Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Is Sheriff Clarke?

There are articles in The Milwaukee Journal today regarding Sheriff Clarke's personal management style, and his actual role in public safety.  It is interesting to note that Sheriff Clarke's enormous ego seems to stand in his way at every step.

Sheriff Clarke recently lost a discrimination battle with a Milwaukee County deputy sheriff, who happens to be active in the union.  Sheriff Clarke was compared to Idi Amin of Uganda, a bully and completely combative.    The State ruling said the Sheriff "bore animus" and discriminated against the deputy during the dispute.

Sheriff Clarke seems to promote and enjoy a hostile work environment.  He fails to understand that his major role is that of providing detention services and patrolling highways, not law enforcement.  But Sheriff Clarke doesn't like being a fancy pants jailer, he wants to be, well, Idi Amin.

Let's examine another story that shows who Sheriff Clarke really is.  Driving home from work one snowy, wintry day, Sheriff Clarke sees a stranded motorist on an off ramp, and good samaritan like, pushes his car to the side of the road.  He radios for help.  Another deputy shows up to assist, and promptly arrests the stranded motorist for drunk driving.  There were open alcohol containers strewn about the motorists car and he failed a field sobriety test.

Guess who ended up in the disciplinary process?  Yup.  Sheriff Clarke went after the deputy because she "embarrassed" him by arresting a motorist he had assisted.  Like Scott Walker, Sheriff Clarke fails to see that he embarrassed himself.  So he bullies his way out of it.

Sheriff Clarke has an ego not unlike Scott Walker, and somewhat the same personal agenda......big fancy pants to cover up what little is going on upstairs. 

I hope the people of Milwaukee County will remember that Sheriff Clarke is little more than Fancy Pants next time an election rolls around.  He cannot do the job of leading a law enforcement team because he cannot earn the respect of any members on that team.  It is a sad day when our leaders are such dolts, but then, Welcome to Amerika.

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