Monday, May 21, 2012

Continued Status-The Milwaukee Journal: Worst Rag in the Midwest

Seriously, The Milwaukee Journal endorses Scott Walker?  Bad enough I live in a place where I only have one daily newspaper to choose from, the one I get is full of $hit.

Obviously, the advertising base for the newspaper is Republican.  I can't think of a single qualifying reason for a newspaper to endorse Oil Can Scotty, other than that.

Well, I've disliked The Milwaukee Journal since it got rid of the Doonesbury comic strip way back when.  I know this, if you can't comprehend political satire in a cartoon, you can't comprehend politics at all.  Thank God I can still get the truth from the weekly Shepard Express. 


Anonymous said...

The West Bend Daily News is just as bad if not worse. I completely agree with you 100 percent. I remember when REAL journalists jumped ship when the Milwaukee "Urinal" started to flush down the toilet.

Soon-to-be (and thankfully) ex-Washington County resident.

Citizen X said...

I hear that. Small town newspapers have nothing to do with journalism and everything to do with promoting the attitudes of the publisher. I'd sooner read Mad Magazine for my information than the West Bend Daily News. Good luck on your move! I call all of rural Wisconsin Stepford.