Monday, June 13, 2016

50 Dead in Orlando --- Donald Trump takes the Credit

Sorry, that headline is a little misleading.

However, when confronted with statements he made, bragging that he predicted another mass shooting by "radical Islamic terrorists", he quickly avoided questions about the narcissism of his tweets and turned the question into an attack on Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump is real good at attacking, but I'm guessing that he's going to be even better at running away from true confrontation coming in the form of Hillary Clinton.

This is Donald Trump.  The Artful Dodger of all Relevancy.  How his ban on Muslims entering America would have prevented a New York born, Florida raised, United States citizen with a diagnosed bipolar disorder from killing 50 people with an assault weapon is simply not important to Donald Trump.  He panders.  He pimps.  He promotes.  And finally, he can't be pinned down on a singular viable solution to any of the myriad of problems the United States is facing.

The Artful Dodger will surely send his thoughts and prayers.  $hit.   As if any universal force of peace, kindness and love would touch Donald Trump with a ten foot assault weapon. I'm pretty sure the only thing Donald Trump has ever prayed for in his life is favorable rulings from Federal Bankruptcy Court.

In all the tragedy of today's news, the worst news is that Donald Trump again opened his mouth and failed to say a goddamn thing.

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