Friday, June 14, 2013

Shutting off the Alarm Clock of Life

I'm sick of being alarmed.

I'm sick of being alarmed out of a restful sleep.

I have turned my alarm clock off and I will not turn it on again.

All my flights will be booked with a p.m. departure time.

Why do they call them alarm clocks?  Are we supposed to wake up alarmed?

Why not wake up clocks, or sleepover clocks, or dream interrupters?   What is with this fascination for alarming ourselves?

As if life isn't alarming enough, we have to have an alarm clock remind us of it every day of our working lives.

Well, not for me.  I'm officially out of work.  I don't have to alarm myself anymore at 6 o'clock in the morning.  I can't wait to wake up when my body feels like waking up.  I wish I hadn't drunk that super hazelnut coffee with vanilla cream and sugar in it.  I probably won't even be able to fall asleep. 


AlexisAR said...

i HATE being woken up by an alarm clock, but it's anecessity for me. if whatever I use is not sufficiently "alarming," I won't wake up. I'm not a morning person and probably never will reach the point where I wake up before 8:00 a.m. oln my own.

Other than a musical job in /utah for a few days and a lab internhip that will only go from late morning to mid-afternoon, I'm off until September, so I'm essentially free of alarm clocks, cell phones with alarms, or whatever. In just four short years for me, it will be nurses coming into the interns' or residents' sleeping quarters and depriving me of much-needed sleep, but even that is preferable to the klaxon wail of an alarm clock.

So is Scott Walker planning to imitate the Governor of the [not] Great State of Texas by raping women by forcing early ultrsound via the viaginal probe when the federal definition of rape is insertion of any object into a woman's vagina without her consent?

Citizen X said...

Walker's plan is to insist on ultrasounds for women considering abortion. I don't quite get these right wing politicians who want to get all up in women's wombs and dictate proper use. I'm guessing these are misogynist males who are completely intimidated by women's power (i.e., women get to say who they want to have sex with) and their feelings of unworthiness in sexual politics is transferred to rulings against women is actual politics. Talk about a sexually dysfunctional male society! I still say, removing one testicle would solve all of these problems.