Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oy Vey -- It's a Hurricane

Well, part of my vacation was very New York, i.e., shopping, theatre, tourist attractions, and part was a super adventure of fleeing Manhattan ahead of Hurricane Irene, to go to a place that we thought would be safer.   We descended on our friends in Katonah, who were already hosting a wonderful couple from Amsterdam.  There is a particular bonding that happens when things don't work quite the way we are accustomed to having them work.  We were lucky enough to be with people who are seasoned travelers, who know how to improvise, and who are real troopers when situations become strenuous.  When the power went out, shortly after we arrived, it turned into a three day survival of those most able to lift buckets of water and withstand their own ripening scent.

New York was hit very badly.  A lot of property damage and downed power lines, no mass transit in NYC, no trains running for a few days anywhere north of the city, cancelled flights, and a flooded basement we all helped save.  Despite the inconvenience of no power, I had a delightful time, which speaks volumes about the people I was with. 

So, here's the lesson.  If you don't have really good friends, go out and get some; buy them if you have to.  They'll make your life ever so much better, no matter what the circumstances.  The memories of time spent with good people are the precious moments that make up a happy life.

P.S.  I'm a good friend and I can be bought.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Escape From Wisconsin

I'm going to New York City for the next five days --- so muddle on Wisconsinites.  I need a break from the state politics.  Not that I won't get irritated in New York ---- so many people, the constant traffic din, sirens, strange citizens......

but at least New York is a cultural mecca and I'll enjoy every minute of my stay and every second that the Wisconsin political climate is not constantly in my face.

Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division - Negative News Yet Again

Another violent patient has assaulted another patient at BHD. 

First question:  Why aren't violent mental health patients segregated from the general population at BHD?

Second question:  Why haven't the medical director and nursing director been replaced?  They are the same people who were in charge for all the other assault problems that occurred at BHD.  Why isn't their lack of effective leadership called into question?  Aside from collecting large paychecks, what is their role at BHD?

Third question:  This is a training unit for psychiatry residents.  Are those residents receiving adequate supervision?

Replacing the administrator at BHD does not seem to have changed anything; the status quo is still strong, up and running at BHD.  Problem is, the status quo utterly fails.  Where is the leadership at BHD?

BHD continues to be an embarrassment for Milwaukee County administration.  Perhaps a private initiative is the most appropriate course of action to replace the current leadership at BHD.  It is increasingly obvious that long term BHD administrators cannot do the job.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Clearer Than Mud Pension Law -- or -- Scott Walker and His Band of Boozers

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett can't seem to get any straight answers out of Scott Walker on questions raised regarding the controversial Act 10 of Walker's Budget Repair Bill. 

Imagine that.

Walker enacts a law that he can't defend legally.  Walker further advised Mayor Barrett to hire private attorneys to address the questions raised, rather than have the attorney general clarify the murkiness of this still very questionable legislation.  We know how much Scott Walker likes to spend taxpayer money on private attorneys, but we also know Tom Barrett is knowledgeable enough to want to avoid the pitfalls of that course of action.  We don't need to spend money on private attorneys, much as they would like that.  We need to demand accountability from Wisconsin's attorney general.

I think the Walker administration is completely drunk on their own power.  Drunk enough that they can decide what laws are in place, and completely ignore whether the laws are based in any kind of legal reality.  Sounds and smells an awful lot like the Third Reich.

I urge Tom Barrett and every other municipality in this state to resist every aspect of Act 10 until the legal issues that have been raised are satisfactorily and summarily answered.

Power to the People.  More gin to the Walker Administration. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Scott Walker - Can We Recall Him Yet?

Last month, new jobs were up, and Scott Walker lauded himself.  When things go right, Scott Walker takes the credit.

This month, jobs were lost, and Scott Walker blamed the stock market, the federal debt ceiling being raised, and the "fickle" nature of Wisconsin business.  In short, he blamed everyone but himself.  When things go wrong, it's not Scott Walker's fault.

In my humble estimation, no business worth anything would want to come to Wisconsin and set up shop here, because we have an idiot fascist governor whose politics over reach and under accomplish.  Chaos is what Scott Walker has brought to Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is quite possibly the worst politician to ever exist in American politics.  He is, however, a shining example of government at its worst. 

The recall of Scott Walker should not fade in the wake of time.  This man needs to go.  Out of town.  On a rail.  At the first opportunity!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Headline: Perry Rejects Human Role in Global Warming

That Rick Perry thinks man-made global warming is a scientific theory that has not been proved is a testament to just how ridiculous this man's thought processes are.

What is with Texas?  How does it consistently produce politicians with absolutely no intelligence who manage to get themselves elected to high office? 

I remember the George Dubya Bush years, when he launched his campaign for the presidency.  The guy looked like Alfred E. Newman on the cover of Mad Magazine.  Turns out, that wasn't far from the truth. 

Since Texas is the number one state in polluting the environment nation-wide, I can only surmise that these politicians, whose heads are firmly buried in the desert dust of Texas, are suffering some toxic attack on their brain cells. 

Anyone who doesn't believe that climate change and global warming are verifiable facts doesn't have the kind of leadership abilities I would want in a president.  Denial should not be a character trait for the potential leader of the free world.   Denial won't solve the environmental problems the entire planet is facing, and I don't care how much time these yokels spend on their knees praying.

You know, I bought a voodoo doll in New Orleans a few years ago.  Maybe I'll stick a pin in it and use my gris gris to bring these idiots down a peg.  What IS the difference between me and the knee benders, now?  They're praying their way to a healthy environment, and so am I.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Casino?

It will be remarkably interesting to see if the proposed Kenosha casino gets Scott Walker's approval.  Anyone who has ever been in Potowatomi Casino knows that it takes a pretty large workforce to keep an operation that large up and running 24/7.   That's a whole lot of jobs.

However, despite the federal approval of the proposed casino, Oil Can Scotty gets final approval.  Will he approve it?  Will he create these jobs for Wisconsin's flailing economy.  Or will he remember that the Potowatomi tribe contributed heavily to his campaign and table the idea in favor of his special interests? 

I think I know what Oil Can will do.  In the overall scheme of things, the GOP is more interested in their own personal wealth and growth than in that of the general population.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Knee Benders of America

Between Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, I'm suggesting that Home Depot load up on knee pads and make a fortune.  I mean, if we're not all intellectually solving the problems of the United States, why not get down on our knees and pray like these two.  Praying hasn't seemed to make a bit of difference, in fact, Rick Perry's knee bending only prolonged the drought in Texas.  I can ONLY imagine what Michele Bachman prays for.  I know what I would pray for her.

The religious right in this country has brought us to the Year of the Wing Nut.  So grab your rosary, your hymnal, your personal totem, and your Sunday clothes.  Polish your knees, you're in for a bumpy ride.  It's the God Roller Coaster.  Coming soon to a town near you. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Is America Mentally Ill?

Is this country suffering from a major mental illness? 

1.  Michele Bachmann won a straw poll in Iowa, insuring her run for president in 2012.  Michele Bachmann.  A tea bag steeped in religious rhetoric.  Since she is submissive to her husband and believes a woman's role is to obey, who will actually be running the country?  Her homophobe spouse?

2.  Rick Perry, another wannabe for the oval office, held a prayer meeting to address the concerns of Texas's drought.  I don't think the birds, armadillos, and other wildlife received any benefit from that action.  I can visualize Rick Perry on his knees most of the time, since it's his belief what he doesn't have in knowledge he can make up for in faith. 

3.  Are these people seriously going to be our leaders?

4.  The Pakistan government allowed Chinese military engineers to examine the wreckage of a stealth helicopter after it crashed during the Osama bin Laden raid.  Great.  And we're in Pakistan, why?  Because the Pakistanis are our allies?  We're fighting terror?  Does no one realize that in the Arab world, America is seen as the terrorist.  Are they wrong?

5.  Barack Obama did not cause the financial demise of the United States of America.  That was brought to you courtesy of the GOP and the demise of laws and regulations that oversaw Wall Street.  Yet, the propaganda being espoused is that President Obama is somehow responsible for our country's faltering economy.  Rich people are responsible for this.  They took the money, they ran, they behaved criminally, and they are still out there waiting for the next opportunity to shaft the American public. 

6.  The Koch Brothers say they don't have to adhere to the EPA's clean water act standards because our Governor gave them permission to foul the Fox River with toxic waste from their paper plant.  Scott Walker thinks he can usurp federal agency rules.  Is anyone going after these clowns, who are not really funny, but are dangerous animals intent on destroying the planet in the name of profit? 

7.  Why isn't a revolution taking form?   Where are the great thinkers?  We need a Ghandi.   We need something that doesn't stink of status quo.  We need to tear down America and rebuild it into something believable.  Because right now, this country is F*cking unbelievable and all I seem to be doing is watching it's very bad karma return.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Murderous Teens Arrested

Well, the police have arrested two teenagers in the death of a pregnant woman who wouldn't give up her purse.

I just can't help but wonder if one of them was the kid burglarizing my garage a few weeks ago.  Probably not, but who knows for sure?

At any rate, this society seems broken beyond repair.  I'm disheartened to live in Amerika and I can't wait to leave.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scott Walker Proclaims Bipartisan Effort Needed

Oil Can Scotty has proclaimed that the State of Wisconsin political scene must change to a more bi-partisan effort.

This, from the guy who steam-rolled over the rights of common people and sent democratic leaders fleeing the state in order to avoid a vote they could not win on fascist legislation that stripped bargaining rights from government employees.

Scott Walker simply is not sincere, his only hope to avoid a recall election himself is to pretend that he has come to his senses and will not engage in further destructive antics that will cheat the common citizen.  Scott Walker has no "senses" to come to.  He is little more than a mouthpiece for the ultra-rich, no matter what sort of propaganda comes spewing out of his well-paid-for lips.

Although the results of the recall elections of republican senators was disappointing to say the least, the big mistake people will make now is to believe Scott Walker should stay in office.  I, for one, am not looking forward to months of television ads showing Scott Walker prevaricating his record and his "balanced" budget.  Political lesson number one:  An unbalanced human being who is a liar does not have a "balanced" anything.  Big money, (can you say Koch Brothers) will pour into Wisconsin again to support Scott Walker, once a recall effort is underway.

I implore the citizens of this state to continue to fight Scott Walker, and all of his disingenuity.  Because we were only able to rid the State of two republican senators, we should not lost sight of integrity in government and our belief that American should never become a land of liars, cheats and oppression.  Too late?  NEVER! 

On Wisconsin.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sad and Disappointing Election News

It is hard to grasp that state senator, Alberta Darling, managed to retain her senate seat after engaging in some of the most controversial legislation ever enacted in the State of Wisconsin.  I suppose its because her district has a fair number of millionaires and billionaires, but it is still hugely disappointing that the recall elections only managed to rid the republican vermin in two districts.

Scott Walker quietly signed the redistricting legislation into law, thereby insuring that republicans will have the advantage in future elections.

Meanwhile, across the sea, I'm watching the riots in London, ultimately brought on by dismay with the conservative government there.  Preview of things to come here?

In Milwaukee, a pregnant woman and her son were walking down a street in bright daylight.  Thieves approached, asked for her purse, and when she wouldn't relinquish it, they killed her.  Cold-blooded?  Check.  Animals?  Check. 

I'm afraid that the republican party is going to promote the proliferation of human animals who will roam the streets, taking what they want and killing those who won't give it to them.  I've always believed America, if it couldn't get things right, would descend into anarchy. 

Nothing is right in America anymore.  Nothing is right in Wisconsin.  But I have found a place to live in Belize, and I'm looking forward to getting the hell out of this insane society.  I'm extremely disheartened to be living in Wisconsin, and for that matter, living in America.  This country is a huge embarrassment for those of us who remember and try to abide by the principles on which it was founded.  Obviously, we're a minority.  I don't know how I'll feel about watching America burn when I'm safe in a third world country (which is a step up from America today), but burn it will.  Who thought London would burn? 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Election Day

Well, the recall of republican senators is here, and I'm so very hopeful that the people of Wisconsin will do the right thing, that being to kick the fascist incumbents out of office.

Of course, the GOP, the Party of Dirty Tricks, will pull out every nasty device they can think of to negate any democratic winners.  I guess Wisconsin is in for another grueling battle, even after the citizens vote and the results are in.  If the democrats win, remember I told you so as you watch the GOP spiral out of control yet again.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting patiently for election results.  Well, not true.  I'm pretty impatient at the moment.  But I have faith in an enlightened constituency and today will definitely determine where this country goes in the future.  Let's hope it's somewhere better than where it is today.

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 9th - Finally On The Horizon

I have hated American politics for a long time, now.  Face it, with a great majority of the leaders we have, it's small wonder that America has no global respect.  I have hated the ramped up war between the Republicans and Democrats.  Another truth, if the people that run our country have such a gaping chasm in ideology, than nothing good can every happen for the common people.  This country is at war with itself.  Like most wars America is engaged in, there are no winners, only losers.  We're the losers.  The common people in American sit at their televisions and watch their country disintegrate at the hands of some of the worst thinkers (sic) to ever come down the pike.

I'm a backer of Sandy Paasch, but if I have to watch or listen to one more negative ad, I'm going to throw myself under a bus.  I'm saturated with lies from politicians.  I can barely move with the weight of opposing viewpoints on my back. 

This year has firmly convinced me that there is no political solution.  I stand deeply rooted in my belief that this whole country needs to tear down the current system and actually find some governing process that actually works.  And no current politician should be allowed any input in the restructuring of America.  They have, afterall, brought us to the brink of insanity. 

I hate what this country has become.  Maybe I'll feel better after tomorrow, when the attack ads will be over for state politicians here in Wisconsin, at least for a little while.  I cannot stand this country.  It's financial rating may have been downgraded, but it's personality is that of a pimp.  America is the biggest whorehouse on the planet.  I wish I could leave.  Today.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dennis Smith --- Unhealthy Habits

Dennis Smith will not make or back applications for federal public health grants that could have totaled more than $9 million over five years.  These grants would have focused on fighting drug and alcohol abuse, assessing health impacts of public policies, and signing up state residents who qualify for state health programs.  Well, there you have it.  No money for three very important programs, even though the money would have cost Wisconsin taxpayers nothing.

Wisconsin, doesn't really have a huge population walking around drunk or high on drugs.  No.  We really don't.  These people are actually in cars, driving on highways and city streets, killing and maiming.  Every day. 

Why would we need a study about health impacts of public policies, when the very public policies are being destroyed?

Signing up people for Badger Care?  How audacious that a poor person gets sick and thinks he or she deserves the same treatment as a corporate executive!  Poor people without insurance are simply advised not to get sick.  Not in Wisconsin.  It is Republican Natural Selection:  "The Poor Will Die if We Deny Them Health Care, Thereby Solving This Problem."

Dennis Smith, as Secretary of Health here in Wisconsin, makes no sense.  The man has no interest in the health of the citizens of Wisconsin, unless it's their financial health and we're talking about the ultra-rich.  Karma would almost certainly assure that Dennis Smith get horrendously sick and die a painful death.  I don't wish this on him, I predict this for him.  I have been around long enough to see karma in action.

Milwaukee's Health Commissioner, Bevan Baker, was quoted in the Milwaukee Journal with regard to Dennis Smith's inaction:

"I, for the life of me, cannot understand why at a time when there is a proliferation of illicit drugs and documentation of binge drinking and drunken driving in the state.....Wisconsin would put its head in the virtual sand and not go after this funding".

Dennis Smith does not have his head in the sand.  It's firmly entrenched in the arm pit of the only group he truly supports or has any real interest in, "The Heritage Foundation", a conservative collection of some of the most misguided Americans in existence.  They have him in a headlock, all his beliefs quickly laundered and spit back out as right wing rhetoric.

We can only hope, desperately, that the Recall Walker campaign is successful, and Dennis Smith is sent packing, right along with Scott Walker. 

Wisconsin ranks 47th or lower per capita among states for both federal and state spending on public health.  We are a sick state with almost no hope of recovery while these yokels are in office.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

People of Walmart

Occasionally, I get an e-mail with extremely funny pictures of people shopping at Walmart.  These e-mails are actually called "People of Walmart", and consist of photographic submissions of ridiculous looking people shopping at Walmart.  Usually, the pictures show 200 pounds of person stuffed in 100 pound clothing.  Body parts hang, bulge, and burst out of the clothing, ridiculous hairstyles abound, peoples butts and boobs scream for attention, tattoos take on new life with an additional twenty pounds, etc.  You get the picture.  The images are meant to amuse, and they do, although in a somewhat smug, superior way for those of us viewing.  I'm no Miss America, but I do cover my ass in public.

But then, I remember.  These people who go out in public looking like dangerously overstuffed freaks are the same people who vote.  Now I ask you, if people don't have sense enough to dress properly, how do they vote?  I will tell you.  With the same discretion they use to pick their outfit of the day.  This is America.  People of Walmart.

Somebody buy me a plane ticket out of here.

By the way, Walmart is a terrible organization.  They are the single largest exploiter of global child labor.  They have destroyed small business.  So even if you go to Walmart dressed to the nines, you're still an idiot.  There is a high price for low cost.  And Americans who shop at Walmart are willing to pay it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Senator Ron Johnson Rewrites History

Ron Johnson, the tea bag senator from Wisconsin, has said he will not vote for the debt limit measure because "....simply inadequate because of President Obama's out-of-control spending...."

The out of control spending this nation engaged in was brought to you by George W. Bush and his big daddy with ridiculous wars intended to protect U.S. interests in middle eastern oil fields, as well as propagate the military industrial complex so f*cking f*cks could get richer.

Ron Johnson is an idiot, elected by idiots, and I can't wait to see his tea bag ass get kicked out of Washington next election.  There is, after all, conservative and then there is just plain ignorant.  He's just another crook, but he gets away with it hiding behind a supposed conservative agenda.  We're on to you Johnson.  F*ck off.