 

When a politician has massive ego needs that supersede the needs of the public he is supposed to serve, it is time for him to retire.  Please Sheriff Clarke, retire.  You can't defy the department budget and you can't defy the judiciary.  When you are denied anything, you seem to come down on the very people who serve you, and serve you well, despite their own opinions of what kind of leader you are.  Milwaukeeans are starting to share the opinion of deputies and staff --- who the HELL do you think you are?  You embarrass yourself, Sheriff Clarke, and then you discipline people who expose your incompetency.  It's time for you to go.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.

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