Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Zombies walk.  (Zombies were originally conjured by hoodoo practitioners - not infected by a virus).  Going to look for a few in New Orleans on Friday.

Ghosts Fly.  Anyone who has known me knows I lived in a house for a lot of years that had a ghost.  She was friendly and helpful, once she got used to us.

Witches are nothing more than women men are afraid have too much ..... whatever...... fill in the blank.

Vampires ---- come in all sizes and shapes.  And you're lucky if your blood is all they're after.

Mummies.  My favorite television episode was called "Mummie Daddy".  I can't even remember what stupid little Twilight Zone like show this was on, but it was just a great and fun 30 minute vignette.

Scariest Thing of All:  Mitch McConnell saying anything.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

If You Love Me, Kill Yourself!

That bastion of right wing political immorality, Paul Ryan, is now calling for the Health & Human Services Secretary to resign her position.

Why?  Because there are glitches in the software on the Affordable Health Care Act website.  So what?  Obviously, Paul Ryan has never implemented new software, or seen the difficulties in moving from a test prototype to a live-action program.

I'm betting Paul Ryan doesn't know what software is, how it's designed or what can go wrong.  Believe me; I once was part of a team that implemented new payroll software.  Everything can go wrong, and does go wrong, and eventually gets fixed.  But this is just one of many things to add to the ever growing list of items of which Paul Ryan is completely ignorant.

Here's an idea, Ryan.  Based on the republican mucking up of the works in Washington for the past several weeks, why don't you and your fellow air heads do the lemming thing.  Why don't you all jump off a cliff or drown yourselves in the interest of the American Public.  That's a resignation worth calling for, and a destiny most Americans can live with, for you and your unholy alliances.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bizarre People of Wisconsin

Ron Johnson, the republican senator who misrepresents Wisconsin in the Senate, doesn't believe in climate change.  Sun spots, he says.  This man has age spots on his brain matter.  There is so much scientific fact to debunk the sun spot myth, I can only surmise that people who insist on buying into that line of hysterical rationalization are scared to death to be intelligent.  This is a common curse in Wisconsin; a fear of intelligence.  One just needs to look at the political climate in that ice hole to figure that one out.

And Scott Walker, who thinks he skated away from a recall election and a John Doe investigation is now up to his a$$ in alligators with yet another John Doe investigation.  Since Scott is so stupid he can't figure much of anything out, let me use this forum to give him a head's up........there are people after you, Walker.  But go ahead, maintain your no comment status and your no action governorship.  The rug underneath you is ripe for pulling.  The very saddest part in all this is Scott Walker thinks he's presidential material.  In short, Scott Walker thinks all Wisconsinites are as dumb as he is.  I know several smart people in Wisconsin.  So there. 

And where's that pork-fed Jim Sensenbrenner  of late?  Usually his pig-like face would  have shown up all over the media in the Washington controversy and government shut down.  They must have had a three-for-one sale at Old Country Buffett on the beltline for the past few weeks.  Or he's on an alcohol binge again.

Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee County has also gone strangely silent since his public service announcement advising people to arm themselves as a better option than calling 9-1-1.  Apparently, those people in charge of his next campaign for office have told him to stifle himself.  For someone like Clarke, this is akin to telling dysentery patients to stop crapping themselves.  Yet, methinks I smell a little fear in Sheriff Clarke about losing a job he's ill-suited for.  Enough fear that he's bought 144 pairs of socks and stuffs a new one in his mouth every morning.

Well, who else can I pick on in Wisconsin?

Oh I suppose I'll just leave it be at three yokels with too much power for the good of themselves or their constituents. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Check is in the Mail

I agree completely with the rest of the country that John Boehner and Ted Cruz should foot the bill for the government shut down.

These yokels have cost American citizens beau coup bucks, and they should be made to cough up the cash or get the hell out of Washington.  Far worse, though, is the peace of mind these radical extremists, America's own Taliban, has robbed from the U.S. population.  We have no idea what will come out of their addled ideology next; but we do know that they have a proven capacity for mucking up the works. 

I'd say these two were behind the problems with Obamacare's website, but I cannot begin to believe that either one of them has an ounce of technical savvy.  I'd find it hard to accept that, working together, they could screw in a light bulb.  Yet, look what they managed to do.  Screw the entire population of the United States in two weeks.  They've run up the national debt by billions of dollars.  For the party that touts fiscal conservatism, this is more than ironic.  It's idiotic.

I remember when a picture of Osama bin Laden's face caused visceral reaction in most American citizens.  Boehner and Cruz have attained that status, too, judging by the derogatory items in my inbox, sent everyday by concerned citizens.  Oh well, it's Sunday, and I'm supposed to practice tolerance.  Not easy.  What tolerance did they show us?

Friday, October 18, 2013

I Surmise

Saw a picture of Ted Cruz today giving two thumbs up to the camera.

I can only believe that other republicans helped Ted pull his thumbs out of his a$$, and washed him up.  Poor Ted.  He had to have his thumbs up there to hold the $hit for brains inside his head, and so that we all can recognize yet another Neanderthal politician from Texas when he walks onto the senate floor.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Send Lawyers Guns and Money

Well, the republican party is certifiable.  What - two weeks of a government shutdown at $300,000,000 per day?  14 x 300,000,000 = Throw These F*ckheads Out of the Country.

I have personally had it.  These republican tea bags have damaged our country to the point of treason, and I say, arrest these pukes, try them as insurrectionists, and then deport them to Syria so they can see the follies of civil war.  Syria wouldn't want these people --- too crazy for them.   We may just have to send them to Guantanamo Bay.  Can there be anything more scary to a tea bagger than a steady diet of refried beans and fish tacos?  These are steak and potato idiots; you can tell by the fat in their heads.

I keep looking for sanity in Washington, and I keep coming up empty. 

Anyone out there want to fund my revolution?

Send lawyers, guns and money to CITIZENXTRISH!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ted Cruz - Your Rock is Calling

Now we have a member of congress marching on the White House carrying a confederate flag?

What the hell kind of slime ball is Ted Cruz?  How dumb are the people who live in Texas, the biggest armpit in the nation?  Maybe that question is better left unanswered in order to avoid a national panic attack.

The eighty or so people behind the insanity in Washington D.C., whom shall forever be known as The Crazy Eighty, ought to be put in pillories and turned into an interactive museum where tourists get to throw things at them.  And f*ck tomatos, lettuce and other rotting vegetation; we ought to be able to throw lead pipes, M80's and canned vegetables. 

Ted Cruz, please go back to the ugly rock you crawled out from under.  Texas - why don't you secede from the union, you're an embarrassment to the rest of the country. 

I cannot stand living in this land where some of our leaders have the integrity of a child molester, a human trafficker and a serial killer.  I say we all show up at any political rally involving The Crazy Eighty and start throwing things.

Friday, October 11, 2013

More Information on Pooperville

This large area at the south end of Baton Rouge, which I refer to as Pooperville because of it's particular stink, has become enmeshed in controversy here.  But not for the reasons you might think.

The people who live in this rather large swatch are trying to incorporate themselves into a city, the City of St. George.  The driving force behind this action is to remove themselves from the Baton Rouge tax roster, and insulate themselves from paying taxes to help the poor, the felonious, and the people who can't afford to live there.

So Baton Rouge has it's own little ocean-free Hamptons with man-made, aerated ponds.  It would be rather amusing if it weren't so damned selfish and self-serving.  I don't particularly like paying taxes to fund skirmishes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but I can't incorporate myself into a village to avoid it.  These people shouldn't be allowed to do so, either.

If this City of St. George becomes a reality, it just promotes segregation and isolates a large number of people; lulls them into a sense of security and promotes tax evasion.

I say, if this new city is allowed to incorporate, it must take a name that adequately describes it.  Not Saint George, but Saint Stinker.  Pooperville is big with me.  Crap Myrtle.  Middle-class Earth.  Tax Haven.  Egret Regret.  Anything but St. George.  Not being a catholic, I don't know who Saint George is or what he did to get sainthood.  But the people who are pushing for the secession from Baton Rouge are really not following the Christian rule of helping their fellow man.  How about Saint Lucifer?  Has a nice ring.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interesting Photo Shops

I have received no less than 20 photos of politicians with their heads up the a$$es today. 

So true, since the crux of the shut down is ObamaCare, and it's already a law; not to be negotiated.
Do Americans realize that our lawmakers do not have a clue about "law"?  Law is not negotiated.  Good or bad, it's law.  It's there to stay until its taken off the books, legally.

This is perhaps the problem with America; we have a bunch of people in jobs they are unqualified to perform.  No where is this more apparent than in congress. 

Case in point, Senator Ron Johnson(R) Wisconsin.  This yokel has not done one (read it - 0) thing to govern the United States since taking away the job from Russ Feingold (D), a person whose congressional record is rich with meaningful action.

This can only mean one thing.  A great number of Wisconsin residents are as stupid and lazy as the people they elect to congress.  No surprise there.  And I'm so glad I don't live there anymore.  Here in Louisiana, politics are exactly what they are in D.C.; a way to steal, bribe, cheat, and lie.  It's pretty blatant and in your face.  I kind of like this.  It is a great example of how capitalism has begun its descent into total destruction through greed, just as Karl Marx predicted. 

Obviously, the TSA is suffering from the shut down; evidencing a nine year old boy stealing a suitcase, a lunch and a seat on a plane to Las Vegas.  Gotta love the TSA.  My husband never fails to comment about the fact TSA is "security theatre" whenever we're standing in a screening line at an airport.  We have an understanding that if he's arrested for his defiant and blatant disrespect, I will continue to our destination without him and he can sit in the cell and call his lawyer.  At any rate, apparently TSA is very good at keeping 8 oz. of shampoo off your plane, or a container of spreadable cheese (classified as a liquid), but a few suspicious characters might just slip onto your aircraft, unnoticed and unscreened.  Since the 9 year old in question here had previously stolen a large truck and crashed it in downtown Minneapolis, he is a classic example of "problem child".  Too young to criminally charge, but never too young to wreak havoc.  This sums up congress today.  Too enmeshed to criminally charge, but wreaking havoc in very expensive ways.

Pay Up you Stupid Americans!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Wisconsin = Titanic

Well, well, well, J. B. Van Hollen isn't going to seek another term as Wisconsin's Attorney General.  Seems to me that the rats are deserting the ship. 

Van Hollen really doesn't have a clue about the legal soup Scott Walker has cooked up, and on his best day, he'd have trouble dealing with straightforward legal issues, so this really is no surprise.  Scott Walker's administration is just so much proof that you can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. 

I am sincerely hopeful that Scott Walker's enormous ego (which he flaunts in place of minimally average intelligence) will lead him to the presidential campaign.  This man has done nothing for the State of Wisconsin except make it a proving ground for how tea party politics can never work.  Case in point - the government shut down.  More bad ideas from dullards and ideology stuck non-thinkers.  However, with Scott Walker as the republican candidate for president, democrats are guaranteed a win in the next election.

Go Scott Walker!  Straight into political obscurity.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Atchafalaya Day

Well, despite the fact that all the national parks are closed, my husband and I are going to explore the biggest swamp in the United States today just because it's real sunny and warm here (prior to Karen churning in) and we've been wanting to do this trip for awhile.  It's National Atchafalaya Heritage Month here, so there are a few cultural programs being sponsored despite the lunacy happening in Washington.

I'm hoping to see lots of birds, a few alligators, and my favorite, spooky Spanish moss hanging off live oaks.  I am hoping seeing some natural beauty will take my mind off the ugly face of American politics. 

I would like to see this horrendous display of ridiculous behavior by our congressional members come to a swift end.  It's like wishing I'd win the lottery; a nice thought but probably not going to happen.  Wait - I'm supposed to have faith!  I'm a spiritual person.  I'm part of the force  Okay; let me ask the force for help and for the force to render a big dose of intelligence to the clowns on capitol hill.  HA HA HA.  Instead, the force can designate me a lottery winner so I can move out of this crap country and enjoy never thinking about the large number of idiots who live and vote here ever again.

Sorry my fellow Americans.  I just can't tolerate morons as my leaders and idiocy as my doctrine.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crazy Inifinity Driver in D.C. no Crazier than Republicans

Not sure why anyone would take on a battle with the Capitol Police with her toddler in the car, but obviously another example of the failing delivery of mental health services to Americans. 

However, when you look at how crazy this session of congress is, it's not hard to understand why funding of mental health services is so sadly lacking.  First rule of craziness:  when you're truly nuts you don't recognize it.  That about describes our current congressional incumbents.

I'm as frustrated as every other American with the political ineptitude in Washington D.C. today.  Not that I would ever vote republican, but can anyone with any degree of intelligence think of supporting this party of anarchists any longer?  Come on; get a clue. 

Everyday here in Baton Rouge, I go swimming.  I have a beautiful big pool all to myself every afternoon, and I just backstroke my frustration out for forty-five minutes.  There is something very soothing about being in water; like a return to womb weightlessness.  Alas, I have to come home and turn on the five o'clock news and watch the same crap being regurgitated by our supposed leaders.

Does anyone get that there is no leadership in congress today? 

Whatever Americans do, their first order of business should be to check the NO box for every incumbent representative and senator on the ballot next election.  I've had it with this screwed up, stinking country.  And you should too!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Radical Right is the Downfall of Democracy

Speaker of the House John Boehner has everything in place to win America's A$$hole of the Year award. 

I can hardly believe he has the audacity to appear in public these days, much less open his stupid mouth to orate even more stupid ideology.

His face says it all.  That's a face that is saying:

"I F*cked up, but I won't back down.  No I'll stand my ground.  No I won't back down.".  (Apologies to Tom Petty)
I say, back down or get knocked down've made a name for yourself and now you're stuck with it.  Don't try for A$$hole of the Universe.  You might have a chance at that, too!

Well, it's been kind of fun watching the republican party shoot themselves not only in the foot, but the hand, chest, and head, too.  This party has fallen so far off the track, it should rename itself Crackheads Amalgamated. 

The GOP isn't just the ruination of America, it's the laughing stock right now, except it really isn't funny at all, is it?

And don't think people won't forget it come election day.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Love Obamacare

Can you believe $300,000,000 per day is what the government shut down will cost Americans. 

$300,000,000 per day because some filthy, and I use the term literally, rich white people can't stand the thought of every American being entitled to health care coverage.  Loathe to accept that they might have to contribute some funds to the good of man instead of to the idiot pawns they enjoy electing to congress.

$300,000,000 per day because the clowns we elect to congress haven't got the ability to find their a$$ with both hands, much less spell or define progress or cooperation.

$300,000,000 per day.

America needs to be taken apart as a system that is not only dysfunctional but out of time, out of place and out of money.

At the very least, this shut down should significantly establish that the only thing that needs to be shut down is the current congressional session.  Permanently.  Every congressman, senator, and their assorted band of useless aides needs to be recalled, sent home and forbidden to ever seek public office again.