Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amerika ---- Living in the Land of the Dumb, Dumber and Too Dumb to Rank

An interesting conversation with someone who is middle class, who defended the 1%, saying they worked hard for their money, and asking me "don't you take advantage of every tax loophole and law passed, too?".

I had to remind him that these laws were not passed, they were bought, at terrible expense to the working class.  He said elections were the people's voice.  I said, elections are bought as well.

This is the trouble with America.  Because the middle class is revolting against the policies of the uber-rich, we're thought of as jealous of that class of people, and we're reminded that we, too, can attain that level of life here in free America if we just work hard enough.  Never mind there aren't any jobs to be found.

Joke is on you if you believe that line of bull$hit.

What is happening in mainstream America today is an absolute breakdown of intellectualism.  Well, who can afford an education, I guess.  But self-taught has always been free.  Americans are lazy.  Americans won't believe anything they don't want to believe.  Americans think they are living a fine life in the greatest country on the planet.  That myth is self-perpetuating by the 1% who need you to believe it to keep you here, enslaved by them.

I see revolution on the horizon, and the winds of it cool my spirit.  No revolution is without sacrifice, blood sacrifice at that.  But we've been sacrificing our sons and daughters for generations to fight bloody, useless wars over silly things like politics and oil so the rich could get richer.  At least this revolution will have some meaning. 

It's time to take back America.  At any cost.

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