Friday, June 7, 2013

Castles Burning

I smell the smoke from a distant fire; I feel the sparks in the air as they mildly torment.  Mostly, I sense the winds of change blowing in from the lake, the gulf, the bay.

What would people do if they were given a two minute warning?  Two minutes until death.  The gun sounds and you have two minutes to do.....what?

What would you try to do in two minutes; what possible difference could two minutes make?  More than we know; less? 

Who could overcome the panic those two minutes might bring and wonder a whole lifetime in 120 seconds.

Whatever, I'm feeling very cosmic tonight because its a beautiful night in Wisconsin; I've just spent some fine moments with my family, I'm sitting in my charming Bungalow, I've drunk good wine and I have one more week in my working life before I pull the plug on that particular prison cell.  Oh and yes, it's Friday.

Life is good.  Yet, I feel the need to pull the tablecloth out from beneath the fine china and crystal and shake everything up without breaking anything.  Get out my broom and sweep.... or ride.

Time to burn the castle and build a new one.  This princess is bored.

1 comment:

AlexisAR said...

Very thought-provoking. I don't have any idea what I would do if I had just two minutes left and knew it. if I had babies I'd hold them, but I don't.