Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wisconsin is Melting Down

Well, the environmental record for our fair state is as dismal as the job prospects for the unemployed.

The DNR has utterly failed.  What's at stake is pristine waterways and our billion dollar tourism industry.  Proof positive that whatever Oil Can Scotty touches turns to rotting decay quickly.

Yet, The Milwaukee Journal has reported that Walker is leading Barrett in votes for the upcoming recall election.  Now, of course, anything the conservative rag known as The Milwaukee Journal reports is deeply suspect on many levels.  They have some good writers, but their slant is to the right and liberals are extremely unhappy that this newspaper doesn't even pretend to be unbiased. 

How can supposedly thinking people even consider Scott Walker as a leader?  I'm dismayed.  I can only hope that on June 5th, we'll all send a message to Scott Walker and his band of bastards that we just aren't going to take anymore idiocy in power.


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