Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scott Walker Proclaims Bipartisan Effort Needed

Oil Can Scotty has proclaimed that the State of Wisconsin political scene must change to a more bi-partisan effort.

This, from the guy who steam-rolled over the rights of common people and sent democratic leaders fleeing the state in order to avoid a vote they could not win on fascist legislation that stripped bargaining rights from government employees.

Scott Walker simply is not sincere, his only hope to avoid a recall election himself is to pretend that he has come to his senses and will not engage in further destructive antics that will cheat the common citizen.  Scott Walker has no "senses" to come to.  He is little more than a mouthpiece for the ultra-rich, no matter what sort of propaganda comes spewing out of his well-paid-for lips.

Although the results of the recall elections of republican senators was disappointing to say the least, the big mistake people will make now is to believe Scott Walker should stay in office.  I, for one, am not looking forward to months of television ads showing Scott Walker prevaricating his record and his "balanced" budget.  Political lesson number one:  An unbalanced human being who is a liar does not have a "balanced" anything.  Big money, (can you say Koch Brothers) will pour into Wisconsin again to support Scott Walker, once a recall effort is underway.

I implore the citizens of this state to continue to fight Scott Walker, and all of his disingenuity.  Because we were only able to rid the State of two republican senators, we should not lost sight of integrity in government and our belief that American should never become a land of liars, cheats and oppression.  Too late?  NEVER! 

On Wisconsin.

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