Thursday, August 18, 2011

Headline: Perry Rejects Human Role in Global Warming

That Rick Perry thinks man-made global warming is a scientific theory that has not been proved is a testament to just how ridiculous this man's thought processes are.

What is with Texas?  How does it consistently produce politicians with absolutely no intelligence who manage to get themselves elected to high office? 

I remember the George Dubya Bush years, when he launched his campaign for the presidency.  The guy looked like Alfred E. Newman on the cover of Mad Magazine.  Turns out, that wasn't far from the truth. 

Since Texas is the number one state in polluting the environment nation-wide, I can only surmise that these politicians, whose heads are firmly buried in the desert dust of Texas, are suffering some toxic attack on their brain cells. 

Anyone who doesn't believe that climate change and global warming are verifiable facts doesn't have the kind of leadership abilities I would want in a president.  Denial should not be a character trait for the potential leader of the free world.   Denial won't solve the environmental problems the entire planet is facing, and I don't care how much time these yokels spend on their knees praying.

You know, I bought a voodoo doll in New Orleans a few years ago.  Maybe I'll stick a pin in it and use my gris gris to bring these idiots down a peg.  What IS the difference between me and the knee benders, now?  They're praying their way to a healthy environment, and so am I.

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