Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wrapping up June with a Couple of Random Rants

I read with absolute disgust the Milwaukee Archdiocese's warning here, delivered by Archbishop Listecki himself, that the court's demand for release of the Archdiocese's documents on sexual abuse would prove "shocking" to readers.

Um, could I be more shocked about sexual abuse of children by clergy members?  By the cover ups of the Roman Catholic Church and it's leadership?  I don't think so.  Our Father of Perpetual Molestation continues to masquerade as a benevolent society while promoting evil and pretending compassion.  That the Archdiocese here in Milwaukee also hid their cash assets to avoid paying victims of clergy sexual abuse, while filing a bankruptcy petition is further evidence that the Roman Catholic Church is purely an evil organization.  If you follow this religion, if you are a part of this religion, than I'm sorry to say (and let me put this in YOUR terms), you are worshipping the antichrist.  In the name of the Devil, The Dogmatic and the Holy Shit, the Catholic faithful are brainwashed zombie-like followers and they've all been majorly bamboozled.  Find a new religion, one that actually QUALIFIES as a religion.

Let's talk about Scott Walker's budget, which he is going to sign into law today.  Let's talk about one part, that could delightfully benefit all of us.  Scott Walker now has the power to sell any state property to any entity he desires, without benefit of a public bidding process.  In effect, anything that is state property is now controlled by Scott Walker himself.  So here's an idea.  Let's sell the Governor's Mansion in Maple Bluff with Scott Walker and his very strange family inside.  Let's sell it to the Taliban.  This makes perfect sense to me and would benefit the Walkers, too, as they then would belong to the same type of political organization Scott Walker believes in, i.e., F*CK the People.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Rage Against the Machine

I think it's important that all of you whom live in  southeastern Wisconsin know that my husband and I are moving into an all electric home in southern Louisiana.  In the middle of summer. 

While talking to the person who previously lived in the house, he advised us that he kept his thermostat at 65 (way too cold for me - I literally froze in every establishment I entered in Baton Rouge because 65 seems to be the standard temperature, and when your legs and arms are bare, that's just chilly).  I digress.  The person advised us that their electric bill (mind you in the all electric house) was about $120 per month in the hottest months. 

Now this may seem irrelevant, but the truth is, I pay almost twice this much to heat and cool my house every month here in Wisconsin.  WE Energies is a corporation out to steal from you at every opportunity.  I don't know how you can rage against this particular machine - I've been doing it for decades with no result, but the people in southeastern Wisconsin should know they are being gouged and totally f*cked by this company.  Just google their executive compensation and bonuses for last year if you don't believe.

Rage against the machine.  Just wish I knew how.  Not like there's another utility company to patronize. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Supreme Court Ruling on Defense of Marriage Act

Just when I thought the Supreme Court couldn't possibly make a good decision, they struck down the Defense of Marriage Act!

Congratulations to all the people who love each other out there on this monumental decision and more importantly, this inspiration that our country is not completely doomed.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Cultural Oddities

Spent the weekend in New Orleans, where the culture is so rich and thick you can barely cut into it with a knife.  I'm adjusting to the idea of living somewhere absolutely foreign to me.  Living close to the Gulf of Mexico will be interesting; not the least of which will be the climate.  New Orleans was very hot and humid, yet there was a breeze from the gulf that helped greatly.  While walking around one of the city's most amazing cemeteries, a big black thundercloud appeared and literally, we got poured on for a good 30 minutes.  It was a real soaker, and as we tried to find our way back to the infamous Highway 61 (as in Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited), we had to stop and wait because low-lying intersections were flooded with two to three feet of water.  Then the sun came out and the temperature began to creep toward 90 again.  The water on the streets evaporated almost as quickly as it came down.

We took Highway 61 back to Baton Rouge, just to try a different route.  It was different.  As a passenger, I got to see all the bayous, which are fascinating ecosystems.  I saw a whole plateau of snowy egrets, two turtles sunning themselves on a log, a guy standing in a canoe with a bow and arrow (alligator hunting?), an alligator swimming and some freakishly bizarre road signs, i.e,, "Shrimp and Petroleum Festival".  There are a lot of oil refining places on this highway, and petrochemical plants.  It was still a pleasant drive back to where we will be living soon; I just hope we won't be evacuated often with chemical plant explosions and leaks.  There's my cynic coming out.
It also was better than Interstate 10, where all the drivers seem to have graduated from the Maniacal Driving College, with advanced degrees. 

At any rate, Louisiana is mostly water (good) and chemicals (bad).  Today I'm taking a walking tour of Bluebonnet Swamp, which is right in the middle of Baton Route.  Fascinating.  I haven't made it downtown yet, or to the university, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to explore once I actually get here.  Now comes the hard part - getting here.  Leaving for Milwaukee today to start packing up two lifetimes into boxes.  That should be interesting. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Whom Doesn't Talk About What?

Okay, so my husband and I decide we don't want to live in Wisconsin anymore, mainly because it's run by a bunch of idiots.  He starts looking around for other money-making opportunities and we end up in Louisiana (YAYYYY!!!!! - I LOVE Louisiana).  We talked about it every step of the way, and we're still talking about how the hell we are going to get all our furniture down here, because he's moving into our new house with a bed, a pot, a pan, a towel and a whole lot of nothin'.

Point is, we HAVE to talk about things.  I have to take care of a lot of his unfinished stuff in Milwaukee; I have to talk him into throwing away the useless clutter of his life that lives in our basement; he has to talk to me about simple and complex stuff...... you get the point.

So how in the hell does Tonette Walker tootle on about how she and her husband, that super doofas known as Scott Walker, don't talk about his presidential aspirations.  There it is, in the newspaper, Tonette quoted, "We don't talk about it".

What the hell do the Walkers talk about?

Greasy black hairs left on state pillow cases every morning?

How an untrainable primate got elected governor in the first place?

How those kids in the kitchen actually got here?

Vaginal ultrasounds?

Wauwatosa Groupon specials.

Pizza toppings?

How many toes you actually have to have before you're considered a terotogen?

They don't talk about the fact that he wants to be the President of the United States (anyone remember Hazel from Steinbeck's Sweet Thursday?  Shame on you - read more.)  Hazel was a barely functioning homeless person who lived on Cannery Row with a bunch of other destitute people, who all looked out for and helped Hazel think.  When told that his astrological chart stated he had to become President of the United States, Hazel wore a three foot deep trench in the sand, pacing around and worrying about his fitness for the job, which he did not want at all.  Hazel was smarter than our Scott Walker; at least he knew what his limitations were.

The Walkers don't talk about the coveted oval office as the major prize Scott Walker is seeking?

She might not talk about it because she might actually have a clue.  No good wife likes to see her husband make a complete and utter horse's a$$ of himself.

Craziness Continues in the State of Wisconsin

Well, legislators actually passed a budget for the State of Wisconsin yesterday, by one vote; said budget being absolutely loaded with bad stuff and absolutely reflective of what kind of idiots are in charge in that once fine state.

Do I care?  Of course I care, even though I'm in Louisiana right now making plans to move into my new home.  State for state, I guess Louisiana and Wisconsin could be identical twins; although Bobby Jindal seems to have his hands tied a little more by the folks here than Scott Walker does.  Scott Walker's hands are free and able to stroke himself into right wing oblivion, which is what he's doing at every opportunity.  How else would you explain that stupid smile on his vacant face all the time?

I'm putting it all on the back burner as I head to New Orleans for a weekend of fine food, great music, strong drink and haunted hotels.  Bon temps rouler!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sheriff Clarke Has His Own Personal Gold Mine - Taxpayer Funds

I'm pretty sure the rest of the citizens in Milwaukee are as fed up with Sheriff Clarke and his verbal vomit as I am.  We are all appalled that he is using our taxpayer funds to get out his hateful and violence-promoting right wing message.

There is a simple way to stop Clarke.  Simply do not vote for him again.  There's something terribly wrong with David A. Clarke, Jr.'s mind  --- and don't think the whole damn Sheriff's Department isn't fully aware of it.  Can't be any fun being led into the trenches by a certifiable lunatic.

Clarke must go.  A vote against Clarke is a vote for sanity.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Act 10 to go to the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Oh, we're all so delighted to hear this.

Act 10 will be reviewed by Wisconsin's own Supreme Court; that highly respectable arm of the law where:

One justice choked another.

Calling each other "bitches" is perfectly acceptable behavior.

There is no respect for each other among the justices.

There are a couple of justices so right wing, their robes have to be altered so one side doesn't drag on the ground because of the slant.

Yeah, leaving Wisconsin is the best thing that's ever happened to me. 

When the Supreme Court is viewed as Clownville, there's not much worth respecting here.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Shutting off the Alarm Clock of Life

I'm sick of being alarmed.

I'm sick of being alarmed out of a restful sleep.

I have turned my alarm clock off and I will not turn it on again.

All my flights will be booked with a p.m. departure time.

Why do they call them alarm clocks?  Are we supposed to wake up alarmed?

Why not wake up clocks, or sleepover clocks, or dream interrupters?   What is with this fascination for alarming ourselves?

As if life isn't alarming enough, we have to have an alarm clock remind us of it every day of our working lives.

Well, not for me.  I'm officially out of work.  I don't have to alarm myself anymore at 6 o'clock in the morning.  I can't wait to wake up when my body feels like waking up.  I wish I hadn't drunk that super hazelnut coffee with vanilla cream and sugar in it.  I probably won't even be able to fall asleep. 

The Truth About Physical Response

I find it tremendously interesting that whenever Scott Walker's face shows up in the newspaper or on television, my gut reaction is just to want to slap him silly.

Likewise, Alberta Darling.  I don't want to slap her though, I want to punch her wrinkly mouth in.

George W. Bush --- the same, even years after leaving the presidency.  I want to kick his a$$ so hard his head bulges.

Funny how our gut reactions are formed when we're faced with looking at people we feel, on some personal level, are just major monkeys.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make A Wish Oil

I have my ever so successful Make A Wish Oil in my hand (which I purchased at the only real voodoo store in New Orleans, which is definitely not in a touristy part of town).

The question comes down to this; laugh all the way to the bank or have the satisfaction of saying, "I told you so" the rest of my life.

I like I told you so.  It's so rich in implication!

No..... on second thought, I've decided to laugh all the way to the bank.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

F*ck Off WE Energies

This a$$hole of a company just raised my rates again and I've so had it with being f*ucked over constantly by a bunch of sick company whores.   I think the revolution should start with the people kicking the $hit out of energy company owners/management and taking over the power grid.

The SECOND best thing about leaving Wisconsin is saying F*ck off to WE Energies and the dirty bloodsucking bastards who run the rip off joint.  In fact, I'm not going to pay my final bill.  These a$$holes can go whistle.  It's absolute insurance that I won't come back to Milwaukee.  Not that I really need any.  Stinking jerk town run by stinking corporate cocksuckers.  I pay some of the highest utility rates in the country, for what?  Like Milwaukee is such a great place.  It's NOT!  It's a hick town.  Oh, now I remember.  People here are too ignorant to know when their getting something shoved up their A$$.

Man, I can't wait to shake the dust off my shoes from this town, it's people and it's businesses.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Goodbye Blue Monday

Today is the last Monday I will be waking up and going off to work for awhile.  It feels good.  I'm so busy these days, planning our move across the country.  This job just interferes with my schedule, terribly.

Friday, my friends and I are going out to celebrate the official end to my working life. 

This country has everything backwards.  We should pay social security benefits to people from the ages 21 to 45.  At that stage of life, it would be great to take your youthful vitality and travel, experience new cultures, explore the world around you, and decide what you want to be.  Then you'd be a truly well-rounded person entering the workforce at 45, and all your major ya-yas would have been subdued or satisfied.  You'd be a quality, stable, centered employee, ready to work until you die or dement.

At any rate, it feels good to know that my alarm clock will not be working for me on anymore Monday mornings.  I will be living in a part of the country that will allow me to be outside for more than five months of the year so I don't think I'll be cooped up and bored in the winter months ever again.

Life is good.  I just wish I could twitch my nose and make this move be over because it FREAKING sucks to pack up a lifetime.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Castles Burning

I smell the smoke from a distant fire; I feel the sparks in the air as they mildly torment.  Mostly, I sense the winds of change blowing in from the lake, the gulf, the bay.

What would people do if they were given a two minute warning?  Two minutes until death.  The gun sounds and you have two minutes to do.....what?

What would you try to do in two minutes; what possible difference could two minutes make?  More than we know; less? 

Who could overcome the panic those two minutes might bring and wonder a whole lifetime in 120 seconds.

Whatever, I'm feeling very cosmic tonight because its a beautiful night in Wisconsin; I've just spent some fine moments with my family, I'm sitting in my charming Bungalow, I've drunk good wine and I have one more week in my working life before I pull the plug on that particular prison cell.  Oh and yes, it's Friday.

Life is good.  Yet, I feel the need to pull the tablecloth out from beneath the fine china and crystal and shake everything up without breaking anything.  Get out my broom and sweep.... or ride.

Time to burn the castle and build a new one.  This princess is bored.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Things I Won't Miss About Wisconsin

The weather here is tremendously vicious, especially in the winter months. 

The fact that there are more drunk drivers here than in any other state in the union.

The incredibly mean segregation of  Milwaukee.

Catholics everywhere.

Pedophile priests.

Parking Nazis.

Sheriff Clarke and his ultra right wing agenda.

People who don't shovel snow and ice off their sidewalks.

Summerfest - which is more appropriately known as Drunkardfest.

Outdoor Dining, which is almost never a pleasant experience.

Rude people.

Idiot drivers.

The knife and gun club in Milwaukee, which meets every Friday and Saturday nights..

The murder rate.

Gang violence.

Obesity rate among the highest in the nation.

Beer guts.

Harley noise.

Pot holes on every thoroughfare and side street.

Lack of quality bakeries.

Marcus theaters.

Incredibly large numbers of disappearing young man off city streets found drowned in rivers - but hey - we don't have no serial killers here.

The stench of Jones Island.

MMSD dumping huge amounts of raw sewerage into Lake Michigan.

State Fair violence.

Sheesh.  I didn't really even get started but I guess I should stop.  Time for this one to leave.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I can't stand Wisconsin, which is why I'm leaving Wisconsin.

More importantly, I can't stand the people in  this state who actually would have you believe Scott Walker is presidential material.


Is the water here more tainted than I originally suspected?  Who, in their right mind, can see Scott Walker as President of the United States of America?  The Koch Whores maybe, but who believes they're in their right minds? 

Now maybe a lazy-eyed, uneducated, ambitious little power grabber is your criteria for leader of the free world, but Scott Walker as a president poses an unbelievable array of nightmares for our country, not the least being who would ever take us seriously again? 

What Scott Walker needs is to have someone kick his A$$ back to Wauwatosa where he belongs, with the rest of the money grubbing, tax evading $hitheads who comprise most of its population.  If ever there was a good reason NOT to elect a president, it would be because he came from Wauwatosa.  And by the by, Wauwatosa seems to be the target lately for desperate criminals; who obviously have as little respect for the community as I do.  I don't see a whole lot of rosiness in Wauwatosa's future, frankly.  In fact, I'm taking my walks in Milwaukee these days ---- it's safer.

And what would Tonette Walker do in Washington?  She's been pretty adept at maintaining a low profile (well really, an invisible profile) in Wisconsin, but District insiders just don't allow for someone with such a uniquely unimpressive style to fulfill the role of first lady.  Walker doesn't have the smarts, the education, the pedigree or the wife for a serious presidential run; but hey, I hope he goes for it, thereby continuing to let Wisconsin slide to the bottom. We're all looking for any excuse to get rid of Walker.

Walker as President?  The Peter Principle Come to Fruition!