Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Zombies walk.  (Zombies were originally conjured by hoodoo practitioners - not infected by a virus).  Going to look for a few in New Orleans on Friday.

Ghosts Fly.  Anyone who has known me knows I lived in a house for a lot of years that had a ghost.  She was friendly and helpful, once she got used to us.

Witches are nothing more than women men are afraid have too much ..... whatever...... fill in the blank.

Vampires ---- come in all sizes and shapes.  And you're lucky if your blood is all they're after.

Mummies.  My favorite television episode was called "Mummie Daddy".  I can't even remember what stupid little Twilight Zone like show this was on, but it was just a great and fun 30 minute vignette.

Scariest Thing of All:  Mitch McConnell saying anything.

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