Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump in Baton Rouge for Massive Rally

Donald Trump landed in Baton Rouge today to show his support for flood victims.  An insipid crowd of ten people were waiting at the airport to greet him.

And speaking of Baton Rouge, the Obama-haters are outraged that the President didn't show up during the Great Flood of 2016. Obama didn't show up per the request of Governor John Bel Edwards, who did not want to pull law enforcement and first responders from the business of rescuing and saving people to provide a presidential security escort.  Good thinking, Governor Edwards!  Obama did respond by immediately declaring several Louisiana parishes as disaster areas and funding FEMA to help victims.

What's possibly the most disturbing thing of all is when the cabin door of Trump's plane was opened, the first two people out were military types armed and ready with assault weapons and little American flags sewn on their shirts.  Now that might appeal to all of the gun crazed 2nd Amendment righteous people in Louisiana, but it just gave me the message that this blowhard affront to humanity would merely take the tragedy of Louisiana's situation and make a mockery of it with his shameless pandering for a photo-op.

These statues showing up around the country of a naked Trump with a minuscule penis and no balls are more accurate than artful.  Trump's testicles are firmly in the pockets of his security detail.

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