Friday, October 11, 2013

More Information on Pooperville

This large area at the south end of Baton Rouge, which I refer to as Pooperville because of it's particular stink, has become enmeshed in controversy here.  But not for the reasons you might think.

The people who live in this rather large swatch are trying to incorporate themselves into a city, the City of St. George.  The driving force behind this action is to remove themselves from the Baton Rouge tax roster, and insulate themselves from paying taxes to help the poor, the felonious, and the people who can't afford to live there.

So Baton Rouge has it's own little ocean-free Hamptons with man-made, aerated ponds.  It would be rather amusing if it weren't so damned selfish and self-serving.  I don't particularly like paying taxes to fund skirmishes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but I can't incorporate myself into a village to avoid it.  These people shouldn't be allowed to do so, either.

If this City of St. George becomes a reality, it just promotes segregation and isolates a large number of people; lulls them into a sense of security and promotes tax evasion.

I say, if this new city is allowed to incorporate, it must take a name that adequately describes it.  Not Saint George, but Saint Stinker.  Pooperville is big with me.  Crap Myrtle.  Middle-class Earth.  Tax Haven.  Egret Regret.  Anything but St. George.  Not being a catholic, I don't know who Saint George is or what he did to get sainthood.  But the people who are pushing for the secession from Baton Rouge are really not following the Christian rule of helping their fellow man.  How about Saint Lucifer?  Has a nice ring.


AlexisAR said...

I AM Catholic and don't know who St. George is other than that his claim to fame may have been in some way connected to a dragon.

Citizen X said...

So, is it all a mythological story?

AlexisAR said...

It probably is a myth, and it wouldn't be the first time the Holy Roman Catholic Church has canonized someone based on a myth.