Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bizarre People of Wisconsin

Ron Johnson, the republican senator who misrepresents Wisconsin in the Senate, doesn't believe in climate change.  Sun spots, he says.  This man has age spots on his brain matter.  There is so much scientific fact to debunk the sun spot myth, I can only surmise that people who insist on buying into that line of hysterical rationalization are scared to death to be intelligent.  This is a common curse in Wisconsin; a fear of intelligence.  One just needs to look at the political climate in that ice hole to figure that one out.

And Scott Walker, who thinks he skated away from a recall election and a John Doe investigation is now up to his a$$ in alligators with yet another John Doe investigation.  Since Scott is so stupid he can't figure much of anything out, let me use this forum to give him a head's up........there are people after you, Walker.  But go ahead, maintain your no comment status and your no action governorship.  The rug underneath you is ripe for pulling.  The very saddest part in all this is Scott Walker thinks he's presidential material.  In short, Scott Walker thinks all Wisconsinites are as dumb as he is.  I know several smart people in Wisconsin.  So there. 

And where's that pork-fed Jim Sensenbrenner  of late?  Usually his pig-like face would  have shown up all over the media in the Washington controversy and government shut down.  They must have had a three-for-one sale at Old Country Buffett on the beltline for the past few weeks.  Or he's on an alcohol binge again.

Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee County has also gone strangely silent since his public service announcement advising people to arm themselves as a better option than calling 9-1-1.  Apparently, those people in charge of his next campaign for office have told him to stifle himself.  For someone like Clarke, this is akin to telling dysentery patients to stop crapping themselves.  Yet, methinks I smell a little fear in Sheriff Clarke about losing a job he's ill-suited for.  Enough fear that he's bought 144 pairs of socks and stuffs a new one in his mouth every morning.

Well, who else can I pick on in Wisconsin?

Oh I suppose I'll just leave it be at three yokels with too much power for the good of themselves or their constituents. 


AlexisAR said...

I love your Old Country Buffet three-for-one as an explanation for Jim Sensenbrenner's absence.

Citizen X said...

Unfortunately, all Jim Sensenbrenner has done since going to Washington is gain weight; on loaded pork deals no doubt.