Friday, June 21, 2013

Craziness Continues in the State of Wisconsin

Well, legislators actually passed a budget for the State of Wisconsin yesterday, by one vote; said budget being absolutely loaded with bad stuff and absolutely reflective of what kind of idiots are in charge in that once fine state.

Do I care?  Of course I care, even though I'm in Louisiana right now making plans to move into my new home.  State for state, I guess Louisiana and Wisconsin could be identical twins; although Bobby Jindal seems to have his hands tied a little more by the folks here than Scott Walker does.  Scott Walker's hands are free and able to stroke himself into right wing oblivion, which is what he's doing at every opportunity.  How else would you explain that stupid smile on his vacant face all the time?

I'm putting it all on the back burner as I head to New Orleans for a weekend of fine food, great music, strong drink and haunted hotels.  Bon temps rouler!

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