Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recalling Scott Walker

Recall efforts will begin for Scott Walker on November 15, 2011, setting Wisconsin up for a year of expensive political battles

SO, when someone contacts you about signing a recall petition to oust Scott Walker, SIGN IT!

If you need encouragement:

Scott Walker is believed to be able to raise $70,000,000 to defend himself in the recall election.

$70,000,000 that a bunch of greed driven anti-American f*ckheads will donate to a naturally lobotomized s.o.b. who managed to fool enough gullible, anti-American-value voters into electing him governor.  If Scott Walker is capable of raising this kind of money, why didn't he just ASK the greed pigs to send him money to close the deficit in Wisconsin's budget.  Oh, the drama.  It would have been lost.  Oh, the chance to kick a poor person in the mouth......gone!  Oh, the opportunity to shaft the working class heros who pay all the taxes.....missed. 

Does anyone remember the movie "Being There" starring Peter Sellers as an affable if somewhat dimly lit, feeble-minded gardener who manages to convince the American public into electing him president, through no real effort on his part, but rather by a giant political machine.  The machine translates everything the idiot gardener says about planting seeds and tending flowers into political genius.  The machine takes this simple man and with power and money, makes him an intellectual media hero.

Wisconsin is life imitating art. 

All I can say is we don't need a nit wit in the governor's office.   I'd rather have Chase, the gardener, running the show in Madison than that horse's ARSE who sits in the office now.  A developmentally disabled person would be a step up from Oil Can Scotty.  No.....not quite true......a whole flight of stairs up.

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