Monday, June 2, 2014

Get Rid of This Slimeball Bobby Jindal

Louisiana is a bad place for its citizens because Bobby Jindal gives the whole state away to big oil and big gas.  The roads are bad.  The schools are worse.  There are absolutely NO social safety nets.

He is now about to sign legislation that will retroactively disallow any lawsuits against big oil and big gas by the parish governments.  Not only will that not pass the smell test in a higher court, it will cost the citizens of Louisiana a lot of taxpayer money to defend.

Bobby Jindal is a sell-out boy to corporations and big money.  He's a pocket puppet of the ultra-rich and his lips move in sync to their business interests.  He has done NOTHING for the people of Louisiana except set an agenda that will continue to harm them, their property and trample their rights

How this greasy little slimeball got elected governor in the first place is beyond me, but then that idiot Scott Walker was elected in Wisconsin ---- so I guess redneck ignoramuses get to rule periodically.  Or is it rich old white men, who would do the entire planet a gigantic favor by dropping dead immediately.  Alas, they can afford the extreme health care that keeps them alive, albeit artificially because they aren't really sentient beings at all.  Rich Old White Men - the biggest threat to America today.  This being Louisiana.....well........ it's just too bad there isn't a hunting season for them.