Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interesting Photo Shops

I have received no less than 20 photos of politicians with their heads up the a$$es today. 

So true, since the crux of the shut down is ObamaCare, and it's already a law; not to be negotiated.
Do Americans realize that our lawmakers do not have a clue about "law"?  Law is not negotiated.  Good or bad, it's law.  It's there to stay until its taken off the books, legally.

This is perhaps the problem with America; we have a bunch of people in jobs they are unqualified to perform.  No where is this more apparent than in congress. 

Case in point, Senator Ron Johnson(R) Wisconsin.  This yokel has not done one (read it - 0) thing to govern the United States since taking away the job from Russ Feingold (D), a person whose congressional record is rich with meaningful action.

This can only mean one thing.  A great number of Wisconsin residents are as stupid and lazy as the people they elect to congress.  No surprise there.  And I'm so glad I don't live there anymore.  Here in Louisiana, politics are exactly what they are in D.C.; a way to steal, bribe, cheat, and lie.  It's pretty blatant and in your face.  I kind of like this.  It is a great example of how capitalism has begun its descent into total destruction through greed, just as Karl Marx predicted. 

Obviously, the TSA is suffering from the shut down; evidencing a nine year old boy stealing a suitcase, a lunch and a seat on a plane to Las Vegas.  Gotta love the TSA.  My husband never fails to comment about the fact TSA is "security theatre" whenever we're standing in a screening line at an airport.  We have an understanding that if he's arrested for his defiant and blatant disrespect, I will continue to our destination without him and he can sit in the cell and call his lawyer.  At any rate, apparently TSA is very good at keeping 8 oz. of shampoo off your plane, or a container of spreadable cheese (classified as a liquid), but a few suspicious characters might just slip onto your aircraft, unnoticed and unscreened.  Since the 9 year old in question here had previously stolen a large truck and crashed it in downtown Minneapolis, he is a classic example of "problem child".  Too young to criminally charge, but never too young to wreak havoc.  This sums up congress today.  Too enmeshed to criminally charge, but wreaking havoc in very expensive ways.

Pay Up you Stupid Americans!