Friday, June 21, 2013

Whom Doesn't Talk About What?

Okay, so my husband and I decide we don't want to live in Wisconsin anymore, mainly because it's run by a bunch of idiots.  He starts looking around for other money-making opportunities and we end up in Louisiana (YAYYYY!!!!! - I LOVE Louisiana).  We talked about it every step of the way, and we're still talking about how the hell we are going to get all our furniture down here, because he's moving into our new house with a bed, a pot, a pan, a towel and a whole lot of nothin'.

Point is, we HAVE to talk about things.  I have to take care of a lot of his unfinished stuff in Milwaukee; I have to talk him into throwing away the useless clutter of his life that lives in our basement; he has to talk to me about simple and complex stuff...... you get the point.

So how in the hell does Tonette Walker tootle on about how she and her husband, that super doofas known as Scott Walker, don't talk about his presidential aspirations.  There it is, in the newspaper, Tonette quoted, "We don't talk about it".

What the hell do the Walkers talk about?

Greasy black hairs left on state pillow cases every morning?

How an untrainable primate got elected governor in the first place?

How those kids in the kitchen actually got here?

Vaginal ultrasounds?

Wauwatosa Groupon specials.

Pizza toppings?

How many toes you actually have to have before you're considered a terotogen?

They don't talk about the fact that he wants to be the President of the United States (anyone remember Hazel from Steinbeck's Sweet Thursday?  Shame on you - read more.)  Hazel was a barely functioning homeless person who lived on Cannery Row with a bunch of other destitute people, who all looked out for and helped Hazel think.  When told that his astrological chart stated he had to become President of the United States, Hazel wore a three foot deep trench in the sand, pacing around and worrying about his fitness for the job, which he did not want at all.  Hazel was smarter than our Scott Walker; at least he knew what his limitations were.

The Walkers don't talk about the coveted oval office as the major prize Scott Walker is seeking?

She might not talk about it because she might actually have a clue.  No good wife likes to see her husband make a complete and utter horse's a$$ of himself.


AlexisAR said...

She probably prattles on about committees and charity work, or even her Bible study group, and he probably finds reasons to discuss his own greatness. Neither probably listens to a word the other says.

Louisisana is, of course, the home state of one of, in my opinion, the greatest political strategist and TV pundit ever to hit politics and television: James Carville.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on leaving WI. I am considering retiring and have to admit, much like Scooter's record with employment, WI ranks near the bottom. My current choices for various reasons are Australia, New Zealand, Delaware or France. But believe me when I say that WI would not even rate a millisecond of decision time with Scooter in charge.

Citizen X said...

Thank you - and congratulations on your impending retirement! Your next locale choices sound pretty exotic. I'd love to retire in France and spend the rest of my life eating cheese and drinking wine.