Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today, I noticed no less than four media blips wherein the republicans are claiming there is wide spread voter fraud going on in the upcoming election.  In addition to being radically stupid, the republicans must also be remarkably clairvoyant.

That's a heads up, though.  The republican party is on the defensive and they are going to pull out every dirty trick in their tea bags to keep Walker and his equally misguided cohorts in office. 

Despite Marquette University (seriously - the catholics?) polls showing Walker winning; this race looks more and more like it's going to go to Tom Barrett.  Ergo, the republicans will f*ck up the election process anyway they can.  Be on guard and be prepared to scream your outrage when these cheap bastards turn into the country's sorest losers.  They'll stop at nothing.  What they don't get is neither will we.

WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT!  We all have to unite to take back Wisconsin.  The people who live here who don't like that can move to a place where ignorant redneck are welcome.  They are no longer welcome here and we're going to be sure to let them know it.

And speaking of the catholics and their crazy institution, did you know that Archbishop Timothy Dolan paid $20,000 bonuses to priests convicted of pedophilia.  Their claim - the catholics don't turn their backs on the sinners.  Right.  The godforsaken catholics hid $35,000,000 in Milwaukee Archdiocese funds to avoid paying victims of church abuse.  Now who in their right mind would trust anything these dress-wearing, ring kissing, scandalous s.o.b.'s would say about anything?  Is the catholic church the embodiment of the anti-Christ?  Mayhaps.

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