Monday, October 14, 2013

Ted Cruz - Your Rock is Calling

Now we have a member of congress marching on the White House carrying a confederate flag?

What the hell kind of slime ball is Ted Cruz?  How dumb are the people who live in Texas, the biggest armpit in the nation?  Maybe that question is better left unanswered in order to avoid a national panic attack.

The eighty or so people behind the insanity in Washington D.C., whom shall forever be known as The Crazy Eighty, ought to be put in pillories and turned into an interactive museum where tourists get to throw things at them.  And f*ck tomatos, lettuce and other rotting vegetation; we ought to be able to throw lead pipes, M80's and canned vegetables. 

Ted Cruz, please go back to the ugly rock you crawled out from under.  Texas - why don't you secede from the union, you're an embarrassment to the rest of the country. 

I cannot stand living in this land where some of our leaders have the integrity of a child molester, a human trafficker and a serial killer.  I say we all show up at any political rally involving The Crazy Eighty and start throwing things.


Anonymous said...

Since I have lived in Michigan and Illinois for the past thirty years, I always thought that Gary was the, um, armpit. No offense.

Citizen X said...

Yes, you're right. Gary is sci-fi scary in so many ways. Let's call Texas the swollen, bloody, painful hemorrhoid on the a$$ of the universe.