Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Check is in the Mail

I agree completely with the rest of the country that John Boehner and Ted Cruz should foot the bill for the government shut down.

These yokels have cost American citizens beau coup bucks, and they should be made to cough up the cash or get the hell out of Washington.  Far worse, though, is the peace of mind these radical extremists, America's own Taliban, has robbed from the U.S. population.  We have no idea what will come out of their addled ideology next; but we do know that they have a proven capacity for mucking up the works. 

I'd say these two were behind the problems with Obamacare's website, but I cannot begin to believe that either one of them has an ounce of technical savvy.  I'd find it hard to accept that, working together, they could screw in a light bulb.  Yet, look what they managed to do.  Screw the entire population of the United States in two weeks.  They've run up the national debt by billions of dollars.  For the party that touts fiscal conservatism, this is more than ironic.  It's idiotic.

I remember when a picture of Osama bin Laden's face caused visceral reaction in most American citizens.  Boehner and Cruz have attained that status, too, judging by the derogatory items in my inbox, sent everyday by concerned citizens.  Oh well, it's Sunday, and I'm supposed to practice tolerance.  Not easy.  What tolerance did they show us?


Anonymous said...

Why anyone in the middle class or less affluent would vote Republican is beyond me. But then I know Govt workers who vote Republican after years of abuse from these $$$holes.

Citizen X said...

It's a mystery! Ignorant people fill those demographics, though.