Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Senator Ron Johnson Rewrites History

Ron Johnson, the tea bag senator from Wisconsin, has said he will not vote for the debt limit measure because "....simply inadequate because of President Obama's out-of-control spending...."

The out of control spending this nation engaged in was brought to you by George W. Bush and his big daddy with ridiculous wars intended to protect U.S. interests in middle eastern oil fields, as well as propagate the military industrial complex so f*cking f*cks could get richer.

Ron Johnson is an idiot, elected by idiots, and I can't wait to see his tea bag ass get kicked out of Washington next election.  There is, after all, conservative and then there is just plain ignorant.  He's just another crook, but he gets away with it hiding behind a supposed conservative agenda.  We're on to you Johnson.  F*ck off.

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