Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Election Day

Well, the recall of republican senators is here, and I'm so very hopeful that the people of Wisconsin will do the right thing, that being to kick the fascist incumbents out of office.

Of course, the GOP, the Party of Dirty Tricks, will pull out every nasty device they can think of to negate any democratic winners.  I guess Wisconsin is in for another grueling battle, even after the citizens vote and the results are in.  If the democrats win, remember I told you so as you watch the GOP spiral out of control yet again.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting patiently for election results.  Well, not true.  I'm pretty impatient at the moment.  But I have faith in an enlightened constituency and today will definitely determine where this country goes in the future.  Let's hope it's somewhere better than where it is today.

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