Monday, June 13, 2016

50 Dead in Orlando --- Donald Trump takes the Credit

Sorry, that headline is a little misleading.

However, when confronted with statements he made, bragging that he predicted another mass shooting by "radical Islamic terrorists", he quickly avoided questions about the narcissism of his tweets and turned the question into an attack on Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump is real good at attacking, but I'm guessing that he's going to be even better at running away from true confrontation coming in the form of Hillary Clinton.

This is Donald Trump.  The Artful Dodger of all Relevancy.  How his ban on Muslims entering America would have prevented a New York born, Florida raised, United States citizen with a diagnosed bipolar disorder from killing 50 people with an assault weapon is simply not important to Donald Trump.  He panders.  He pimps.  He promotes.  And finally, he can't be pinned down on a singular viable solution to any of the myriad of problems the United States is facing.

The Artful Dodger will surely send his thoughts and prayers.  $hit.   As if any universal force of peace, kindness and love would touch Donald Trump with a ten foot assault weapon. I'm pretty sure the only thing Donald Trump has ever prayed for in his life is favorable rulings from Federal Bankruptcy Court.

In all the tragedy of today's news, the worst news is that Donald Trump again opened his mouth and failed to say a goddamn thing.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Alright, I've dragged out the paddles and charged the defibrillator, it's time to revive the Bitches because, frankly, the presidential campaign of 2016 will provide just too much fodder to go unremarked.  I plan to return to my semi-retirement life of drinking southern liquor based cocktails as soon as the United States of America announces a new president (assuming Donald Trump is physically able of uttering the words "concede").  I have my doubts.

It's come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.

It's hardly fair to Donald Trump.  His entire campaign has been based, thus far, on making inflammatory racist and sexist comments, riling up a large percentage of racist and sexist Americans in the process.  He wants to make America great again, which based on his history, means allowing the 1% to do whatever they want while the rest of us suffer the consequences of unbridled greed.  Yeah - that would be great alright.  We're all looking forward to getting kicked in the a$$ by millionaires.  It's what we live for.  The Donald cannot possibly stand against The Hillary.  It will be interesting watching the verbal castration.

It hardly pays to ponder how a horse's patoot like Donald Trump actually won the Republican nomination.  Let's just say, there's BIG trouble in the GOP, and the United States of America has successfully been dumbed down.

On the brighter side, I am anxiously awaiting Hillary's vice presidential pick.  The Donald's .....not so much, although it's been a riot watching Chris Christie grovel and lap at his feet.  But the Donald is not against burning bridges, so I think Chris Christie should take the tunnel.  Here is my list of potential candidates for Donald's running mate:

1.  Sarah Palin.
2.  Scott Walker
3.  Joe Arpaio
4.  Mel Gibson

None of my four picks would bring anything to Donald Trump's campaign, which is exactly what Donald Trump brings.

So when the name calling can take a back seat to the actual debating, the chips will fall where they may, and the people who know something about something will make a very public and entertaining humiliation out of the big mouth, blow hard Donald Trump.

I look forward to watching the unraveling.