Sunday, October 9, 2011

True Religion

Today was a beautiful autumn day in Wisconsin, warm and balmy, with the golds, reds, and oranges of the trees perfectly illuminated by a cloudless sky.  There is a carpet of red, green and gold on the ground.  If nothing else, it is a perfect landscape painting, far more beautiful than anything ever painted in a gallery.  And I own it.  In this moment in time, I own this beauty.  True Religion!

I spent the entire weekend putzing around my kitchen preparing some nice dishes for a lunch I hosted with some very old (by that I mean I've known them for a long time) and wonderful girlfriends.  The lunch turned out perfectly; maybe it was because the day was so perfect, or maybe it was all the love that went into the preparation; whatever it was, the culinary treat was second only to the wonderful conversation that was effortless and meaningful, deep and respectful, open and honest.  To have friends like these in my house, that is true religion.  That is a true gift. 

Religion is not something one needs to seek in an "ism", religion is how we feel about life, love, how forgiving we are of people who have treated us poorly and how much love we recognize we have to give.  Most importantly, how do we feel about who we are.  If you feel great about it, you have a true religion.  Keep up the good work. 

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