Thursday, May 31, 2012

Richest Woman in Wisconsin Pays No Taxes

Diane Hendricks, the billionaire from Beloit who gave a half million bucks to Scott Walker, paid no taxes in 2010.  Well, easy to see how she could afford it.  But what kind of whore is she?

I speak for the entire working class when I say not paying something in taxes when you're net worth is in the billions is morally wrong.  As a member of the working class, I'm sick to death of the uber rich on my back.  Time to lay down and roll over on them.  That Diane Hendricks paid no taxes is fiscally ridiculous, which is an apt description of Scott Walker and the Wisconsin tax code.

At any rate, I was so angry when I saw this blip and the picture of the richest woman in Wisconsin, that I got out my voodoo doll and performed a little conjure.  A whore and her money are soon parted.  Walker must be her pimp.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today, I noticed no less than four media blips wherein the republicans are claiming there is wide spread voter fraud going on in the upcoming election.  In addition to being radically stupid, the republicans must also be remarkably clairvoyant.

That's a heads up, though.  The republican party is on the defensive and they are going to pull out every dirty trick in their tea bags to keep Walker and his equally misguided cohorts in office. 

Despite Marquette University (seriously - the catholics?) polls showing Walker winning; this race looks more and more like it's going to go to Tom Barrett.  Ergo, the republicans will f*ck up the election process anyway they can.  Be on guard and be prepared to scream your outrage when these cheap bastards turn into the country's sorest losers.  They'll stop at nothing.  What they don't get is neither will we.

WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT!  We all have to unite to take back Wisconsin.  The people who live here who don't like that can move to a place where ignorant redneck are welcome.  They are no longer welcome here and we're going to be sure to let them know it.

And speaking of the catholics and their crazy institution, did you know that Archbishop Timothy Dolan paid $20,000 bonuses to priests convicted of pedophilia.  Their claim - the catholics don't turn their backs on the sinners.  Right.  The godforsaken catholics hid $35,000,000 in Milwaukee Archdiocese funds to avoid paying victims of church abuse.  Now who in their right mind would trust anything these dress-wearing, ring kissing, scandalous s.o.b.'s would say about anything?  Is the catholic church the embodiment of the anti-Christ?  Mayhaps.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The only thing more annoying than Scott Walker blatantly and bold-faced lying in his recent television promos is the fact they are repeated every five minutes.  This is Scott Walker Overload.  Even Scott Walker devotees must be royally sick of his stupid face and voice invading personal space.  I have just about worn out my remote control muting Scott Walker out of my life. 

If only.

I'm leaving Milwaukee this weekend and getting a well-deserved respite from the hideous talking head of Scott Walker.  When I come back, the election will be one day away.  I want to see Scott Walker relegated to oblivion and obscurity come June 5th.  I think there are enough people out there who feel exactly as I do.  Get out and vote Wisconsinites.  Or forever be thought of as the idiots who brought the United States down.

Monday, May 28, 2012


To all the soldiers in the world, past, present and future, thank you.  Thank you for serving your country without question, and for giving up so much, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice:  paying with your life.

On behalf of the United States of America, I apologize for entangling you in imperialistic fights over such silliness as oil, power, the threat (what threat?) of communism and the continuation of the military/industrial complex.  For all the ridiculous reasons you were sent off to fight, I apologize on behalf of this country, because I know you were told you were doing something noble.  And you were.  Thanks for believing in a country I no longer believe in.  You are honorable in your devotion.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


If I have to hear how F*cking Scott F*cking Walker is a F*cking Eagle Scout one more F*cking time, I'm going to F*cking start F*cking Screaming.

Why doesn't this F*cking Moron find two F*cking Sticks and rub them together under his F*cking crotch until he starts his F*cking genitals on F*cking Fire.

Being an Eagle Scout does not equate integrity.  Get a F*cking Clue.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Untidy Scott Walker

Scott Walker calling for an investigation into the Milwaukee Police Department?

Excuse me?  For a castrated pri*k, Scott Walker has one big set of cajones.  I mean, really, why doesn't the man clean his own house? 

For example.  One of his buddies on the Supreme Court has been charged with choke-holding another supreme court justice.  But this disciplinary action is stalled because no one knows how to handle the case.  Does Scott Walker look into this?  NOOOOO!  Let's have a supreme court judge accused of grossly inappropriate conduct in office slide, while Scott Walker sticks it to Milwaukee, yet again.

Scott Walker and his administration are a joke, but it's a joke that's not funny; in fact, it's a joke on all of the citizens of Wisconsin.  The sad thing is, Walker-backers are so stupid, they can't see the idiot for the morons. 

This would explain Scott Walker slashing the education budget for Wisconsin public schools.  If there are enough idiots in the world, Scott Walker and his likes can survive indefinitely.  No surer way to raise up a crop of idiots than by cutting the budget for public instruction.

I'm praying the idiots are outnumbered here in Wisconsin on June 5th.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Commercial Billboard

Seen in northern Wisconsin on Highway 45, a commercial billboard, complete with lights, stating:


My question:  Who are the spoiled few?  Is this sign referring to union members?  The richest 1%?  What does this billboard mean?  Not surprisingly, Scott Walker's advertisements are as clear as mud.

Like Scott Walker himself, the defining message of that billboard is unclear.  What is obvious, however, is that someone actually believes this ambiguous statement enough to erect a billboard.  I'm guessing the republican party, or the party of "NO" is behind this particular sign.

Scott Walker doesn't care about anything except the farthest right ideology.  He is a pawn to the people who would set this country back 100 years in every respect; environment, women's rights, labor laws and basic human rights. 

We need a billboard showing Scott Walker getting kicked in the a$$ by Tom Barrett.  That's a premise I can believe in.  Hopefully, we'll all be seeing that soon, despite the biased and ridiculous polls showing Scott Walker leading.  He couldn't lead a horse to water, but he's pretty good at leading horse's a$$es right to hell.

Scott Walker is Hell.  Believe it.  Vote him out.  I can't afford to move yet.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Continued Status-The Milwaukee Journal: Worst Rag in the Midwest

Seriously, The Milwaukee Journal endorses Scott Walker?  Bad enough I live in a place where I only have one daily newspaper to choose from, the one I get is full of $hit.

Obviously, the advertising base for the newspaper is Republican.  I can't think of a single qualifying reason for a newspaper to endorse Oil Can Scotty, other than that.

Well, I've disliked The Milwaukee Journal since it got rid of the Doonesbury comic strip way back when.  I know this, if you can't comprehend political satire in a cartoon, you can't comprehend politics at all.  Thank God I can still get the truth from the weekly Shepard Express. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Scott Walker and the Wondrous Lie Machine

 I keep seeing the insipid little creep otherwise known as Scott Walker tell one lie after another.  This guy is the master of spin, which could explain his jumbled brain.

Scott Walker has put us at the very bottom of the nationwide list in jobs lost.  Yet, there he is, touting his great jobs record in an ad that runs constantly, to the point it nauseates me.

What really nauseates me is the dumb f*cks who live in this state who actually are taken in by the lies this little Hitler continuously spoon feeds them.  I'm at the point where I'm ready to leave Wisconsin to the stupid cows who live here, chewing the cud of their misguided ideology.
Here's an ad Tom Barrett should do.  Hire an illustrator who can draw a cartoon Walker climbing up on top of Devil's Mountain, pulling out his shriveled dick and pi$$ing all over the the state.  This is an apt description of a Scott Walker accomplishment. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Yet another poll, conducted by Marquette University, has Walker leading the recall race by as much as six points.

Ah, the Catholics.  Put nothing past them.  They've been a bane to society since their beginning. 

Marquette, being a Roman Catholic institution, would naturally want a woman-hating misogynist as the leader of Wisconsin.  Stomping out abortion is far better than helping the already born into misery crowd, in their opinion.

I suspect that their polling took place in such right-wing communities as Waukesha and Ozaukee counties.  I suspect that, based on their polls, they expect people will not even bother to turn out and vote come June.

But this is where the Catholics have misjudged (they're so good at that).  Suspecting that Walker might actually win an election, the thoughtful and compassionate voters in this state will turn out in droves.  No one of sound mind would want Scott Walker and his particular form of madness to lead them anywhere.  I believe, not that Scott Walker is going straight to hell, but that Scott Walker IS hell.  Sartre was right; people are hell.

So please don't pay attention to polls conducted by people with a vested interest in the election's outcome.  They are as false as Scott Walker's rhetoric on Wisconsin's job numbers.  Why would you trust anyone who worships a false God, as the Catholics do.  I kiss no one's ring. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Scott Walker Accomplishments

Here is a list of Scott Walker accomplishments:

1.  Trashed the environment by repealing wet lands and other important waterway regulations.

2.  Let Wisconsin lose billions of dollars (and jobs) because he doesn't want energy efficient high-speed rail.  Doesn't want high-speed anything, or efficiency.  Doesn't understand either. 

3.  Mass-screwed the represented working class by destroying their representation.

4.  Looked like a complete idiot in every media exposure of his lack of intelligence. 

5.  Completely dissed the President of the United States by saying he had the flu, when in fact, he was just too short to want to be photographed next to a pillar of the United States community.  Scott Walker fits the psychological profile of someone with MAJOR Short Man Complex.

6.  Established a legal defense fund, all the while claiming his innocence of any wrongdoing while over employed as Milwaukee County Executive.

7.  The Most Important Scott Walker accomplishment:  He has managed to dodge a grand jury indictment.  We are all waiting for that bomb to drop, much as we're all waiting to drop the bomb on the governorship of Scott Walker via the recall election.

Scott Walker has accomplished nothing but $hit for brains, republican far right politics, which is to say, standing up for the rich on the broken backs of the working class.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Discount Snake Oil Available at Walker Campaign Headquarters - If you can find it!

Well, the video wherein Scott Walker tells a Beloit billionaire his plan to divide and conquer unions representing public employees is old news.  Rotten news, but two days old, now (which makes it stink even more).  I woke up this morning fairly early and turned on the television, only to see Scott Walker commercials practically back to back, touting his accomplishments.  What accomplishments? 

He balanced the budget?  State law says the budget must be balanced, so Scott Walker wants to take credit for something every governor has accomplished.

He is claiming a budget surplus of millions?  Not so.  He is going to delay payment on Wisconsin's debt, which ultimately will cost taxpayers more money in interest.  He is doing this as a campaign ploy to get reelected; but his reelection will continue to cost Wisconsinites dearly.  For someone so opposed to raising taxes, he sure is free spending with your present and future tax dollars.

I can't believe the people who buy into Scott Walker's bull$hit.  Talk about an interesting group.  They are either billionaires blinded from counting money, and whom don't want to pay taxes, or dumb f*ck working slobs who haven't got the sense of a gnat to comprehend complex issues.

Everybody wants an easy answer and the truth is, there aren't any easy answers.  We are dealing with complex and substantially difficult issues.  But Americans are dumbed down, especially in Wisconsin, so when they hear a sound byte like Scott Walker saved Wisconsin by destroying public sector unions, they buy it hook, line and sinker.  This is Walker's particular brand of snake oil.  Tell a lie.  Repeat it often, and the majority of non-thinkers will not only buy it, but vote for him.

Let's try our own version of sound a byte.  Wisconsin has lost more jobs than any state in the union.  No business will open here because a good businessman knows that Scott Walker is a total a$$hole and the State of Wisconsin is his favorite place to defecate. 

Scott Walker.  Snake Oil Personified.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wisconsin is Melting Down

Well, the environmental record for our fair state is as dismal as the job prospects for the unemployed.

The DNR has utterly failed.  What's at stake is pristine waterways and our billion dollar tourism industry.  Proof positive that whatever Oil Can Scotty touches turns to rotting decay quickly.

Yet, The Milwaukee Journal has reported that Walker is leading Barrett in votes for the upcoming recall election.  Now, of course, anything the conservative rag known as The Milwaukee Journal reports is deeply suspect on many levels.  They have some good writers, but their slant is to the right and liberals are extremely unhappy that this newspaper doesn't even pretend to be unbiased. 

How can supposedly thinking people even consider Scott Walker as a leader?  I'm dismayed.  I can only hope that on June 5th, we'll all send a message to Scott Walker and his band of bastards that we just aren't going to take anymore idiocy in power.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well, Wisconsinites, we have an election. 

The only thing that really annoys me is four more weeks of Scott Walker and his idiot Lieutenant Governor espousing outrageous lies about job creation here in Wisconsin.  I mean, really, it's laughable to anyone who reads a newspaper to watch their television commercials and how big their lies get as they get into further political hot water. 

As I've said before, there's nothing I like better than watching rich a$$holes lose money, so I'm glad the Koch brothers are funding the biggest butthole in history, Scott Walker.  May it all be for naught.

The icing on my cake is an indictment coming for Scott Walker out of the John Doe investigation.  Is singing and dancing in my future?  I certainly hope so.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Okay, now I'm just really aggravated.  Much as I don't like Waukesha County, the DNR should not have allowed spreading of human waste in volumes sufficient to poison wells and sicken people.  And it did.  Under the illustrious (NOT) direction of the Republican head of the DNR, Cathy Stepp.

The company who did this illegal dumping of, well face it, human $hit, was not fined.  Not only was it not fined, it submitted three different reports on the volume of $hit dumped to try and get closer to a tally within acceptable limits.  Cooking the books does not equate compliance. 

The DNR also failed to turn this disastrous dumping debacle over to the Department of Justice, who would have levied substantial fines against the dumpers, Herr Environmental. 

It is interesting to note that Herr Environmental was a contributor to Scott Gunderson, Executive Assistant to DNR Cathy Stepp, a fact he conveniently said he "forgot". 

Cathy Stepp commented:  "Our administration holds itself to the highest ethical standards".  Obviously, their ethical standards are a pile of $hit, as well.  But we know anyone and any thing who backs Scott Walker is a pile of $hit.  No news there.

Herr Environmental needs to lose its septic license.  They are up to their ears in $hit and spreading it on acres close to residential wells, is just plain wrong, even when it's Waukesha.  I don't like Waukesha, but my dislike is NOTHING compared to the DNR's contempt for those citizens by their lax oversight of Herr Environmental.

Wake up Wisconsinites, and Waukeshates.  The Republican Administration is toxic and not at all opposed to poisoning you and your families.  Get a clue.  PLEASE!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Wonderful Weekend

The weather was not necessarily nice this weekend, but I still managed to get out and spread eight bags of mulch in my gardens, after digging up weeds for four hours.  It felt good to have my hands in the earth; and our soil is not radioactive.....yet.   So what if I spent 45 minutes cleaning the dirt out of my fingernails, the garden looks terrific.  I planted my window boxes and put flowers in pots.  Despite the weather, my house projects the image of spring.

Had dinner with my grandson and his girlfriend on Saturday, then came home and watched "Bullit", which has the best car chase scene ever filmed.  Always fun to turn young people on to old movies.  My grandson commented that people in San Francisco must replace their brakes frequently, but any San Franciscan will tell you, it's their clutches that need replacement constantly.

On Sunday, I had two very good friends over for brunch and conversation; then my husband showed up with the best BBQ ribs in Wisconsin from Smoky John's in Madison.  Good food, good friends, they can take the rain out of a rainy day.

Most importantly, I haven't read the Sunday newspapers yet, so I feel less agitated than I usually do after that experience.

But I'm gearing up.  It's Wisconsin primary week, and we're all anxious to find out who will kick Walker's a$$ out of the governor's mansion in June.  I believe it will be Tom Barrett; my fingers are as crossed as Scott Walker's eyes.

GET OUT THE VOTE, Wisconsinites.  The nation is watching what happens here, because what happens here is the litmus test for what happens to all Americans!  Please, take it seriously. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Marquette University Poll Results

Marquette University has released poll results showing Walker and Barrett as too close to call in the upcoming recall election.

Hmmm.  Well, I suspect these figures based on two things.  First of all, I suspect Catholicism and it's anti-woman doctrines, as well as its public image after hiding money to avoid paying victims of sexual assault by priests.  I, frankly, wouldn't trust any statement made by a catholic organization.  Sorry.  Just my opinion.

I also believe there are a whole lot of people who voted for Walker the first time around who have changed their minds.  I base that on the number of Stand With Walker signs I don't see anymore.

Still, this poll might inspire those people who ordinarily would not vote to get out and actually vote, so it probably will do great things for voter turnout.

It is important that all citizens of Wisconsin get out and vote, both in the primary and the recall election.  I would like to find out that at least more than half of the citizens in Wisconsin are not, in fact, stupid beyond redemption.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Voting Criteria

Here's a thought for Wisconsin voters.

Let's have a criteria for the next two elections. 

Here's a criteria.

Don't vote for anyone who has established a criminal legal defense fund.  Scott Walker has spent over $100,000 on attorneys under the smoking gun of the John Doe Investigation. Do we really need a person like this in any kind of office?  I think Mr. Walker should view life from the inside of a prison cell.  Get a narrow space to match his narrow mind.