Thursday, October 24, 2013

If You Love Me, Kill Yourself!

That bastion of right wing political immorality, Paul Ryan, is now calling for the Health & Human Services Secretary to resign her position.

Why?  Because there are glitches in the software on the Affordable Health Care Act website.  So what?  Obviously, Paul Ryan has never implemented new software, or seen the difficulties in moving from a test prototype to a live-action program.

I'm betting Paul Ryan doesn't know what software is, how it's designed or what can go wrong.  Believe me; I once was part of a team that implemented new payroll software.  Everything can go wrong, and does go wrong, and eventually gets fixed.  But this is just one of many things to add to the ever growing list of items of which Paul Ryan is completely ignorant.

Here's an idea, Ryan.  Based on the republican mucking up of the works in Washington for the past several weeks, why don't you and your fellow air heads do the lemming thing.  Why don't you all jump off a cliff or drown yourselves in the interest of the American Public.  That's a resignation worth calling for, and a destiny most Americans can live with, for you and your unholy alliances.

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