Monday, August 8, 2011

August 9th - Finally On The Horizon

I have hated American politics for a long time, now.  Face it, with a great majority of the leaders we have, it's small wonder that America has no global respect.  I have hated the ramped up war between the Republicans and Democrats.  Another truth, if the people that run our country have such a gaping chasm in ideology, than nothing good can every happen for the common people.  This country is at war with itself.  Like most wars America is engaged in, there are no winners, only losers.  We're the losers.  The common people in American sit at their televisions and watch their country disintegrate at the hands of some of the worst thinkers (sic) to ever come down the pike.

I'm a backer of Sandy Paasch, but if I have to watch or listen to one more negative ad, I'm going to throw myself under a bus.  I'm saturated with lies from politicians.  I can barely move with the weight of opposing viewpoints on my back. 

This year has firmly convinced me that there is no political solution.  I stand deeply rooted in my belief that this whole country needs to tear down the current system and actually find some governing process that actually works.  And no current politician should be allowed any input in the restructuring of America.  They have, afterall, brought us to the brink of insanity. 

I hate what this country has become.  Maybe I'll feel better after tomorrow, when the attack ads will be over for state politicians here in Wisconsin, at least for a little while.  I cannot stand this country.  It's financial rating may have been downgraded, but it's personality is that of a pimp.  America is the biggest whorehouse on the planet.  I wish I could leave.  Today.


Elder Ephraim Stallion Whiteman said...

America has become quite the devil's land, I agree sister. Fortunately there is a place that a few friends and I have in a remote canyon on the Utah-AZ border and we just chill and pretty much not have anything to do with America - really!! You're welcome to come and hang out with us anytime. In fact, you can stay with me, I have plenty of spare rooms and my third wife Marriellenanne makes really good brownies which are sin-free LOL.

Citizen X said...

Thank you for your kind offer. I may take you up on it, someday!