Friday, August 19, 2011

Scott Walker - Can We Recall Him Yet?

Last month, new jobs were up, and Scott Walker lauded himself.  When things go right, Scott Walker takes the credit.

This month, jobs were lost, and Scott Walker blamed the stock market, the federal debt ceiling being raised, and the "fickle" nature of Wisconsin business.  In short, he blamed everyone but himself.  When things go wrong, it's not Scott Walker's fault.

In my humble estimation, no business worth anything would want to come to Wisconsin and set up shop here, because we have an idiot fascist governor whose politics over reach and under accomplish.  Chaos is what Scott Walker has brought to Wisconsin.

Scott Walker is quite possibly the worst politician to ever exist in American politics.  He is, however, a shining example of government at its worst. 

The recall of Scott Walker should not fade in the wake of time.  This man needs to go.  Out of town.  On a rail.  At the first opportunity!

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