Monday, May 7, 2012


Okay, now I'm just really aggravated.  Much as I don't like Waukesha County, the DNR should not have allowed spreading of human waste in volumes sufficient to poison wells and sicken people.  And it did.  Under the illustrious (NOT) direction of the Republican head of the DNR, Cathy Stepp.

The company who did this illegal dumping of, well face it, human $hit, was not fined.  Not only was it not fined, it submitted three different reports on the volume of $hit dumped to try and get closer to a tally within acceptable limits.  Cooking the books does not equate compliance. 

The DNR also failed to turn this disastrous dumping debacle over to the Department of Justice, who would have levied substantial fines against the dumpers, Herr Environmental. 

It is interesting to note that Herr Environmental was a contributor to Scott Gunderson, Executive Assistant to DNR Cathy Stepp, a fact he conveniently said he "forgot". 

Cathy Stepp commented:  "Our administration holds itself to the highest ethical standards".  Obviously, their ethical standards are a pile of $hit, as well.  But we know anyone and any thing who backs Scott Walker is a pile of $hit.  No news there.

Herr Environmental needs to lose its septic license.  They are up to their ears in $hit and spreading it on acres close to residential wells, is just plain wrong, even when it's Waukesha.  I don't like Waukesha, but my dislike is NOTHING compared to the DNR's contempt for those citizens by their lax oversight of Herr Environmental.

Wake up Wisconsinites, and Waukeshates.  The Republican Administration is toxic and not at all opposed to poisoning you and your families.  Get a clue.  PLEASE!

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