Monday, June 3, 2013


I can't stand Wisconsin, which is why I'm leaving Wisconsin.

More importantly, I can't stand the people in  this state who actually would have you believe Scott Walker is presidential material.


Is the water here more tainted than I originally suspected?  Who, in their right mind, can see Scott Walker as President of the United States of America?  The Koch Whores maybe, but who believes they're in their right minds? 

Now maybe a lazy-eyed, uneducated, ambitious little power grabber is your criteria for leader of the free world, but Scott Walker as a president poses an unbelievable array of nightmares for our country, not the least being who would ever take us seriously again? 

What Scott Walker needs is to have someone kick his A$$ back to Wauwatosa where he belongs, with the rest of the money grubbing, tax evading $hitheads who comprise most of its population.  If ever there was a good reason NOT to elect a president, it would be because he came from Wauwatosa.  And by the by, Wauwatosa seems to be the target lately for desperate criminals; who obviously have as little respect for the community as I do.  I don't see a whole lot of rosiness in Wauwatosa's future, frankly.  In fact, I'm taking my walks in Milwaukee these days ---- it's safer.

And what would Tonette Walker do in Washington?  She's been pretty adept at maintaining a low profile (well really, an invisible profile) in Wisconsin, but District insiders just don't allow for someone with such a uniquely unimpressive style to fulfill the role of first lady.  Walker doesn't have the smarts, the education, the pedigree or the wife for a serious presidential run; but hey, I hope he goes for it, thereby continuing to let Wisconsin slide to the bottom. We're all looking for any excuse to get rid of Walker.

Walker as President?  The Peter Principle Come to Fruition!


Anonymous said...

Scooter has to be on a par with Bush as far as intelligence goes. Perhaps that is too complimentary to both of these geniuses. Rephrasing the comparison, Scooter has to be on a par with Bush on the stupidity quotient. I do think that Scooter though has the edge on mean spiritedness, underhandedness, deviousness..... I guess that qualifies him to be a GOP POTUS.

AlexisAR said...

He's not even "Mayor of Oshkosh" material.

ed reed said...

I'm sorry. Why should I cast dispersions and negative vibes on such a bright spark as Walker when I don't even live in WI? This dooooooofus is being considered as the leader of the GOP? God help us and hopefully God will take care of those outside of WI. Please keep Walker confined to your fair State.