Thursday, May 3, 2012

Marquette University Poll Results

Marquette University has released poll results showing Walker and Barrett as too close to call in the upcoming recall election.

Hmmm.  Well, I suspect these figures based on two things.  First of all, I suspect Catholicism and it's anti-woman doctrines, as well as its public image after hiding money to avoid paying victims of sexual assault by priests.  I, frankly, wouldn't trust any statement made by a catholic organization.  Sorry.  Just my opinion.

I also believe there are a whole lot of people who voted for Walker the first time around who have changed their minds.  I base that on the number of Stand With Walker signs I don't see anymore.

Still, this poll might inspire those people who ordinarily would not vote to get out and actually vote, so it probably will do great things for voter turnout.

It is important that all citizens of Wisconsin get out and vote, both in the primary and the recall election.  I would like to find out that at least more than half of the citizens in Wisconsin are not, in fact, stupid beyond redemption.

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