Saturday, October 5, 2013

Atchafalaya Day

Well, despite the fact that all the national parks are closed, my husband and I are going to explore the biggest swamp in the United States today just because it's real sunny and warm here (prior to Karen churning in) and we've been wanting to do this trip for awhile.  It's National Atchafalaya Heritage Month here, so there are a few cultural programs being sponsored despite the lunacy happening in Washington.

I'm hoping to see lots of birds, a few alligators, and my favorite, spooky Spanish moss hanging off live oaks.  I am hoping seeing some natural beauty will take my mind off the ugly face of American politics. 

I would like to see this horrendous display of ridiculous behavior by our congressional members come to a swift end.  It's like wishing I'd win the lottery; a nice thought but probably not going to happen.  Wait - I'm supposed to have faith!  I'm a spiritual person.  I'm part of the force  Okay; let me ask the force for help and for the force to render a big dose of intelligence to the clowns on capitol hill.  HA HA HA.  Instead, the force can designate me a lottery winner so I can move out of this crap country and enjoy never thinking about the large number of idiots who live and vote here ever again.

Sorry my fellow Americans.  I just can't tolerate morons as my leaders and idiocy as my doctrine.


AlexisAR said...

I'm truly beginning to believe the vast majority of congress is filled by those with cognitive deficits.

Citizen X said...

Something is wrong with them, that's for sure. Maybe they're just D.C. drunks.