Friday, August 12, 2016

Why Donald Trump is the Joke of the Century

It doesn't really matter how a buffoon like Donald Trump got as far as he did in the 2016 presidential election.  Suffice it to say, there is population of uneducated (mostly) white men and women who succumb to bufoonery because of a misplaced adoration of firearms and deep seated biases against protected classes.  They are religiously Christian, as well, diligently taking their pistols to church on Sunday while swearing on the bible that it is their God-given right to do so.  I'm sure they all believe Jesus would have never been nailed had he carried a Colt.  I doubt seriously if a one of them could actually quote an actual verse attributed to Jesus from the bible, especially one about peace.

But Trump's latest verbal diarrhea is a true window into his mind.  A petulant little temper-tantrum throwing bully whom, if he can't win one way, will win via violence.

So here are some reasons why Donald Trump is the Joke of the Century:

1.  Won't take advice due to untreated narcissistic personality disorder.  Potentially catastrophic outcomes when his ego over inflates and tries to blow out of his body.

2,  He's a liar.  It's easy to see he's a liar because he back peddles so unconvincingly.

3.  Not interested at all in America.  His presidential run started as a joke and many people mistook him for being serious.  He's not. He's incapable of serious.  He is good at cheating, conniving and hoodwinking.  He doesn't have the brains nor the temperament for anything serious.

4.  His casino lost money.  Seriously?

5.  He tries to hide his misogyny by claiming he'll appoint his daughter to his cabinet?  As what?  I see a Joseph Goebbels in the making here - the propaganda machine of the contemporary American version of the Nazi Party, dressed in the uniform du jour - designer labels.  Ivanka may look good and appeal to an audience, but my money says everything about her is smoke, mirrors and fakery.  The plastic apple doesn't fall far from the t.v. set tree.

6.  He thinks he's a winner.  No winner would ever wear that hair.  Period.  In fact, all people should cast their vote based on who has the better hair, Donald or Hilary.  It makes more sense than to vote based on what Donald Trump says he'll accomplish, because his campaign promises are as empty and ridiculous as the thoughts in his head.

7.  Ever take a peek inside Donald Trump's posh penthouse?  It looks like a bordello in gold-plated hell.  Does come with an upgraded wife every few years, though.  If Donald Trump was looking for a way to showcase his wealth, success and business acumen, he should have filled the space with slot machines that paid out BIG on every spin.  Maybe then people would visit.  Doubtful.  He'd have a robot who picks your pocket as it's helping you put on your coat.

8. He's dangerous.  At the root of everything, he's a dangerous man.  As dangerous as Hitler.

9.  He's not very bright.  I always thought our former presidents (with the exception of George W. Bush and a few others) were relatively bright.  Look what happened under not-so-bright George W. Bush's watch.  Nothing good.  Nothing at all.  Bush, however, was surrounded by people whose brightness was limited, but nevertheless effective, in how to steal an election.

10.  No one with any sensibility whatsoever - and by this I mean people who vote intellectually, not emotionally, wants this class A clown near the White House. Not even for a tour.

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